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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Leontien, and Donna, you are both dear blogger friends  of mine  and you are  going through some rough time with Chemo treatments right now and you both are in my thoughts and prayers.

Here are some flowers for you to brighten your day.

Non of these are blooming yet as the Lord is still working on them, one day at a time.

I was going to post about the type of week I had but I had a change of heart, I want to shift my thoughts toward two of my great blogger friends who I admire so much and are going through some very rough time with chemo treatments right now.

Know that you are both on my mind, in my heart and that I'm praying for you. You have both remarkable ladies and admired by many.

Hang in there, stay strong and take it one day at a time as it more than enough.

Much love, hugs and prayers.



  1. That is beautiful and I love the tribute to them.
    Prayers for them.

  2. A very warm and beautiful tribute, Julia. So sorry to read this.

    Prayers for your friends....

    Hugs to you...

  3. Prayers are what holds us up.Hugs Cheri

  4. Lovely heartfelt words, blessings to all. Hugs, Julie.

  5. love and thanks for those gorgeous fluffy blossoms
    and may your week be sprinkled with light
    and saturated in peace
    and may both of those lovelies
    be wrapped in loving comfort:)

  6. I'm so thankful to see the outpouring of love being offered to these ladies. I'm thankful too to be aware of their prayer need. It sounds like you could use some prayer too Julia? Rough week?

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. What a beautiful post. Both a tribute to your friends & to what God can do.

  8. Please pass on my prayers to your friends going through such a difficult time. Hope your week got better and continues too. Lovely flowers and words for your special friends,may God bless them and you. Take care and keep safe in God's love!

  9. beautiful flowers and beautiful thoughts and prayers for special friends! thinking of you all!

  10. Julia, what a lovely post. I'm sure all of us bloggers will be praying for your friends and for you too.

  11. Julia, I know how much Donna loves you and your blog. She will be so touched by your concern and prayers. We are all praying daily for a complete recovery and also that she can get through this crummy chemo treatment time. It's a really hard road. She came to work today but could only get through an hour. I can't believe she even tried it, but she's a doer and will give it all her best. I'm sure she'll stop by here and leave a comment too. Have a good week!

  12. The pictures of the flowers are spectacular! My gosh, can you believe she tried to go to work today? Donna is indeed someone special. She will get through this this, but oh, how hard that chemo is on her.

    My Dick was a colon cancer survivor. His chemo lasted almost two years, but at least he had a week in between his sessions. Donna didn't say how often she has to have hers, but just like Kathy said, she is a doer and she will do it!

    Hope next week you will let us in on some of the things that are happening in your neck of the woods. You are such a busy lady doing so many things that I have absolutely no knowlege about, so it extra interesting for me when you go into detail about some of your duties. Take care, Julia. I do enjoy hearing from and about you.

  13. Gorgeous flowers Julia! Such a beautiful thought......... Have a lovely day!


  14. Julia your such a Blessing to all of us out here in this world of blogging. Only someone with a heart like yours would think to share such beauty with friends like Donna and Leontien. I of course know and love Donna but have not met Leontien yet but looking forward to getting to know her.
    My prayers for both of these sweet ladies that soon these treatments will be behind them and they can be on the road to recovery.
    Julia you made me cry this morning with your two precious comments you left me sweet friend. If God ever Blessed me it was sending you to my blog so we could be friends.
    I did have a rough time being a single mom but God helped me through out the journey as he always does.
    You know honey how much I admire you and respect you. Your the one that amazes me by all that you do every day. I just don't know how you do it.
    I love and adore you Julia
    Sending you Blessings for a gorgeous weekend and hopefully soon these awesome flowers will be in your yard soon.
    Love ya

  15. I just read Maggie's post and left a comment that said "Julia said it best so I can only echo her words..."
    You are simply a wonderful friend who lifts up others and is so incredibly supportive!! I have not felt well enough to even be on the computer much but today am doing well before the next treatment on Tuesday. This was a wonderful surprise and gift!!! Your flower photos are remarkable and I love them...like you have given me flowers from your beautiful garden. THANKYOU! You are an inspiration to me and I'm humbles and grateful for this post. And like Maggie...I love and adore you too. You've lifted me up more than you know. I'm wishing Leontien well in her journey as well!!! Again...THAN KYOU!!!!!!!

  16. I'm crazy about peonies. I have to get some in around our gardens. My old employer offered me some, but I never got around to digging them. Maybe I should go back, say hi, and beg some peonies. :)It's sweet of you to post this for the bloggers who are having a hard time. Have a great week!