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Friday, August 26, 2011


I thought that I would share my serendipity pumpkin picture with you. I haven't planted pumpkins seeds for years as they take way too much space in my garden and every year I  get a pumpkin or two at the store for Halloween. Last year I bought 5 or 6 and gave some away to my grand kids to carve and I kept one to decorate my front step. When I was done with it I threw it in the compost near the back of the deck. Would you look at how big it got....

I figure that when I emptied my compost some of the pumpkin seeds must have fell on the side or the squirrels might have planted them there. I know that some birds or animal planted small sunflowers seeds from my bird feeders into my daylilly flower bed this year so now I also have serendipity sunflowers.

Here is one small pumpkin and I can see others  growing under the foliage.

Another view from the upper deck. Even though I pruned lots of stems it's still sending some everywhere. I guess that perhaps, I will not need to spend any money for my pumpkins this year. And that's a good thing like Martha Stewart would say...

One of the smallest single sunflower that got chewed up by earwigs I presume.

Now I never saw such small sunflowers and the bee was small too.. These are about only 15 inches high. Isn't this a beauty?

This one was  matured and was being eaten by something.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message. I hope that all my blogger friends and their love ones are ready for Irene and are keeping safe.  My prayers are with you.  JB


  1. Can't wait to see the "fruit" of your crop in its falls splendor! I passed a field of sunflowers today - looked magnificant - i was thinking I wish I had my camera - got 5 miles away and realized I did - duh!

  2. yes i hope everybody is safe and sound too! i am watching tv right now and it looks pretty bad, it is good to be prepared.

    your pumpkin plant looks huge and yes maybe you don't have to go and buy some!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my post last Monday!


  3. It's a nice surprise to find a volunteer plant that's not a weed! Lol

  4. Wow! Thats a nice big punkin plant Julia! You should be carving in time for Halloween! LOL! Why is it the stuff we don't actually plant seems to grow the best?

  5. My very favorite type of gardening... and now I know what to call it! Serendipity planting!! Thanks Julia. I'm positively green over that pumpkin vine.

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. What fun. A little rogue pumpkin plant just in time for fall! They do take up space, don't they? Good to know! I want to have a spot for them next year. Have a good weekend!

  7. so much find to get a present from nature. we are expecting just wind and rain buy the time it hits the mountains of NH it will have calmed down quite a bit.

  8. Julia -
    I find mother nature ever fascinating! Wonderful how the birds and squirrels help us out. God's design for all of us.

    I'm busy girding for Irene - I do hope everyone is safe.

  9. What lovely pumpkin vines. So glad you got some. So are your sunflowers. My cantaloupes I planted myself haven't done worth a darn but the cantaloupe that was volunteer out in the pasture with no water produced like crazy and had the best tasting cantaloupes ever.
    Gardening is always full of surprises. Have you been hooking any rugs?

  10. Hi Julia.I hope the Hurricane Irene is gone by the time it gets to Canada. Your pumpkin looks good. Something got my pumpkin plant a couple of weeks ago.Oh well! It is 100 degrees today Yuk! Cheri

  11. Your pumpkin vine looks great. From the look of the vine you may have a bumper crop. How fun that you didn't have to do any of the planting.
    Looking forward to seeing how they progress.