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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I've promised some photos of my new grandson James but I'm having some difficulty uploading some pictures on. my blog. I've managed to upload quite a few but each time they go into another draft and not on the same draft causing me to pull the little bit of hair I have left.  Here is a picture of me meeting my grandson for the first time as soon as I got to Ottawa I went directly to the hospital and stayed the whole day.
Can you tell that grandma is happy.
Even my computer savy son in law had a difficult time getting  some pictures to upload on my blog for some reason and

the computer is slow which doesn't help.  I'll try to post a few more photos later . Sorry for being so computer illiterate especially with this little notepad. I loose a lot of my typing  so you can see why I've haven't posted much.

 I can't believe that I got my 50th follower last evening and I'm so greatful to be able to mark the arrival of my grandson with this milestone. I'm looking forward to blog more seriousely when I get home. Right now  my daughter still needs me  so I'm happy to be able to be a bit useful.  Hugs to all.  JB           



  1. Julia, what a lovely blog. You look so happy and beautiful holding James. Lucky you. I don't know what it is about haviang babies that make women so beautiful but it never fails.
    Daughter always need their monthers when they give birth - I hope you can stay as long as she needs you. Love to all f you and yours.

    Julia how happy you look holding baby James. There issomething about a new baby that causes all women to look so beautiful and your beauty is great. Hope you can stay as long as your daughter needs you. Hold that baby tight and dear!

  2. You are glowing!!! Great photo. It certainly shows in your face how special this little guy is. Your daughter is lucky you are able to stay and help her. I look forward to seeing the rest of your photos when you get home.
    Hugs to all, Kim

  3. You look so sweet, I am so glad you sent a picture with a very happy Grandma. That is a very good picture.

  4. What a great picture! You look over the moon. What fun to be a Grammy. I loved my Grandmothers so much, I only hope I can try to be as good as them. Enjoy your little lovey. Can't wait to see more pictures when the computer gremlins get out of the way!

  5. Oh, Julia! I love that picture!!! You look soooo happy! I'm glad you are getting the chance to spend time with the new little one. Thank you for updating under less than ideal circumstances. It's good to hear from you and know that you're having a wonderful time with your daughter and grand child.

  6. Oh You look so sweet Julia, What a great picture. The love just shows in the photo of you two! Cheri

  7. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments about my picture. It's not hard to look better than my sooty picture of the chimney I'm looking forward to posting some more of the baby.

  8. Thank you Julia for posting with the difficulties of an uncooperative computer.
    You look great and happy. I almost bet baby James was smiling to.
    Enjoy yourself I know your daughter is thankful you are there.

  9. So sweet! Is that red hair I see?

  10. Julia that picture just makes me melt! You are just glowing and looks so sweet!! (love your haircut too BTW...) Don't be too anxious to get home to blogging...I enjoy the few you've been able to do so we know you are well and enjoying all!!! Just relax and have a wonderful time!! It goes so up those precious memories!!! We'll be here when you get home and are bored...ha!

  11. Tammy, his hair are very light at the moment but it looks a little darker in the back at the base of his neck. We are thinking that his hair will turn a bit darker later on. JB

  12. Julia,

    What a wonderful picture of you holding that baby! I love that you're calling him a little prince! He will surely feel the love from his grandma even at this young age! Aren't grandchildren wonderful! Take your time and enjoy him! I'm sure you're enjoying spending some time with your daughter and son-in-law as well! Talk to you when you get back home!

  13. Now, that's what 'happy' looks like!! So sweet ~ have fun!!