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Friday, May 20, 2011


Yesterday my daughter came by to check on the state of her garden before the planting begins  and for a little chat while her son was  at the cadets at the Army Base and I suggested that since she was here maybe she could drive the truck down the fields by the river to go see if the fiddleheads  were out.  We are glad that we did as we found a nice crop and we each picked a large pail and she returned today with her husband to pick some more. I had enough so I opted out to work in my garden instead.

We never have to buy them as they grow on our land. They can be quite expensive at the grocery  store as they are  a delicacy. There is a short window to pick them before the fonts unfurls into a fern.

Today as I was pulling weeds from my vegetable garden I saw three men in a motor boat close to the shore looking through the debris that was floating and I went over to ask them if they were looking for the body of the young man who drowned. They said yes. There were 5 men in a 12 foot canoe who overturned while on their way home from picking fiddleheads.  Three were wearing life jackets and two were not. The three were rescued and one who swam to shore was taken to hospital suffering hypothermia and the other has not been recovered yet.  I can't believe how 5 men fitted in a 12 foot canoe. A few years ago someone was walking by our house and saw a floating body face down  and they were looking in the same place as the current swirls there when the water is high. I hope that they find him soon. It must be very sad for the family.

I worked in my gardens but I'm having difficulty with uploading pictures this evening.  Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Have a great weekend.  JB


  1. Fiddleheads, I have never heard of such a plant. How sad to be doing a simple thing as looking for fiddleheads and then lose your life. Cheri

  2. That is so tragic. I hope his family gets some closure soon.

  3. What a tragedy! I hope they can find the poor young man.

    I don't think we have fiddleheads in our area. I bet they are delicious. Do you cook them in water or saute them in butter?

  4. Your fiddleheads looks wonderful and I can't believe how many you got that is just amazing. I am so sorry about that poor young man.
    I hope they find him soon.
    I hope you have a nice weekend filled with sunshine.

  5. What do you do with the fiddleheads once you have them? We are past fiddlehead season here.....we have GOBS and GOBS of ferns at the side of our house, but they are completely unfurled now. I think we had fiddleheads one year, but didn't like them. Maybe we just need a good recipe to try!

  6. Wow Julia! That is a big bunch of fiddleheads! They look nice and healthy!

    How terrible for the family of the person who drowned. A simple thing as wearing a life jacket could have saved a life.

    Sure hope your weather improves there. Are you recovering from the flooding in your area?
    Cathy G

  7. Okay never heard of fiddleheads? What do they taste like (please do not say chicken LOL) and how to you make them? Just curious. How sad - hope they find him soon

  8. The fiddleheads look interesting. I have never tasted of them but I have hear of them before. Let us know how you prepare them.
    I too hope the drowning victim is found soon.
    We have a man drown in our lake about 12 years ago. Very unsettling. Praying for his family as they wait.

  9. Jackie and I got 38 lbs, 13 oz of fiddleheads in one hour and 40 minutes of picking. They were completely dry, so after cleaning and washing it was closer to 45 lbs. We washed, blanched, and froze 40 lbs that evening, and had a couple of meals worth left to eat fresh. Neither one of us have ever been in a patch that was so good, and the fiddleheads were huge in size too. But in the 18 years we have been together we have never picked in that area along the brook. We have always worked the long stretch of the river bank, but we know where to go next year. If we had been there a day or two earlier we'd have picked twice that much because many were up too high.

  10. Mira's Papa. I've picked in that patch every year and I've given you some several times. Just make sure that you leave a little bit for me next year. Many times others have gotten to it before I even got a chance to pick.

    The weather was so cold and wet this year so maybe that's why there were still some there. JB