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Tuesday, November 21, 2023


 Yes, it's a good thing this post is not a bill because it's long overdue.  I would have the collecting agency after me. lol... Sorry, this post is a little long and boring.

I never seem to find time or energy or the desire to post, lately. I've kept myself very busy this Fall.

Since my husband can no longer do the bookwork for his corporate company, I've had to step up to the plate with the help of our accountant. I'm all caught up with the first three quarters of 2023 and I'm learning every time we meet. I work at it at home and I take my work to his office and he checks my work when I have two months done. Of course, I learn from my mistakes and he's a patient teacher.

I haven't hooked much this Fall but I plan to remedy this as soon as I can.  I miss several rug hooking meetings because of catering to two funerals and attending another one in two weeks. Three were friends and the 4th was an acquaintance, but I could not attend his funeral.

On sunny days for four days, I hauled and corded wood from the farm in our carport, using my SUV. I put a big piece of plastic in the trunk and away I went in between the rain. My son came to help me when he realized what I was doing and then my husband did the rest while I was baking for a  church fundraiser.

  Last week I baked for three days for our Church Bazaar fundraiser and even made two batches of Strawberry, Rhubarb, Pineapple jam. I also sold some Magic Bags and more than three cases of pickles and was so tired but I landed a cushy job taking care of the money box for our lunch canteen. In all, we made $2500.50 in 4 hours of sales. Working the Bazaar was a lot of fun. I saw so many people I had not seen in a while.

I  also managed to finely mow my lawn. The grass was so long and it was slow going with my mulcher mower.

 I cleaned most of my weedy flowerbeds and now I only need to clean my 4 small raised veggie beds. It might not get done until spring as we are expecting some snow tomorrow. I couldn't bear to have to clean this up in the spring as I would never get caught up with cleaning and weeding.

I got so caught up with work that I even forgot about my husband's foot care appointment on the 16th and even forgot about our Heritage Rug Hooking Guild yearly auction meeting which I was looking forward to attending.

I was even forgetting about our regular Evening Matters rug meeting. At the last minute, I remembered and grabbed my frame and my rug hooking bag and went, even though I just wanted to stay home and rest. 

When I arrived the girls were all working on their wool feather trees as Beth was giving a workshop on making a feather tree. I had not signed up for it but somehow she thought that I did and had a kit all ready for me. I didn't have wool to work with so I started to work on the girl's tree next to me as she was showing me how to wrap the wool around the stems. 

One of the girls gave me a bunch of ready-cut wool from her pile and it just happened that the girl I was helping had donated all that wool. These ladies are all so generous. Then I started to work on my own tree. I'll show you a picture when I get it finished.

The two hours went so incredibly fast and I really enjoyed the evening. We all enjoyed the workshop. I foolishly thought that I would have time to work on it some more at home, but it didn't happen. Now,  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  These last two weeks have been crazy busy. 

Today I arrived at the Nissan car dealer to have my snow tires put on and to have the oil changed after waiting since the first week of October only to be told that they didn't have my name on the list of appointments.  I assured them that I had an appointment and that I even asked the girl what day was November 21st,  and she said Tuesday. They were very busy and he agreed to have my tire put on since they were on rims if I was willing to wait. My appointment was for 3:30 pm and I got home about 5:15pm. They are announcing snow for Wednesday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American blogger friends.

I appreciate your comments. Stay safe and warm.




  1. Our beautiful fall days have been perfect for outside work. My gardens and beds are in pretty good shape now, but I would like another bale or two of straw for mulching. I look forward to seeing your feather tree. If I could be so fortunate to have one, I think that one little tree would be enough. Hilltop post

  2. My goodness you have been busy. My condolences on your losses.
    You are totally forgiven for your lack of posts but I am relieved to read that while busy, you are ok.

  3. 2500.00 in 4 hours wow I wish I was closer it sounds like you had some wonderful things in your church sale.
    I think you are as busy as when you worked the farm. I am happy you got to sit and enjoy the company of other hookers. We are getting snow today while beautiful I worry for those traveling for Thanksgiving.

  4. Good grief Julia, you're always so busy your brain doesn't have the room to store appointment dates and fun time. Girl, you've got to take time to 'smell the roses' too.
    Looking forward to your finished tree.
    What in the world is a "Magic Bag"?

  5. So good to hear from you, Julia. You need to send some of that Canadian energy south. You are the busiest person I know!!!
    So happy your church fundraiser did so well ;-)
    Happy accident that there was a wool feather tree kit for you. I look forward to seeing your finish.

  6. Hi Julia, you are a busy bee... but I think in the long run being busy is best. It keeps us young. ;-)
    That is fantastic that the church fundraiser did so well!!!
    December is knocking on our door... and 2024!!
    Love, Carla

  7. With all that you had going on I give you a reprieve from the collection agency. :-) Glad the sales went extremely well and kudos for you being able to make that wooly tree. Cannot wait to see it. Janice

  8. I'm exhausted just reading all that you do! I'm glad you have the strength and desire to do it and I do believe being busy is better than sitting around..something you'll never have to worry about! Thanks for letting us know you're doing well and it's OK to be late when life happens to need you. I hope the snow it's too bad and I know it's not Thanksgiving up there but I'll say I'm thankful for a sweet blog buddy in you! Hugs from Ohio!

    1. My comment got sent off before I was done telling you what a wonderful, strong and amazing woman I think you are.

  9. Due to the lovely fall weather, we have been able to complete our job outside. I would like to purchase an additional bale or two of straw for the purpose of mulching my gardens and beds, which are now in a pretty decent condition.
    You are welcome to read my most recent post.

  10. You have toiled long and hard Julia. Take care of yourself. The amount of money made was impressive! I'm glad you enjoyed the Feather, tree wrap workshop even if it was unexpected! I look forward to seeing it. You deserve a good, long rest! Kezzie xx

  11. Julia! I was exhausted just reading your list. You are very very stretched. I’m glad the wool tree was fun. You need more outings like this

  12. Bless your heart! You have so much on your plate! Hugs and prayers for you to keep up your energy to get it all done. The workshop group sounds like such a sweet and thoughtful group to be in. Cant wait to see your feather tree!

  13. My goodness, you are one busy lady! Your workshop group sounds like such a wonderful and thoughtful group to be in! Take care and dont work so hard!

  14. Just dropping in to wish you a blessed Christmas Julia! May the peace of the Christ child and the joy of the angels be with you!

  15. Happy New Year, dear Julia, I wish a great 2024 for you and yours. Thanks for your comment.

  16. Hi Julia! Wow! You are a busy bee! You get so much done! I bet you sleep well at night! xoPom Pom

  17. You are a busy bee - probably too busy to post. That is exactly what happened to me. Just couldn't keep up. However, I miss it so I am trying again.
    Thanks for commenting on my post after such a long absence.

  18. My goodness, you put me to shame! You are such a busy person and do so many things for others! Hugs to you! Here's wishing more freedom on days for you to enjoy more rug hooking!

  19. Hello, I am hoping this finds that you had a wonderful Christmas and a good start to the new year! I hope you find ample time to to the things you love to do amongst all that you so wonderfully give of yourself and time to do for others.