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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Blogging has really taken a back seat lately. It's not that I don't have anything to blog about it's just that I'm not good a juggling my time. I'm all over the place and I don't take many pictures lately.

My house is turned upside down and there is dust all over the place and things dragging everywhere but I'm happy.

 This is the BEFORE picture of the plywood stairs without a guard rail because when the carpet was removed the iron rail didn't fit anymore and was disposed off and never replaced.  I painted the plywood.

After the steps were ripped off, boards were tacked in place so we could still use the stairs  very carefully.

This is what has been done so far. The guard rails need to be put in place and some finishing touch  here and there to hide the nails under the lower steps. I'll keep you posted  when the jobis done.

This is the picture of the vanity that I promised to show you with the double sinks of different color. The Double sink will be replaced by one sink only and  a few minor changes of knobs and a coat of paint.

Here the counter top of the vanity has been removed and the wall paper also has been removed on top. You can still see some wall paper on the right side.  The flooring has been removed.

Here is the new vanity top. The sink is not in yet.

Some shelves for towels.

The old tub and enclosure was removed but I forgot to take a photo of the new tub so it will have to wait.

The tile floor was put over some newly laid quarter inch plywood for durability.
My remodeling job is very simple  because I learned a long time ago that  renovations are better kept neutral .
I hope that you enjoyed visiting and please leave a comment to let me know that you were here.  Have a safe week.  JB


  1. Hi Julia, You have been busy! I love the new stairs.I am having a hard time blogging at times. Life gets in the way, Hugs Cheri

  2. Those new stairs are beautiful! You've indeed been need to apologize! :)

  3. It is so exciting to have things all spiffy and new.
    I love your stairs.

  4. I'm Here! .. they are beautiful! And your bathroom! oh, lord that's what I need to do....

  5. You sure have been a busy wonder you haven't had time to blog....It's all going to be beautiful when you get through....

  6. I love the stairs! Stunning change.

    Each of the projects is a huge undertaking! My goodness. I'm not sure I would be sane.
    We redid a bathroom several years ago. It took a year and a half. I hesitate to do anything now.

  7. Julia,
    Those stairs are really beautiful! I know you are going to love all the changes and be so pleased you went through all the work and dust and cleaning! Are you and hubby doing all the work? What a fabulous carpenter he must be! And a plumber on top of it!! Remodeling has been a part of our lives every so often since the day we were married... it's the test of how strong a marriage is I think! Our basement bathroom is a wreck and Dave plans on starting some renovations this spring down there... I will stay away until it is done... LOL!
    Cathy G

  8. The new stairway is lovely!
    I can't wait to see the banister in place.
    The new bathroom should be very nice too. The floor looks great!
    It seems that remodeling and maintenance is the never-ending job for the homeowner. But it will look so nice when finished!

  9. You are so smart to keep it neutral. It looks very fresh and beautiful. I love the stairs. No wonder you have no extra time. Remodeling is such a big deal. Even small projects can make a huge mess and with big projects like what you're doing, it's even more upheaval! So hang in there and please share all the "afters"...I just love to be inspired! Good job!

  10. No wonder you haven't had time to blog! Soon order will return! Won't that be a happy day? Can't wait to see the end result!

  11. Lots of wonderful projects you have going on there. I haven't been blogging much...too busy enjoying the hooking time! The stairs came out great. I can't wait to see the bathroom done. I love the shelf and the moulding at the top.

  12. Julia the reno's look great! the stairs are beautiful in the rich wood, you can never go wrong with nature & yes neutrals will outlast any decor trend. Thank you for the before & afters, I just love seeing those. You must have chaos to have change--hang in there it's so worth it!

  13. Julia ~
    The stairs are beautiful. How exciting to have a remodeled bathroom, too!
    Hugs :)

  14. Looking great! Love those stairs! I remember the dust from when we re-did our kitchen. 7 years later... and i think all the dust is gone? lol! I agree with neutrals for permanent remodeling. Color can always be brought in with accent pieces later...

  15. Beautiful stairs! Remodling sure does take time, been there in our last house. Everything is really coming together. Nice job :)!

  16. Love those stairs. You are knee deep in remodeling......the end results will be worth it.
    Thank you so much for all your sweet comments. It has meant alot to me.

  17. It's looking great so far. Hang in there. Renovations can be so stressful, but worth it in the end. The stairs look wonderful.

  18. Julia - your stairs look great! And a new bathroom to boot! Just a little while longer with the topsy turvey of renovations and you'll be soaking in a new tub!

  19. OH it all looks so good. I really like what you have done with the stairs. I can't wait to see the "After" pictures. It all looks so very nice.
    No wonder you haven't been blogging, you have been really busy. You are always so faithful to visit me and leave me such lovely comments, thank you.

  20. Busy place! so happy for you the stairs look great so far,cannot wait to see them with the railings and all finished.The bathroom floor is so nice and I really like the towel cupboard so nice to have extra storage. Looking forward to seeing it all done, and thank you for sharing the progress. The dust will eventually go away and it will all be worth it.Take care and thanks for dropping by.

  21. Julia, the steps look just great! I love the look of painted steps and these are so nice. Cant wait to see the rest of your bathroom when it is done.
    I looked back at the last two posts (I'm a bit behind since ive started back to work full time) to see you are having spring too. I love your latest rugs and quilt! You are one amazing lady and I'm in awe!

    1. I don't have an excuse for not posting but yours is a good one! The stairs look amazing and I can't wait to see the rest of the bathroom!!

      Good work!!

  22. Alrighty... I changed my profile -- howzis? this was in December at Port Aransas...

    I just looked at your remodeling again... that's quite an endeavor! I know the dust must be awfully sneezy...

    Look forward to seeing it all done ... and Happy Anniversary! ;)

  23. It looks really good Mom! I can't wait to see the bathroom finished! I bet that you are looking forward to it too!

  24. Darlin' it's gonna be great!!! I love your new stairs, what a lovely transformation.

    I could'a swore that I posted this thank you but for the life of me I can't find it.

    I wanted to thank you for hoppin' on my blog sweetie.

    God bless and have a magnificent week my friend!!! :o)

  25. Wow! Such a lot of things going on at your house. I'll bet you are so thrilled to be able to redo so much of your house. I know all of your blogging friends, me included, will be looking forward to seeing everything when it's all completed. I know it can be a mess during all that remodeling, but it is so worth it in the end.

  26. Honey your new stairs are really beautiful. I know you have to be so excited. I can see with all you have going that you would not have time to blog.
    We totally understand. I too am wondering with all that I have to do out here when will I blog. lol
    Your going to love all these new changes. The bathroom is coming along. Can't wait to see the finish

  27. The steps look beautiful! And your bathroom is starting to take shape! It all takes so much time and seems like it will never be done...but you'll get there. Thanks for taking time to drop by my blog tonight!

  28. Happy Anniversary Mamoo & Grampy! You are both so cute...i miss you and think of you often but get to hear stories from Jordyn...I love reading your blog and Jordyn tells me how much you love reading your comments :)


    1. Thanks dear Cindy, I had no idea you were reading my blog. It's just one of my many hobbies. JB