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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This morning, right after my barn chores, I went to a Farm management meeting about the cost of production of raising replacement cattle and how to understand our Valacta Milk report. Lots of stats and data and charts.... boring stuff to me that I don't understand all that well and it's not my cup of tea...

Then we went to the insurance  firm to review our farm policy. As the lady reviewed items after items on the policy  I told her about the new heat detection system that was put in place recently and that it should be added on the policy. The heat  detecting system is to monitor the movements of cows in heat, so that they can be bred in a timely fashion.

As she read on she said " Oh it's itemized here under Genetizer". " Genetizer?"  I said "I know that we bought a Generator for when the electricity goes out so we can still milk the cows." As she looked closer on the policy she said, " It says Genetizer here", thinking that it was a new hi-tech  breeding device.  When she realized that they had misspelled Generator. We all had a good laugh.

After meeting with the insurance agents I just got back home with a few minutes to spare before having to return to the farm to feed the calves again.  Then I rushed home to prepare our evening meal of Pesto Pasta. I was trying my new 12 cups Cuisinart Die Cast Elete Collection food processor for the very first time after washing all the movable parts. My old one is worn out and barely chops.   I turned the burner on high to boil the water for the pasta. When I turned my head to check if the water was boiling, I noticed my brown empty tea pot on the red hot back burner. The tiny bit of left over tea had all evaporated.  I turned the burner off and removed the tea pot and the bottom  of the plastic handle melted and the metal bar let go and the teapot went crashing in pieces on the kitchen floor. ( I buy those coffee carafe  at Value Village real cheap and use them as tea pots for when I have several people for lunch.) Time to buy another one and maybe I'll find something that catches my fancy while I'm there. It seems like a good excuse to go shopping...

Today also I was trying to get acquainted with my new Canon Rebel T1i camera and learning how to use it because my husband is always borrowing my little simple Fiji digital camera and insisted that I got a new camera and that I give him the Fiji because he like to use it.

I think that I kind of over loaded my brain  today so I'm dumping some of it here on my blog. Too much good stuff but I'm thankful that I finally got those two items.   Thanks for visiting.  JB


  1. Julia, I'm sorry your day was stressful! Did your new quisinart work OK? I would never have thought of using the coffee carafes for a teapot. What a great idea! Our coffee pots go bad faster than normal because of hard water. I save the pots, but never knew what to use them for. Now I know!!!

    I tried to respond last evening to the post about finding Pat O'Hagan's body, but got an error message. (That has been happening rather often lately!) What a terrible tragedy!!! Thank you for the update. I hope they are able to apprehend the person who did this awful deed.

  2. Pat my day wasn't that stressful, just too busy. I have a mixture of laughing and grinning and bear it attitude. I was having difficulty putting a link on my post about Pat O'Hagan last evening for some reason and maybe as I was editing my post you couldn't access it. When I tested the link it couldn't find the link, so I edited and removed the link. My Cuisinart works like a charm. JB

  3. Hi Julia - Don't you just hate it when the kitchen tools all go awary in one day! Really gets me down. Good idea about the coffee carafe - they probably can be used for lots of things - we just need to use our imagination. Hope you have a wonderful day today without any stress.

  4. Hi Doris, necessity is the mother all all invention like they say. Well I didn't invent the coffee carafe but when my teapot broke one day I had an idle carafe laying around and used it as a teapot. JB

  5. Julia, Just wanted to say I like reading about the ins and outs of your day....feel like I know you a little better with every post

  6. Thank you so much Tammy for such an affirming comment. It's comments like this that makes me want to share my day with all my readers. Have a great day Tammy. JB