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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I wonder how many of you ever got attacked by your own garbage can.
Well I'm embarrassed to say but I fell victim  to this attack last Thursday morning and although I'm healing quite fast, thankfully I'm still sporting tell tale bruises on my face and knee. I got a black eye and a black bruise on the side of my left chin and my right knee. All this happened because.... well... my hubby didn't put the garbage out last Thursday morning like he was supposed to do and I was late for my barn chores as I hadn't slept much the night before because of shoulder pain and humidity and heat. I was so very tired that morning to begin with.

I proceeded to remedy the situation and since I was late I decided that since there was very little garbage in our huge Dolly garbage can that I simply would put the recycle bin on top of the open dolly and push it down the slopping drive way saving myself a trip.

When I got to the bottom of the slope and into the tall wet grass, my foot must have hit the open cover hanging down and the dolly went on it's side with me plunging face first in the hard cover. It could have been worst since I have osteoporosis, yeah...  All this happened so quick and I landed my butts in the very wet grass and went to the barn with a wet ass.  To make matters worst the Baptism was just a few days away and I didn't want to ruin my grandson's baptism pictures. I had to buy some makeup to try to cover my bruises and I hate wearing makeup because it feels awful on my sweaty skin in the heat.

I've been taking some pictures of the remaining flowers yesterday. My grass is uncut and the weeds have taken over and I'm tired of the whole mess like many of you.  That's why God in his wisdom gave us Fall...

One lone little day lilly left. Most of the weeds are forget-me-not that self seeded. I'll have to pull them out.

My poor tomatoes got hit  real bad with the blight this year, and my beans are about finished. everything else is growing well.

Thank God for late bloomers, some of my day lilies  are still blooming and some are done blooming.

I'm having difficulty uploading photos at the moment so I'm going to stop before something else happens to my blog.  Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. Have a great weekend.  JB


  1. I am so sorry that you got beat up by the trash can but it happens to me all of the time, like Monday morning. I have never got bruised up though. I couldn't tell it in the the pictures of the Baptism. Yeah, I did photos today of my very weedy garden too. I will be so glad to have it ripped out.
    I think though your flowers look so pretty.
    I hope you feel better and you get to get caught up on some rest soon.
    I wish you could come over and just visit with me.

  2. Good Heavens Julia, have you nothing better to do than fight with the trash can? Seriously, I hope you are on the mend! We have had so little rain here that everything has stopped blooming and I think our tomatoes are about done. They were wonderful this season. Please take care of yourself or you will wear out and we will all be unhappy!!!

  3. Oh honey what a story! So so sorry this happened to you because I know it had to of hurt and I am sure still does.
    Girlfriend I bet hubby felt terrible that he did not do this for you.
    Stay on your feet, slow down and take it easy you my friend deserve it.
    Always appreciate your wonderful comments on y site.
    Love ya

  4. you need some time off! oh the not sleeping I know to well so sorry you got so beat up with the garbage can.

  5. I wrestled the garbage can down our long hilly driveway last week. It almost took off without me! I hope you feel better soon! Nothing like getting trashed by the trash! My tomatoes had blight too. And they were the only things I could even grow this summer!
    Stay well! Hugs!

  6. That's a new one!!! Hopefully, my mister will continue taking out the trash because this could happen to me ~ very easily!! Hope your bruises heal fast!!

  7. Oh Julia, and of all times, right before the big family celebration. I'm glad you were not more seriously hurt. I guess that hubby got an earful when you got back to the house with your wet ass.

  8. That dumb trash can! it must be the week to fall down. One of my friends fell and has a huge shiner and sprained ankle.Plus her hooking hand is partially sprained. No hooking for now. At least you can still hook! Hugs Cheri get better!!

  9. So glad you're here to tell the tale! Praise God for Baptisms and praise Him for husbands that remember to do what they are supposed to!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. I imagine your hubby feels pretty inspired
    to pitch in a little extra this week!
    Hope healing is happening quickly
    and that your river behaves itself
    during the storm.
    "Thank God for late bloomers"....I LOVE that!
    loving and lifting you,

  11. I appreciate all your comments and I hope that I never kiss another garbage can again. JB