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Monday, September 12, 2011


Well surprise, surprise, I picked up two lovely new followers this weekend and I'm tickled pink.  Karen from the blog Life is what YOU make it, all the way from South Africa, (a small world isn't it), and Cynthia from the blog  Kyrotime. Both of these ladies have wonderful blogs. Welcome to both of you.

Now my story... My vivacious breakfast friend, Anne who is 78, had asked me a while back if I would do her a big favor. She wanted to have a surprise birthday party for a parishioner who was turning 75. Now this gentleman has initiated a monthly Community Breakfast to raise money for the community's special needs, not just for our church members but the whole community of Lincoln, for things like a house fire, cancer, special needs,  church projects  etc. He initiated a soccer field for the youth, painted the church inside, built cupboards,  raised a lot of money for the church auction by donating his service to do renovations two years in a row and many many other projects. How could I say no to my good friend Anne.

The birthday party was Friday evening and we were supposed to all be at the church before he came to work on the community breakfast preparations for the next day. I was told to be there for at least 5:30 PM so I went to work at the barn earlier and got all my work done earlier and as I'm about to go home to shower, my husband called and needed help to bring in a new born calf all the way from the back field.

Dang... that's all I needed .... an unannounced calf.... I helped bring the cow in and he brought the calf. While in the dry cow barn  we also found an aborted calf fetus maybe about 20 inches long. This had to be put in a bag and refrigerated to be brought to the lab for autopsy.  Just what I needed.... More delay.... But when you live on the farm every day is the same but never the same if you know what I mean...

Long story short, I got there late but the guest of honor hadn't arrived yet because he was late himself so it gave me time to find someone who would take pictures with my camera for me.  I had time for a beer with friends.

This party had an Italian theme since he immigrated from Italy many years ago. His story was told with skits acted by parishioners of his arrival to Pier 21 in Halifax and we were treated with  Italian food. There was over a hundred people there.

I was asked to jump out of a fake cake. Anne was pushing the flimsy makeshift trolly on stage and the Birthday man was supposed to cut the cake on the count of three which was my signal to jump out of the cake top.

          One           Two               Three

Now see the top of my head poking through the cake.

The flimsy cart is not holding well and something goes wrong with the wheels and started to tip.... but not to fear because Anne is in the back to catch my fall. It was like falling on a feather bed. No pain what so ever...

By now the crowd is roaring with laughter.... even the surprised guest and the MC... and cameras are clicking away...

There I am stretched out laughing so hard. And I'm supposed to somehow sing him Happy Birthday.

Now would you look at my farmer tan... Anne provided the spaghetti dress, the wig, two assorted black gloves for the same hand, mind you... and the jewelry.  Oh the things I do for my friends...

Can you tell we're having fun?... That sword is plastic by the way... The MC is bent over.   I'm still laughing...

And now I'm singing him Happy Birthday in Maryln Monroe's breathy style when she sang Happy Birthday Mr President.

See the cinder block I had to stand on for height. The first time I tried to pop out of the cake there were no cinder block and everything went well and  now look at the wheels.

Marilyn exits and the crowd are taking pictures and clapping. What fun and silliness...

George was part of an act where an old farmer was too old to dig up his garden and his son was in gail and couldn't help him dig up the garden to plant vegetables. The son told the police that there were bodies buried in the garden and George the policeman dug up the whole yard and found nothing and apologized to the farmer and then the son sent a letter to his father telling him that it was the best he could do under the circumstances. The farmer could plant his vegetables after all.  Poor George was late  too and only was given his script at the last minute.

So exit our laughing Lincoln Police.  Notice the old farmer at the table is laughing too.

Sorry for the length of my blog today but I hope that you had a good laugh at my expense.  Thanks for leaving comments.  JB


  1. O.M.G. I am dying laughing here. You looked fab as Marilyn, but you need to work on your entrance!! Hahaha

  2. Honey, you look mighty fine in that posh dress and wig, you may have missed your true calling...wink wink... You are a good sport and just so you know I am not laughing at you but with you! Thank you for sharing! Julie.

  3. Oh that was fun - thanks for sharing! You looked great!

  4. OMG!!! That is hilarious!
    You do look great in the slinky black dress and the wig! Falling out of the cake is just too funny! You didn't hurt yourself did you???
    I can't imagine the Birthday Guy ever had a party quite like that one.

  5. Haha you are so funny and I loved the outfit and I think you are way better than Marilyn. What funny pictures, oh my gosh I wish I had been there to have seen all of that going on. I bet you had so much fun. So glad you shared.

  6. Oh you made me laugh for sure! But I have to say you rocked that dress and wig! oh how I wish I lived near you you always seem to have a laugh every day.

  7. Well, now, Miss Marilyn!! You looked great in that black dress ~ all that farm work paid off! And you need that blonde wig ~ you looked fabulous, Dahling!! You're lucky the birthday boy didn't have a heart attack!! That was a great post!!! Nice way to end my blog reading tonite!!

  8. Julia, I am sure you be getting a call from Hollywood soon. You had me laughing in disbelief!
    I would never in a million years see you being Marilyn and in a cake!You were great and very shapely it must come from helping with birthing cows. Lol Thanks for the belly laugh.I should start calling you Lucille Ball you were so funny!

  9. WOW! Julia you make a wonderful Marilyn - You are a "hot potato" that's for sure! Looks like such fun - would have liked to see you falling out of cake. Glad you didn't get hurt.

  10. Oh that is SOOOO funny!!! I agree with everyone, you rocked that outfit girl! And I love that farmers tan too!

  11. Julia ~
    Sure wish we could see a video of your performance! Like Alice said, you are lucky the birthday boy didn't have a heart attack!
    Hugs :)

  12. What she failed to mention was that there were a lot of people who were wondering who Marlyn was! Mom, you are such a good sport and have very well toned arms :-)

  13. Well all i can say is that i love you in that blond wig!!! haha oh my oh my you must have had so much fun!

    Thanks for sharing

  14. Thanks everyone for taking the time to view my crazy blog and for leaving such sweet comments. I really had a fun night and it was for a special gentleman. There wasn't much preparations or rehearsal but the guests enjoyed the evening and laughed a lot and so did I... JB

  15. This was Great! What a true friend you are Julia LOL. You looked wonderful!! A night to remember for all who attended, that's for sure :)

  16. You are too much Julia... I'll never look at you the same again you sexy thing you!! ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  17. Julia! You cracked me up! Good for you! You looked great and I bet it was so much fun to do!


  18. This was just to funny. You are just a barrel of fun.
    I thought for a moment it was Marilyn.
    I am sure the gentleman had a night to remember.

  19. Like I have said before You my friend are one in a million. Not only did I almost pee in my pants but I have tears of laughter streaking my face. Should of waited today to put on makeup. lol
    Gosh what a great great party for such a nice man. Love the part you played and actually by you not coming out the way you should have brought the house down with laughter. and us too.
    Love ya

  20. WowEEE!!! what a wonderful TIME you must have had...Good laugh early morning....thanks for sharing...

  21. Oh Julia,
    Good for you for being such a good sport and doing all that for your friends. People who let others laugh at them are soooo hard to find! I think you made a great Marilyn, farmer's tan and all!

  22. Hi Julia!

    I just saw your comment and yes! it is a lot of work trying to keep up with everybody and all the sweet comments, but it is defiantly worth it!

    It is very relaxing to read everybody's blog and just get my mind off of my own life for a bit!

    big hugs from Indiana

  23. Well Julia.... I just NEVER know what I'm going to find when I drop by your blog! This is the most interesting post, and it should be published somewhere. I mean a cow fetus followed by you (gorgeous, I must say) jumping out of a cake as Marilyn.... WOW! And then I dropped down to those luscious lobsters... which we can't really get fresh like that here... and I'm ready to head your way! Thanks for dropping by and wishing me well. Everyday is better, and I really really love hearing from you.

  24. LOL---just 'popped in' to see what was new, there's you on a 'pop out', graciously done in a Marilyn style, with your twist of fate added to the hilarious 'out come',your too funny! What a wonderful birthday for him to remember & others too! This one 'tops the cake' hahaha, I'm glad I still have bladder control, too funny!
    Thanks for the laugh & sharing this, one day in the life & time of Julia :-)


  25. LOL.... HAaaaa... sure am glad to have found you!

    love it.