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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Not much happening here other than I'm nursing a bad cold and cough.  I got myself run down again and it caught me by the throat. I stayed home from my regular breakfast group outing and church this morning. I don't want anyone getting sick on my account. My husband went alone and said that one of our friend was home sick too today.

I've been working on my king size quilt  on and off and it take a long time to get from one side to the other before I can make a turn. I've been envying those who have been hooking nice rugs all the while I've been pricking my fingers to the bones.

For the backing I used an old salmon color top sheet that I wasn't using anymore since I got a thick mattress and although the pillow cases were a bit more worn I kept them just in case that I would need them to add an extension on the back.

I'm using a three roller quilting frame for the first time. I wasn't too sure how to put the quilt and backing on when I first put it on and figured that the backing would probably stretch a bit and that I might  only need to add a few inches of the material from the pillow case. How wrong I was...

I was at the end of the quilt and realized that I needed about 6 inches extension on the backing. So I pulled the pins off  the two rollers and unrolled the quilt to take a look and then I saw that I should have unrolled the ticking fabric on the rollers when I pinned the quilt on in the first place. I learned from my mistake and it will be burnt in my little brain.

The beauty of this three roller quilting frame is that there is no need of basting the three layers of the quilt. The middle roller keeps the backing taut and the back roller keep the top and batting taut and the front roller holds the work in progress.

I pulled a small drafting table along side the quilt  and had to move the table along every 6 inches of sewing and sewed the extension on the backing.

I then got my iron board and steam iron and pressed the seam flat.

Now with the extension on the back  I tacked the quilt back on the two rollers the right way this time but I didn't took a picture and got to bed. Notice the ticking fabric on the two rollers.

I'm now ready to make a turn on the quilt. Sorry for the dark photos. I did this before going to bed late at night. It couldn't wait. lol...

Now my seed catalogues are coming in but I'm so tired with this cold that I can't get enthusiastic with gardening yet.

Thank goodness for English muffins and my little toaster oven, I made these delicious mini pizzas  in a few minutes because I was just too tired to prepare something that would take time. Six pieces was just right for the two of us last evening. I know, carbs for the last meal of the day isn't a good idea but I'm wasting away anyway so I guess it's OK.

Can you believe that I got this brand new toaster oven at Value Village a while back for only $9.99. There was not a speck on it when I got.  I love it so much.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.  I so cherish your comments.  Have a great week, stay safe and warm.  JB


  1. Your quilt is beautiful, but all that machinery would have my head spinning! I'm sorry you are sick. I think colds are the worst! My husband caught the one I had a week or so ago and it was his first really miserable cold. The pizzas look mighty good!!
    Get better fast!

  2. And so... when you're feeling not so tired and aren't sick... what do you do? climb Mt. Everest?

    y'kill me...

    dang! those little pizzas look good...

  3. Your little pizzas look delicious! I've had a real pizza craving lately....can't seem to get enough of it!

  4. I am so sorry you are so sick. Your oven and your pizza's look wonderful. I am so glad you showed pictures of the quilt roller frame. I have never seen one of those before. I bet it is so handy.
    I love your quilting, it is just beautiful. I am not a fan of quilting, I know some people really love it, but the pricking of my fingers is what I do best. Not to mention my stitches are never as neat or tiny like I would wish.
    Rest if you can, I am so sorry you got that cold. It takes so long to get well.
    Hugs from me.

  5. Hope you feel better soon, Julia. the quilt looks great.


  6. Oh my Julia, your quilt is beautiful and all hand quilted. You are amazing.
    Take care of that cold, I know they are miserable.
    Going to do me some toaster oven pizza's. They look so good.

  7. I hope you feel better soon. Hate getting coughs with those colds.
    I am doing much better today.
    Pizzas look really good. I make all of ours now since I am gluten free.
    Can't believe that you quilt as well. You are something else.

  8. I hope you feel better. I know that if I followed you around for one week and did all the jobs you do I wouldn't have a cold I would be dead. You work so hard and are so creative I have no idea how you fit it all in.
    Your quilt is lovley and the size is amazing.


  9. your quilt looks wonderful, can't wait to see it all finished...
    feel better soon :)

  10. Your quilt is lovely .... I used to quilt but it got to be too much for me.
    Love, love, love little pizzas but I am lactose intolerant & I use soy cheeses instead!!
    Have a Nice Day!!

  11. I know nothing about quilting but it sure is pretty! I'm sorry you're not feeling too great but hopefully it will pass. I do know about pizza and those look wonderful! Have a good week and get well!

  12. Julia, Love your quilt and tulip picture. Get well soon.Cheri

  13. I hate to hear your sick. If I know you though your still running around doing everything while blowing your nose. You just amaze me.
    This quilt is going to be really beautiful. Wow I can't imagine doing a king size quilt. But girlfriend if it can be done you can do it.
    Now I am hungry after seeing your little pizza's. You got this oven at a steal. I guess since it is just me I need to break down and get me one too.
    As always loved my visit over here with you

  14. You are one busy lady even when you are sick.....I have never seen a roller frame like that but it sure looks like it would help a lot....Your quilt is beautiful.....

    I hope you feel better soon....

  15. That frame sounds like a lovely holiday from basting -even easy pin basting. Thanks for sharing your trial run with it.

    Carbs OK this time...I believe that you have to 'feed a cold' :)

  16. I am always so impressed with all you do...and now quilting too???!? It looks like such a pretty color, Julia!! I can't wait to see the after pictures!
    Hope your cold gets better soon!!!

  17. The colors of that quilt are beautiful.
    The triple roller thingy might be helpful but it would make my brain ache just trying how to figure out how to use it.

    Your pizzas look delicious.

    I hope you get feeling better soon!

  18. Julia ~
    I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Those mini pizzas look delish!
    Hugs :)

  19. That quilt frame looks a lot handier than the old ones,and your quilt is going to be a beauty.I really hope you get feeling better soon, my daughter's mother-in -law swears by vicks rubbed on your feet then socks and into bed. The minni pizzas look good, and what a good deal on the toaster oven.I have glanced at the seed catalogues but must get at it this week so I can get them ordered.Thank you for your visit to my blog and really enjoy reading yours. Take care and feel better soon.

  20. That was a very intelligent fix for the quilt problem! I can't wait to see it finished!
    Sorry to hear you are feeling bad. I hope you can get some rest and feel better soon.
    The little pizzas look yummy!

  21. You're a brave person to take on a quilting project that large! I've had the same cold & cough that you have. This is day 8 for me even with help from a doctor and meds... so prepare to pace yourself for quite some time. Sleep and rest is the answer, so try and fit some in any chance you can get. I've been admiring other people's hooking and wanting to have the energy to hook too! :-) Feel better!

  22. I know nothing about quilting big things. You look and sound like you have it all together now :). It's looking really nice.
    Sure hope you feel better soon. Make sure you keep feeding yourself! Those pizza's look really good. Funny how I just bought some pizza sauce at the store yesterday. I use whole wheat sandwich rounds instead of the english muffins. But love those too! Such a quick easy and tasty meal :). I use my toaster oven for just about everything. Very quick!
    Feel better!

  23. I'm late commenting so I am hoping you are feeling better by now. Its close to lunch time and I am wishing I could pick one of those little pizzas right off the screen. Mmmm
    That quilt is looking good. Soon you will be done and back to hooking!

  24. Sure hope to hear that you are all well real soon sweet Julia. You are coming right along with the quilt. Those little mini pizzas look yummy. I use my toaster oven a lot...they are handy aren't they? Hugs

  25. Julia, I just wanted to tell you that I will post the recipe for the soup this week. I'm very bad about posting the recipes for some of the food I show. Many times I don't have a specific recipe I follow, but the soup does have one. I'm also always worried if it doesn't come out good for whoever makes it, that I'll feel really bad about it! So stay tuned, it's coming!

  26. those tulips just popped
    when I opened up your beautiful!
    thanks for that splash of Springtime
    and so hope you're feeling it to your core
    soon and the sniffles are driven off
    by rest and laughter
    and plenty of hot tea with lemon:)
    love your quilty, homemade pizza
    lifestyle....inspires me it does.
    more and more joy to you,

  27. Hey honey I appreciate the offer to help me with my trees. I know with you helping it would be done in a jiffy.
    Trying to let all my friends no about my son Clint. I can't post it on my site because it would upset him but he has been sick for a few months and they found out his kidneys are not functioning properly so now this week he is seeing a kidney specialist. You know how I am I am beside myself with worry but I do believe in the power of prayer and so I am asking all my blogging buddies to pray for Clint that he can be healed. He is the father of my two grandchildren. Julia he is a wonderful son and father so I appreciate all the prayers for him.
    I love you honey

  28. Julia,
    Sure hope to see you feeling better soon. That stuff is going around everywhere and it seems to hang on forever. Your quilt set-up looks great and can't wait to see the finished quilt. Love those little pizzas.....and the toaster oven, Gee can I come shopping with you?? I used to have a toaster oven and used it for everything and then Greg wanted a "real" toaster and there wasn't enough counter space for both so I got rid of it and miss it like crazy. You can do so much in them. I should get one and then just move his coffee pot, then I'd have room.....LOL...Just kidding you know!!!


  29. I do not know a THING about quilting...looks way to complicated for my brain.
    But OH how those little pizza's bring back delicious memories..they were my kids favorite things to eat growing up...we made them by the dozens it seemed.
    I will have to try them again for hubby and of these days.
    And the oven turned on... this time of year will be welcome.