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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I wasn't thrilled this morning when I spotted a big tomcat mounting my little barn cat. I chased him away and he went flying as if he had wings.

While I was having my tea at lunch, I glanced at the feeder in the backyard and saw a twitter-pated male pigeon chasing a female pigeon and trying to mate.  I thought, hmmm, we'll get an early spring...

Just now, I got really excited as wasn't prepared to see what I saw out my bedroom window as I pulled the blinds for more light. I SAW A ROBIN in the tree in the front yard.  Of course I wasn't quick enough to get a picture but I'm sure I'll see it again.  For today at lease I saw signs of spring, in the middle of February.    

It's warm outside and the snow is melting.  Did you see some signs of spring yet?  JB


  1. You saw a robin too? That is amazing, I would say you are going to have a early spring too. I saw a dove bringing sticks to start a nest. I thought that was too early but maybe they know better than we do.
    It is amazing how fast it starts happening when you are looking for it.
    Have a lovely day, Julia

  2. We saw a robin in a tree in the back yard on the weekend. Don't think I ever saw one this early.

    And this old tom cat has also been on the prowl, which is not really a sign of spring, unless spring comes the year round. :-)

  3. Usually I get excited when the oreo cookies come out with the pastel colors in the filling! Not a fun as a robin but tastey anyway!

  4. Hi Julia, it sure does seem like you are getting spring there. Amazing to see robins this early,but I bet it would brighten your day. I don't blame you for giving that Tom what for, the ones around here are sure making a lot of noise at night. Hope you get to enjoy the nice weather, and have a great weekend!

  5. Julia, I'm not sure what is going on with this winter weather, last week the Robins returned and today I saw Bluebirds. Spring is in the air! Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  6. My signs of spring are the appearance of the maple cream leaf candies in the stores. Oh, and Tim Horton's roll up the rim. Lol (So - not yet)

  7. I love the signs of spring we have had a very mild weather so come on spring.

  8. The birds sound happy lately! Robins are a good sign. I feel like I got off easy, our first year up in NH! Not too many nail-biting rides to work! I saw the greatest little birds this morning at the feeder...looked like brown warblers, instead of yellow...they were too fast to really see properly. Hope to see them again soon.
    I love the flowers in your header!

  9. You give me hope that spring is around the corner....I saw a Cardinal today and he was magnificant.....Maybe we'll soon be seeing the early flowers peeping through.....

    Have a good weekend...

  10. Love Robins... the squirrels are sure out and about ... it was 60° here today ...

    And no copulating of animals did I witness... my cats are both fixed and the dogs around here are on leashes... however, a person was out walking her two very large dogs and both took a dump in my front yard!

    I told her my g'daughter plays out there as well as when I have someone over ... they will often park in front of my house! nice to step in dog poo...

    This is not in the country... you're supposed to pick up your poo..

    Sooo guess this is my sign of Spring... HAHAaaa.. more people out walking their dogs farther than just letting them go around the block ... she said she'd come back and pick it up..

    Haven't seen her... but I'll keep my eyeballs peeled and will walk outside when I see her go by next time.

    oHHHHH the news has a donkey on singing with his human playing a violin someplace close.... well, shoot! they didn't say where... HAhaaa.... how cute...

    What was your question?

  11. I just LOVE the thought that spring is here.!!!!

  12. it's been the earliest Spring I can ever remember, here.
    with the exception of last weekend, I've been in
    t shirts and capris
    and pulling weeds from the beds.
    And the daffodils!
    Blooming their little hearts out.
    Very odd in Feb.
    Hope we get a good long one instead
    of rushing right into summer.

  13. Yes, signs of spring are everywhere... I just hope that my lilacs and apple don't get overly anxious, I know we have more freezes to come.

    Blessings, Debbie

  14. Signs of spring in Bathurst N.B. is a lot of mosquitoes in the house where I was visiting today.The house is very close to a river.

  15. My snowdrops and winter aconite are ready to burst. My daffodils ~ which have been up for weeks ~ are growing but I fear if we get a hard freeze the buds will suffer and we will have no flowers. Oh, how I would hate for that to happen!
    Hugs :)

  16. The only thing Morris wants to mount is his food bowl.

  17. Does pouring down rain count! lol.....That is all I have seen for the past month. Not complaining but sure do miss the sun.
    Had to laugh at your shooing the big cat away. I would of done the same thing. Darn Tom Cats....haha
    Have a great weekend

  18. I love your signs of Spring.
    I came home from Arizona today and I came home to SNOW!!!
    Hurry and get a picture of that robin! I need to see it.

  19. Living in Palm Desert, California, we never really experience a thing like hard, long winters with freezes and lots of snow. We have so many "snow bird" coming from cold places like Canada and the northwest to spend the "season" here. They don't really leave until around April and some stay through May, even though it starts to warm up quite a bit by May. We can't even look at our thermometer to tell us that it's spring. Today our temperature was 85, but it is supposed to go back down to 70 by Sunday. Don't you feel sorry for us?

  20. Sure shootin' I did. Yesterday my yard was filled with robins. We've had an unusually warm couple of days....hit 73 today but a cold front is pushin' in again.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a terrific day!!! :o)

  21. We have robins here, too, and someone said they saw an osprey! Way too early for that. All the daffodils have buds on them, too. It's crazy!


  22. Our spring signs are crocus in the yard, and a groundhog on the woodpile. Also, noisy hawks started to dive around and nest. It's coming!!!