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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, what's new you asked? I've been working like usual at the farm and I'm still in the scrubbing mode although I have to take my time and pace myself. It's tedious work as there are a lots of pipes and wires and gadgets to clean around and very slow and time consuming so I'm not rushing. I'm getting plenty of exercises going up and down the step ladder and that's good to firm my butts and getting lots of elbow grease type of exercises. A bit hard on the neck and the shoulders but I'll survive. I'll take some photos when I get around to it.

Early this  morning I picked up yesterday's mail and I was tickled pink to receive a gift from Doris of Moments in Time.   Doris is an amazing resilient classy lady with impeccable taste and although we have never met, I know that she is a great person with lots of courage and determination she's thoughtful and considerate and has  purpose in life and just keep going. She lives with her sweet dog Eloise, teaches rug hooking, is neat as a pin and kind as they come.  Can you believe that she also make her own sourdough bread too with her own starter.
Coming back to the gift, it was a piece of crack stop and some sweet Christmas patterns. Now how sweet is that.? Thank you so much Doris. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and your generosity very much. I'm anxious to try it as soon as I have a little spare time and will keep you informed of my progress.

And now and update on my little grandson. He's 4 months old today, May 16th.

He's watching the Muppet Show with dad. How cool is that.? 
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  1. Is there anything sweeter than little baby tootsies? So cute, Julia!!!

  2. What a cutie pie!! Isn't is amazing how fast they grow.

  3. Julia, that happy little baby smile just brightened my morning! (which needed brightened because it's raining here AGAIN!)
    Doris is one of the nicest people I know! We've been friends for several years now (met through rughooking). She is an amazingly good and patient teacher and her hooking is superb.
    Hope you have a good day.
    Whenever I need a big dose of sunshine, I'll come back to the computer and look at the pictures of your cute little grandson.

  4. Hi Julia, So glad the package arrived. I love the babies smile. So adorable. Please don't work to hard and make yourself sick. I am wondering if it will ever stop raining in Maryland.
    Thank you Pat for the kind words.

  5. Your grandson has the greatest expressions! It must be so much fun to watch him discover the world!
    It sounds like you are working to beat the band!
    Take care,

  6. Oh Julia, he is so beautiful and he looks so happy. I bet you just loved to get those sweet pictures. You have been busy but you are getting thing done and that is all that matters. I am going down to get some of that Crack stop stuff if I can find it. I need to draw some patterns and that looks like just the ticket.
    I hope the sun comes out soon for you.
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. How sweet of Doris! So happy for your. The baby pics are adorable - that tootsie shot is just too cute!

  8. I love the baby's smile, so adorable!
    Take care of yourself, will you?
    Hugs, Mandy

  9. Oh my goodness Julia that grandson of yours can say it all with those big blue eyes. What a sweetheart.

  10. Julia,
    He is getting cuter every day. He looks so bright and happy and that little twinkle in his eye - love it.
    Doris is so lovely. I checked Home Depot today in Moncton - no crack.

  11. Julia,
    You are blessed! You grand son is adorable! Great photos!
    Doris is such a sweet heart too! I've learned a lot from reading her blog.
    Take care not to work too hard..... you only want to firm up the butt not work it off entirely!! LOL~ couldn't resist that one!
    Cathy G

  12. ohh what cute baby pics!!! Love them all!

    Thanks for sharing

  13. A smile that would melt anyones heart! Thank you for sharing, he is a handsome little guy!
    It's great to hear of people giving of themselves and sharing what they have and what they know. Very nice of Doris.. Always great to receive an unexpected surprise in the mail :)

  14. Julia,

    Your little man is just precious! Such beautiful blue eyes! What a sweetheart!


  15. Oh, he's just adorable. Love those sweet feet :-)

  16. What a cutie! Julia, please send me your mailing address through my private email on my blog. Don't ask questions, just do it,lol.

  17. Hi Julia... What a little sweetheart, he is adorable, and the smile is contagious..... He is just going to love that picture. When he gets older in the bath.... And those eyes, when he grows up the girls will be chasing him with those blue eyes... Thanks for taking pictures of thim so we can watch him grow with you...
    take care,