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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 Our main bathroom is disgusting. I've seen worst but it's disgusting just the same. The taps leaks in the tub and the wall around the tub is stained with rust and the fixtures  are MAUVE from 1977. Yuck.  It has  huge mirror, double swags lights and double sinks.  Oops, I guess that I forgot to take a picture of the vanity, oh well I'll take one later.( I need to recharge my  camera  battery).  One sink is mauve and the other is ivory since one of them was leaking and my husband replaced it with one he got at a yard sale a few years ago.  Colored appliances were the rage in the late 70ies.    The girls all loved mauve back then. Anyone with mauve bathroom fixtures?

The wall needs repairs beside the tub as there was a leak in the wall and the plumbing was fixed and the wall patched  and never finished.

I've paid for three days labor at a church auction last year to have a contractor do the renovation but he's been so busy even though he's retired and he finally came over yesterday to check up on the job.
There's even a small hole on the small wall shelf to hold the soap.

He's also going to redo my stairs and put a nice oak rail etc as the carpet was removed from the stairs when I was on chemo as vacuuming the stairs was just too difficult for me and I just painted the plywood stairs with a white satin Melamin paint.  Since the iron rail didn't fit on the stairs rungs  after the removal of the carpet they were never reinstalled. Neither of us are getting younger and also it's required under the construction code, we need this done pronto.

Remember me jumping out or rather falling out of a birthday cake on an earlier post?... well the contractor is non other than the birthday boy and he even is giving me extra work at no charge. Now how nice  of him...  He's appreciated the trouble I went through for him and now he's paying forward.

So yesterday my hubby and I went to buy a bathtub, sink and toilet and they have been ordered and should be  at the warehouse on Thursday as they don't keep them in stock usually. They have a showroom.  It will be nice to not have a leaky facet in the tub.  I'll post some more photos later as the work is in progress.  The contractor is coming to work on Monday next week.

Now I have another boy in mind. My daughter Christine sent me some new photos of James.

How do you like my little snow buddy Mama made for me. I think that he needs eyes but I love him just the same. I want to bring him in because it's cold out here.

I just love to play with my snowball and smile for the camera. I've never seen this cold white stuff before.

Meeoww.... I'm a red striped kitty cat going in the cat bed... shhh, don't tell Brazen, she won't like it.

Look at me... silly mama forgot my bib but who cares, the food was yummy... all gone...

James listening to daddy play the guitar. It won't be long That James will play too.

I love posing for the camera especially when mama is reading fish stories.

Oh dad, I just love how mama read Mr Brown can Moo, don't you?
Mom, I think that Mamoo should have put this picture first.   This was before you started reading the book.

Watching the Super Bowl with dad. Us guys love football.

Lasagna for supper and sharing with my son,

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Stay safe and warm and have a great week.   JB


  1. What a sweetie ! !
    Don't feel bad we have a blue bathroom almost like your mauve one. We are considering a redo this summer.... Maybe....
    Have a Great Day!

  2. I can imagine how excited you must be to redo your bathroom. We need ours redone someday too...we only have a small stall shower in the downstairs bathroom, and an old tub upstairs. No mauve colored fixtures, but our living room is mauve and blue...beautiful in it's day, but I'm SOOOO ready to get rid of it! I'll be watching for pictures!

  3. Mauve!! Holy Crap!
    Couldn't resist that Julia!!! You are gonna Love your new bathroom! I don't feel so bad about my orange sink now!! One of these days that's going the route of your mauve fixtures..... It's a matter of money and time!
    Baby James keeps getting cuter by the minute! Takes after his Grandma!!
    Cathy G
    p.s. The railing on the steps should be done asap like you say..... I like the painted steps!!!

  4. That James is so cute. Is he starting to walk yet?
    congrats on getting your bathroom redone and the railing. He is giving you a free day because you totaly rocked that dress ha!

  5. We rented a half of a house before we bought ours and everything in that house was MAUVE AND BLUE! Even the ceiling was wallpaperd Mauve! It was the rage then I guess! Your bathroom will look great! ours needs a major re-do too - lucky you having a handyman around! Your grandson is adorable!

  6. I hope the bathroom reno goes smoothly! James is sure going to melt a lot of hearts with that smile of his! Did someone say Lasagne?!?!?!? Mmmmmmm.... :-)

  7. we have an aqua bathroom and one that is a shade of light I did a happy dance when thoe toilets were carried out. Yes, you need a railing. I can see why you pulled out the carpet....I want to do that as well. Nice to get something nice done. Can't wait to see the after pictures.

  8. I'm so excited for your new bathroom. Yay. I understand. We had gold fixtures from the 70's. The tub remains but in the last 2 years we replaced the sink/vanity and toilet. I just hide the tub behind a shower curtain :)
    James is just the happiest little guy. I love those photos. Total smile makers!

  9. We had baby blue bathroom fixtures back in the day. Wasn't until we were ready to move that things got replaced. Didn't get to enjoy them for long. I'm sure you will have much more time to enjoy yours.
    James is soooooooooo sweet. Love that smile :).
    That lasagna looked delicious too!

  10. I have the same patch job next to my bathtub. Can't wait to see your "after" photos. :-)

  11. Ah...a wonderful baby James fix. He is so cute. Such a charmer!! I'm tickled mauve that you'll be getting a new bathroom. How exciting...and to have such a good guy giving you a great deal! Don't forget to show us the finished bath!!

  12. A new bathroom, good for you. I find this time of year a little pick me up is well needed and earned. Baby James is such a sweet baby and so very handsome. Girlfriend...that lasagna of yours is amazing! Greetings from Maine, Julie.

    1. I'm so EXCITED for you I can't stand it!! Getting new fixtures is so much fun and your gonna love the bathroom when it's finished oh the anticipation of waiting to see the finished product!!

      I'm also lovin that darling grandson of yours, wow what a cutie pie!!! or should I say ham! HA!!

  13. Julia ~
    Getting the bathroom remodeled is very exciting!
    Love the pics of James. He is just too cute!
    Hugs :)

  14. Hi Julia, Happy you are getting your new bathroom,it will be wonderful! Looks like James has some snow,hardly any here left. Great to have the stair railings up,oak is so beautifully warm. Would love to see pictures when it is all done. Thank you for sharing the James pictures such a handsome boy,nice to see him,and read your comentary. Hope all is well with you and that you are over your cold. Take care and have a great week.

  15. What a darling little boy that James is. His smile is just totally captivating! I just love little boys that age. I'm a sucker for my little great grandson, Sullivan. He will be two this month. I'll bet James has you right where he wants you too. I just can't get over raving about him. Those pictures are just too cute!!!

    I'm sure you will love getting your new bathroom and how wonderful that you have someone so caring to install it for you. I know that you will be one happy gal to have it.

  16. I'm so excited for your bathroom! Nothing better than a new throne room.

    Those are some sweet beautiful eyes on that little guy.

  17. Oh what a nice lovely post! I am so glad you are getting those things fixed.I hadn't though about the bathrooms in the 70s but I do think Mine and my sister's bathroom had colored fixtures, I will have to ask her as I can't remember. James looks so pretty and he looks like he has just had a nice time in the snow. Not to mention getting his story read to him and watching his Dad play the guitar. So nice. Thank you for your lovely comments. I would wish you could find that old hump back trunk.
    I know where my great grandmother's are but I can't get to them. isn't that funny. Family secret, I should share sometime. I think I am the only person who remembers where they are. You saying that made me remember.

  18. James is so cute in his snowsuit!
    That dear little guy always looks so happy. No wonder he is the darling of the family!
    Your home improvements will make a nice difference when they are completed. I love the look of an open stairway. A rail will be the perfect place to decorate for Christmas!

  19. Hi Julia, It's fun when your getting things done around the house. James is so Cute! I love him in the snowsuit that is the cutest picture! Hugs Cheri

  20. Well, you know how I feel about grandbaby posts. Delicious!

    As for the extra work you are getting from the contractor? Why aren't I surprised after that hug you gave him... and in that dress? You are a smart, smart lady!

    Blessings, Debbie

  21. Girl, the lasagna look marvelous but it's that precious little James that stole my heart!!! What a cutie~pie that one is!

    Woohoo on the bath! I can't wait to see your project finished.

    I had to laugh to see ya poppin' outta a cake sweetie.

    God bless ya and have yourself a fantabulous weekend my friend!!! :o)

  22. I do not know how I missed this post! I decided to just check in because sometimes my blog does not update! I'm tellin ya!

    Love your James! such a precious happy little boy! hahaaaa...

    and well, your bathroom ... is actually worse than mine. Thank you for showing that! mauve? HAHaaaaa

    oh, me... I remember it well... AND I remember hot pink and avocado color schemes.. ahhhh the 70s.

    Fun post... YOU have a worse bathroom than I... oh, baruther.... I really needed to see that. ;)

  23. Wait a minute... what popping out of a cake... I missed that too? where is it... HAaaa... you never cease to amaze me.

  24. Good Morning Julia!

    I'm so happy about your bathroom redo! Sometimes it just reaches "that point". Buying new appliances is such a thing anymore with all the choices (not that I've done it in ages.....). I can't wait to see "after shots" of your new spa! That grandbaby is sooooooooo cute!! My gosh. That smile is the sweetest ever! Stay warm friend...

  25. Julia honey I am so excited for you. Your going to love having a new bathroom. I can't wait to see your new one.
    James is growing so fast. I love that you get new pics and share them with us.
    He is adorable like his grandma
    Hope your staying warm

  26. I'm jealous! We have a bathroom that will need a new ceiling because the roof leaked and ruined the old one..but all will get done in time! I'll look forward to seeing your new one! Your Grandkiddo is adorable!

  27. You asked what colour we wanted our bathroom and we said "PURPLE!" I believe that even we were envisioning a very different purple. Enjoy your new tub!

  28. happy renovation to you!
    and what a clever creative way to
    employ a contractor!
    hope the lasagna was as mouthwatering
    as it looks
    and squeezes to those cute chubby cheeks:)

  29. Honey thought of you yesterday morning wondering if they were there working on your bathroom
    Today I am thinking of you because it is Valentines Day and I wanted to wish you a very Happy Day
    Love ya

  30. Looks like a lot of work but it will sure be worth it when it's all finished.
    That darling little boy has the brightest eyes!!! What a cutie!