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Saturday, June 18, 2011


It seems like quite a while since I've posted and it seems that I only had time to read a few blogs at a time and leave comments when ever I could squeeze them in.  Life has been very busy and Blog had to take a back seat for a while.

We're having rain today after a short spell of nice weather so I hope that the sun will return soon. The garden is growing but I still haven't taken even a single photo.

 I'm glad that my daughter send me some more photo of my grandson last night. He was 5 months old yesterday, hard to believe that 5 months has already slipped by like sand through the fingers.

I got the news that my new grandson is coming for a visit in August and I can't wait to hold him.

Dressed just like daddy.  Actually, I think that daddy dressed just like my grandson.  My grandson is very conscious of having his picture taken. His expression changes as soon as the camera takes his picture. He gets serious.

These feet are made for walking... pretty soon...

Smiling for the camera and making bubbles.

My daughter and her smiling little man.

Standing tall on a friend of the family.

Can you do this?

He was a bit concerned of the swing in the park and because he's still little, they put a pillow in the back.
He's getting a bit more comfortable with the swing and daddy is gently swinging him.

I wonder what he wants to say.

I'll try to have some time to blog next week.   Take care and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

I almost forgot to tell you that my second attempt at making my sourdough starter has failed. It could be my water.  We have a water softener and one of the bathroom tap is leaking and maybe there is a bit of iron that gets in the water. I'll have to try again. This is ridiculous. I'll use some bottled water next time. I've seen some different ways of making the starter on Youtube without yeast, just water and flour.  JB


  1. What a beautiful baby that grandson of yours is!! I bet you can hardly wait till he comes for the visit!

  2. Oh Julia,
    Those photos are precious. He gets cuter everytime we see him. The one of him and his Dad dressed alike made me laugh. He is getting so big. Soon he will visiting and heloing out with the farm chores! He has the happiest little smile.

  3. He is such a cutie.
    That look on the first swing picture is priceless.But he warmed up to swinging after all. What a happy looking family and I bet you can't wait till he comes to visit you.

  4. We went to the park again today, and he was all smiles in the swing. :) Unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera this time.

  5. He is so beautiful and I just love the pictures of your family. He has such a great smile. I am so glad he is coming for a visit in August.
    Well, don't work to hard. Thanks for the update.

  6. Julia he is just precious!! He looks so handsome in his hat...that shot just made me laugh! I know you can't wait to see him and spend some one on one! There is nothing better!
    I told my kids that I would love the grandchildren no matter what but the fact that they are cute is just icing on the cake! You have a LOT of icing there!! He is one cutie!! Have fun and blog when you are able. We look forward to more pics and hearing abut your good time!
    Good luck with the starter!!

  7. He is adorable! Who could resist such a smile??? He looks like such a cheerful happy little guy.

  8. What a Cutie!!!!!Great pictures I loved them. What an expressive little baby!

  9. Oh, Grandma ~ such a cute baby!!! I love the one with his fist in his mouth ~ mostly, I have my foot in mine!!!!!!!! He is a dear little soul ~ have fun with him!

  10. I'm looking forward to seeing James too!