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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


At first thought, nothing much out of the ordinary seemed to have happened this week until I recall the events one by one.  With a bit of sunshine on my side, I managed to weed  and tidy some parts of the gardens and I felt good about it. I would have loved to get all caught up on the yard work but I was lucky enough to have had lots of visits from family and friends.

My daughter  and son in law brought back a huge feed of the tastiest lobsters  from Prince Edward Island that I've ever tasted in a long time. I  had my fill and felt so spoiled... They bring some every year when they come back from PEI.

These were market size lobsters and were tender and most delicious.

My granddaughter meticulously getting the meat from the legs. She showed us how to recognize the sex of the lobsters.
My grandson is using the empty claws to decorate his hand, Maybe he wants to use this as a  weapon.

My daughter is checking out the sex of this lobster.  The females has softer little flippers just below the legs and the males have bonier flippers. My other grandson is looking on.

My daughter Jackie is also visiting and holding my little grandson while her kids looks on. He loves the attention.  She cooked a feast while I was at the barn. What a great day.

I had visitors from Ontario who brought their son to the UNB University.

I received a nice gift of a thick gel memory foam pad for my king size bed from my daughter Christine and it's heavenly to sleep on it. Thanks you so much.

My next event was that I had a heifer calf born in the back of the barn and he got all dirty and must have gotten a mouthful of manure because she  got scour a few days later...  My son was on vacations so I had to take her temperature and it was 104. The vet was called and he came and treated her with a one shot of antibiotic in the neck and he also gave her a pain killer shot in the neck and asked me to give her another shot the next day. This is my first experience in giving a needle in the neck. I narrowly missed sticking the needle in my finger. lol...

As if I wasn't busy enough, in the afternoon my husband was in a mad rush to get to the hay field way up the main road and accidently left the gate opened and all the cows made a get away into the barn yard and in the grassy area where the gardens are planted. It's a large area behind the buildings. A gentleman who was coming to bale hay had driven to the farm and spotted the herd of cows on the loose. He came back to my house to tell me.   I called my son who is on vacation and we rounded them up, but it was not an easy task.  One wrong move and the cows could have escaped to the main busy highway up the lane. I use my magic black broom to wave at them and I felt more secure but guarded. Having a whole herd coming at you full speed can be a bit dangerous. I didn't know that chasing a herd of cow was in my job description. So much for weeding my garden that afternoon... No time for pictures for this adventure either.

More visitor from my brother and sister in law and they were on their way to another city and stopped in for a visit over night. We chatted and relaxed for a while then we went to Chapter and at the last minute I spotted a book about Chakras and had to have it. I've always been interested in Chakras and I've read many books on the subject but I like this one the best.

I had to give a tour of a group of kids who arrived unannounced and wanted to see how the calves and the heifers were fed . My husband sent them to see me as I was just arriving to work. That was quite an experience as they wanted to help. It was kind of fun and at the same time it was hindering me but thankfully my visiting sister in law Janice was there to help me feed the new born calf who was really hungry. She enjoyed her experience. No pictures although the kids' mother  had a camcorder.

This morning after barn chores we all went out to breakfast with our usual group of friends and had a great time then my visitors left.

There is possibly some other events that I can't recall but enough said. Have a great week and thanks for dropping by for a visit and leaving a comment.  JB


  1. Good Lord Girl, you never have a dull moment. All that company, barn chores and tours on top of a runaway herd.....you deserve a gold medal. Will things settle down soon? (I hope so)

  2. Well Kim, I'm never bored here in my world. This is where having all my Chakras aligned would be great. lol. Hugs, JB

  3. First I have to say what beautiful gardens you have, so lush and abundant. Secondly, girlfriend there is never a dull moment on your farm. A farmer has to wear many hats and I would say you where them well!

  4. My Julie ~ There is never a dull moment in your life! Wonderful family pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  5. What a Tale!! You have a wonderful life and I love all the stories you tell of it. Prince Edward Island isn't that where Anne of Green Gables took place? I have been watching the series again. Those lobsters were huge! Cheri

  6. I've been interested in chakras too. My husband had a book on them when I first met him and I've used the exercises when my body doesn't feel good. I was drooling over the lobsters. I love PEI. I had a Great Aunt who owned a dairy farm up there and my Grandmother used to take us to visit in the summer. Aunt Annie had fresh bread, hot and ready, every morning. You really have a good deal of action going on over at your place...and you handle it all with such humor!

  7. Well again I am exausted just reading all that you did. you have such a full life Julia.
    I hope this week you can get a little rest.

  8. Julia, I don't know how you do it all. The herd must have been a scary event. Love the pictures of your daughters and family. The lobsters look so yummy - wish I had been there. Take care and try to get some rest this week. Life is to short to exhaust yourself!

  9. Hi Julia ....what great picture of your garden and family ....what a beautiful family ...your get together must be so special ...like everyone is saying you never have a dull moment ...
    take care

  10. My goodness you have a lot going on there!!!

  11. Wow - busy woman! Those lobsters looked yummy!

  12. you do lead a fascinating life, Julia!
    My imagination is having fun
    with images of you chasing the cows
    ...no need for photos:):):)
    hope you get some quiet rest,

  13. Julia, you live such an exciting life! Running down a herd of cows and eating huge lobsters for dinner!!! No wonder you are exhausted.
    Love the family pictures. You all seem to have so much love in your family visits.

  14. Well you have been really busy, and no, I don't think I would want chasing cows to be in my job description. When I looked at the size of those lobsters, I just laugh, we never get any that big or that yummy looking here in California.
    I love the picture of all of the kids and your daughter while she is holding the baby, that is just a precious picture.
    It all sounds very nice. I am glad you wrote it all out, it makes me laugh.
    I started reading your post the other day but I had one of those weeks last week too and now I am finally getting back to it.
    I hope this week is a bit slower paced. I didn't take out my whole garden. I still have my tomatoes and peppers and eggplant. I still have sweet potatoes growing too.
    Oh and some bottle gourds.
    Take care,

  15. Well, I am allergic to seafood and I don't know what chakras is/are. But you wore me out chasing the cows and weeding
    the flowers.
    I just bet you don't have a problem staying thin.

  16. Those are seriously the biggest lobsters I've ever seen! Actually, I don't see many lobsters... So those are the biggest lobsters I've ever imagined!! And what color!

    Blessings, Debbie

  17. Honey as always I leave here amazed at the woman that you are....I don't think there is anything that you can not do.
    So thankful you were not hurt when rounding up the cows. I remember those days and glad I don't have to worry about doing that anymore. hahaha
    Would love for you to be one of my blogazine guest. Everyone of my friends needs to get to know you. I love visiting you and they would too.

  18. What a fun blog, talk about a woman's job is never done............

  19. I`ve enjoyed the visit & will return time & time again. Your a delight Julia, and it all started by wishing me a Happy Birthday through RHD! I`m getting the hang of the rug hooking, you do beautiful work. I`ve 28 days left of stay in my summer home in NB then back to Ontario. The internet is get for staying in touch.
    Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver & the other gold! I loved singing that song in rounds in grade school, how true to life the words are.
    Cynthia M-R

  20. Whooo! That was a day FULL!! I was a little jealous of the lobster feast..they are big and gorgeous!!! But nothing can compare to having family around like all of yours. I love the pics of your grandchildren around the baby! So sweet! Nothing like making wonderful memories to carry you through till the next time you can get them all together.
    The giving the calf a shot in his neck and cow herding is another memory of a different sort. Never a dull moment at your house...huh?

  21. Oh it is always sooo scary when the girls get out. and it doesn't seem to matter how tiny the hole is they always get out of it! I'm glad you got them all back in and had no accidents happening because of it.

    It sounds like you had a pretty good week although all the excitement!

    and thank you so much for all the prayers they are very much appreciated