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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I'm having a bloggers' block at the moment. It's been a busy day cleaning the milking parlor  and gutters, doing some banking in town and across the river and some grocery and caring for sick calves, rushing home to make supper answering emails and checking my blog, etc, etc.

I'm blessed with another follower and I was trying to see who it was and I think it's Grandma Yellow Hair. Welcome and thanks for following my blog Maggie. If I'm wrong, will the new follower please send me a comment so I can properly acknowledge you.

I was checking  on my big Christmas cactus this afternoon in my sunroom and I think that it either got too much day light or not enough because there are only a handful of buds on it. Actually there is one bloom in the back.

 It was started from a small segment that had broken off from my daughter Jackie's plant and now it's so huge that I have a hard time finding a suitable place for it in the sunroom. It has always bloomed in profusion before. Maybe it needs to be repotted. The small segment that I stuck in my geranium pot  from this plant has bloomed.
 Here's a picture of the huge plant. It is supposed to bloom a creamy color.

And now it's Report time.

Report on Christmas shopping            :  nil
Report on Christmas baking                :  nil
Report on sending Christmas cards      : nil
Report on cleaning the house               : acceptable
Report on decorating for Christmas      : almost ready
Report on having wine for Christmas   : lots
Report on getting small gifts for the present game: nil
Report on my sick calves  :  They all still have scours from Corona virus and it will have to run its course. They are taking their bottle of water with medicine and a bottle and a quarter of milk as of supper time.  It takes roughly 10 days or so for the virus to run it's course. In the mean time I'm doing all I can for them.

Thanks for your loyalty at reading my blog.  I hope that you all have a good night sleep.  JB


  1. Ok Julia, your list makes me feel better. I am not alone -- woohoo! And now I know for sure why we have become friends....you have your priorities in order.....Seems like the only thing you have finished is a good supply of wine!!!
    Way to go Girl! LOL

  2. Hi Julia,
    I think you have the Christmas spirit taken care of! Some cleaning, good decorations, and lots of wine so you don't have to think about the rest of the list.
    Hope the calves soon get over their affliction. It must take so much of your time with the feeding, medicating, and cleaning up.
    BTW, that is a magnificent Christmas cactus!

  3. You are doing the important things like taking care of the sick calves! All the other stuff can wait! Take care of yourself Julia and don't worry about the list.......Santa knows who's being good and he shouldn't have to check his list twice to see all you've done!
    Hurry up and get better you little calfs.....before Julia starts on the Christmas wine!
    All in fun Julia!
    Cathy G

  4. Well the shopping I am at nil and the baking nil the rest is good. Good luck with your calfs

  5. Just to fill in a bit of history on that big cactus plant you have. The plant you started it from was one that I (Jackie's worser half) brought into the relationship. And I got it from a plant at work. The plant I got my starter piece from was on the desk of one of the office secretaries where I worked in the R&D centre at Fiberglas Canada Inc., in Guelph, Ontario. Sometime in the late 80s I took two sections off of one arm of that plant and stuck them in a pot at home. I was trying to get some greenery going and needed things that could tolerate irregular watering. It grew and thrived. That plant came back to Fredericton with me about 19 1/2 years ago, and two years later I hitched up with your daughter (only wish that had happened sooner). And your plant certainly seems to have thrived.

    Jackie just put the tree up and decorated it. The kids used to help, but they would fight and argue over who was going to do what, so this year Jackie said she was going to do it herself when they were in school. They will be grumpy that they didn't get to help, but that's what happens when there's a lack of cooperation.

  6. Anonymous son in law, thanks so much for this history of my huge Christmas cactus. I had no idea it came from Guelp Ontario. So glad you shared this bit of interesting history . I'll try to give it more attention. JB

  7. Oh Julia, I am sorry, but I am sitting here laughing, thanks for brightening my day. I like that you are up on your glasses of wine. :) You are just a busy lady that is all there is too it.
    I might have some of my shopping done but only because my house is a mess. :) My daughter is leaving for Virginia on Saturday so I want to have Christmas with the kids tomorrow so I had to get some finished. That is the only reason I have went shopping.
    If you have writers block, well I couldn't tell it. :)
    I hope your calves are better today.

  8. I feel so much better that there is someone out there who hasn't done anymore than me!!! Thanks Julia!!

  9. Thank you all for your comments. I'm the type who refuses to panic until the very last minute and then I still don't panic. It's amazing how much can be accomplished on very short notice. I usually get practical stuff rather than just useless stuff.

    I say if everyone is healthy on Christmas day, that the most important gift of all. Lots of stuff is so unnecessary at Christmas time. Visit from family and friends is so much nicer and a lot of good food and wine, of course.JB