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Wednesday, February 2, 2022


The groundhog didn't see his shadow today so maybe we'll have an early spring. At least, I didn't see the sun, I was kind of busy all day. lol...

It's warmed up today and is 3℃ or 37.4 ℉. tonight and I can hear water dripping off the roof. It's supposed to rain here and then snow. 

I really don't have anything to blog about today but I've decided to do a post anyway. I've been on Zoom prayer meetings and Bible study almost every day this week and my circle of friends keeps growing.

I somewhat managed to crochet a small section on my latest chevron baby blanket and I find that the progress is very slow because of single crochet.  The pattern is very simple but still, I have to pay attention as it's so easy to miss a stitch, and then I have to unravel a row. 

I have a whole large laundry basket full of crocheted baby blankets.  I still have a lot of baby yarn in pastel colors that I need to use up, then maybe I'll start crocheting some shawls and lap blankets for seniors or maybe, do other crafts.

I did some more hooking and tweaking on the blue mantel but still more tweaking to do but I can only do a little bit at a time. I'm sure you are getting tired of looking at it.  My loops are so uneven, maybe it is because I'm hooking with a #3 cut on monks' cloth but # 3 cuts is so much easier on my hands than #5 cut.

One area, I'm not too sure on how to go about fixing, where the directional hooking is not flowing nicely. Tweaking isn't my favorite thing to do and it takes time and perseverance and I don't like to rush the process. Then, I'll start on the background. I haven't decided if I'll make it plain or multi-color like the image. 

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I really appreciate it when you leave a comment.



  1. Loving your baby blanket and I am sure that lap rugs for seniors and people with disabilities would be MORE than welcome.
    Keep going on your Madonna and Child. It looks amazing to me.

  2. It was very sunny and warm here yesterday. So who knows. So glad your circle of friends keeps getting bigger a nice thing to have. What will you do with the baby blankets? I never tire of seeing your hooking and yes tweaking is very hard and takes lots of patience.
    have a wonderful day

  3. Neighbors and family better start having babies so you can have someplace to gift your crochet blankets.

    I've hooked with #3 for the dogs on my Rottweiler Memorial and hated that small size that I used #5 for the background. I understand you're using that size because you say its easier on your hands; my hands are riddled with arthritis with big knuckles but still pull #8.5 and wider strips. Of course I use a Hartman hook with a large shank so maybe that helps.

  4. Are you donating the baby blankets? I'm sure seniors would enjoy lap blankets. Your work is beautiful. I can see the love you put into your projects. Always room for more friends! I hope you don't get the snow we're getting today!

    1. Hi Yaya Our church women group often send articles to Heiti and since Covid, we haven't sent anything. I'll be offering my baby blankets if they want them , if not they will be going to Right to Life Organization where new mothers who are in need can have them for their new babies. You are right, I put a lot of love in these blankets.

  5. I love that pink of that baby blanket. Its so pretty.
    I love that blue that you are using and that looks so beautiful. I love that. My granny rug is on bleached linen and it has killed my hands. Its so stiff and hard to pull loops. When I started I used 3 and 4 to hook with. I really liked the way it looks, you can really get detailed. I think now my favorite is 7 1/2. Or a 7 I can see on my cutter. I have used the nine and the 8 1/2 but it is hard on my hands. I just can't hook like I did. Which makes me so mad at myself. I cut myself back to one Bible Study a week. I was always gone from the house, so I didn't have time to blog. Now, I can blog again and its nice. Have a nice day,

  6. All groundhog reports I’ve seen say longer winter?!
    Not that that is a true prediction.
    I’ve had 2 1/2 years of groundhog days so…
    A darling crochet blanket!
    Glad you’re finding friendships via zoom

  7. Hello,
    Happy February, I already have spring fever. Hee Hee!
    I love the pink color of the blanket.

  8. Our groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter and he sure jinxed us! It is nasty today with more to come. My son did my driveway 2 hours ago and you would never know.
    Your baby blanket is so pretty. I'm sure that when the time is right and you give them away they will be most appreciated.
    Mary and Jesus is so pretty. I can't imagine hooking in a 5, let alone a 3. Just my two cents...that straight hooking coming down from Mary's shoulder looks too harsh. What about taking some of it out and adding curvy lines? But what do I know? I've never hooked anything so beautiful and realistic looking.

    1. Thanks so much Lauren, I really appreciate your constructive criticism and I welcome it. You have so much more experience than me.

      I try to soften one area and I create another harsh spot somewhere else but eventually. I'll fix it better. It will take me a long time I think.

  9. What a pretty blanket! Our groundhog saw his shadow, so I a going with yours. We had only 6 inches of snow thank goodness, since they were predicting 12 or more. I still love your hooked rug too, and don't get tired of your progress! Janice

  10. As I told Lauren, I blindfolded our groundhog and buried him in a snowbank...but likely won't make a bit of difference as 6 more weeks of winter would still be an early spring in Nod LOL. Your blanket is beautiful!! What a treasure these will be to those who receive them. Ahhh, your wonderful rug. I, too, dislike "tweaking" and often end up leaving it. Like you said, it can be somewhat like starting a row of dominoes in motion...or, in my case, setting off an avalanche of changes. I think it is looking amazing....but I am in awe of how anyone can hook something that realistic. Hope the weather is kind to you.... Hugs & Smiles ~Robin~

  11. Julia,,,Your hooking is Amazing! Can't imagine doing anything that realistic! The faces are perfect ,,,I love UR blanket,,,
    I am knitting and Crocheting alot more these days than hooking,,must so much easier to pick up,,,getting lazy,,,Hoping for early spring here in southern ontario too,,,Yeah! Lots more snow here the last days and cold again, brrrrr,,,
    Take care,,elaine🏠🏠🏡🏡

  12. The rug, more like something to be hung on a wall, is so beautiful. I would go with a sandy color background, the way it would be where they lived. As I see it in my mind. Too much info, sorry. The baby blanket is beautiful

  13. Your pink baby blanket is lovely. You are such a busy lady.
    I’m pretty sure we will have 6 more weeks of winter here but that’s ok to me. We need the moisture this summer. And that means we deal with the snow.

    Have a wonderful week.

  14. Hi Julia, i love your baby blanket! nice color and pattern! my auntie Mary crochets prayer shawls. she had made my Mark one when he was sick, mom one and she made one i wanted for a friend.. a nice spiritual hug for those who need it. wow what a rug you are working on! it looks great! my fingers, hands and joints have been so sore from snow blowing that i haven't been able to hook the last few days. I'm thinking i may have a virus? altho i did just turn 62 HA! have you gotten alot of snow? boy we sure have. i just finished outside and the wind is howling and snows flying.. yuk! Didn't you use to be on a rug hooking forum? i have been looking as i always have questions and hate to over load the blog friends.. Hope all is well and enjoy your day Julia!

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