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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I've been meaning to go for a visit on Patrice's porch of Everyday Ruralty but somehow there's something that comes up and I have to go elsewhere.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to link up with Patrice. I made the link this morning and my name is still on her page but I didn't carried it through. I wonder if it will link just the same. I'll find out.

Here are her questions for today.

1.  What does your everyday dished looks like?
      Plain white restaurant type dishes, assorted mugs.

2.  What shoes are you likely to throw on in a pinch right now? Go to shoes.

3.  What was the last gift you were given?
     I received these this afternoon from my daughter Christine

4.  What was the first face you saw this morning?
     My face in the mirror.

5.  What cup or mug you are most likely to grab for your tea or coffee? What's your "cuppa" cup?
      For coffee, I have a tall Christmas mug with the picture of a snowman on it, and tea is a smaller Dollar Store mug with the picture of a little finch on it.

I hate to do two post in one but what ta da heck?  I've got to stop this procrastination.

I had problems with my iMac having dozens of lines on the screen from burnt out pixels. I'm now using a small MacBook Pro with my little Microsoft wireless mouse and I love it. My other computer is getting slow and the laptop is so much faster.

This week I've been thinking of two of my lovely blogger friends who are going through some real rough time with chemo, some of you know them, Leontien and Donna. Please keep them in your prayers asking God for the grace of courage and strength to fight this awful disease, cancer.

I've got my iPhoto library finally upgraded and was having fun with the new technology. Just amazing what you can do with the photo library.

Let see what else has happened this past week. I've got three new heifer calves, that is very good. My injured older calf had to be put down because the extend of her injuries and I couldn't bear seeing her suffer, it's is always sad to loose an animal but a fact of life on the farm. I just had to pull up my big girl panties and make the decision to have her put down and burried. My husband had to do that dreadful task. It's not a pleasant job.

I purchased two more Rug hooking books to add to the other one I bought recently on

I  finished my UFO and discovered that it was a king size quilt . I've got it on the old bed in the spare bedroom.  It's much lower than the one in my own bedroom. The quilting has taken a lot of my spare time lately. It was a big project.

I made my own binding and sewed it on the back by machine and in the front by hand

I did a lot of baking and I worked cutting pies at the church supper on Sunday and my son covered for me at work in the afternoon.
I calculated three months of HST sales tax for the farm, did payroll Deductions and paid bills online, did some banking. I did some weeding in one flowerbed.

The fiddleheads are up but my back was so sore so I didn't go picking and today it was too wet to pick.

Now that my UFO has been classified I'm getting ready to resume hooking my Childhood Memories rug, whoo hooo......

Thanks for coming with me to Patrice's porch and visit with me.  I enjoy getting your comments.
Have a safe weekend, it's just around the corner.  JB


  1. What beautiful flowers from your daughter. What's the special occasion?
    Your quilt is lovely and I can see you've got MANY hours of work in it.
    Prayers and hugs for Leontien and Donna.

    1. Lauren, it's Mother's Day on Sunday and my daughter Christine lives in Ottawa and she knows how busy it gets at the nursery on Mother's Day so she's smart and avoid the big rush of flower delivery. Aren't they just absolutely just gorgeous. Thanks again christine.

    2. You are very welcome Mom! :) I think it is nice to be surprised with flowers once in a while and I thought you might feel the same way.

      I just wish we lived closer and could visit more often!

      Love CB

    3. That would be so very nice. I even could babysit for you once in a while.

      I'll have to post those recent photos of James and his new hand.

      Love & hugs, Mom

  2. Oh've indeed been busy! The flowers are beautiful and so is that quilt! Hope you get a chance to take a breath soon. :)

  3. Busy time, sorry about the calf,its always hard. Beautiful flowers, what a smart daughter you have,I think I will follow her lead!Your quilt is so pretty, and have fun doing you memory rug cannot wait to see it when you are done.Prayers for your friends and hope all goes well. Enjoy your gardens and take time to smell the roses. Take care and have a happy Mothers day!

  4. Happy Mothers Day to you. Beautiful flowers. You are so busy. I don't know how you do it. Congrats on the new calves. So sorry about the injured one.

  5. Such pretty flowers :o) Have a blessed week

  6. great post,pretty flowers, and I am so sorry about your calf. You quilt is amazing. you must be so happy it is done.
    I am keeping them both in my prayers. I think of them so often.

  7. Happy Mother's Day! The flowers are so pretty. It's always so nice to get a bouquet of flowers, isn't it? I love, love, love that quilt! Sorry about the little calf. Have a wonderful day!

  8. You always have lots to share :). Beautiful flowers you received. I'm sure they will last a while with the way you take care of them!
    Prayers lifted for your dear friends. May God heal them fully !

  9. julia, im sending thoughts and prayers for you and your friends. beautiful flowers from a beautiful daughter! i was telling cathy (acorn hollow) ive never had fiddleheads but i know i would love them! i have lots of ferns i wonder if they are the same things. ill google them. i havent seen any of your new books let us know if they are good! i hate loosing animals too... tough. my grandmother always used restrauant dishes out the lake and after being passed from basement to basement i got them when i moved home and they are my everyday dishes love them and they always get a smile from family when they see or use them. love your quilt and yes lots of work! i do my bindings the same way, i love to sit, hand stitch and stich on bindings, knowing im almost finished! enjoy your day julia!

  10. Like I have always known you are the busiest person I know. Your quilt is a work of art. I love that you did all of that by hand. I hope your back feels better soon.
    I am so sorry about your calf but you did the right thing. I know how hard that was for you after you have spent so much time nursing her. So glad you got 3 heifers this week.
    Your flowers are so pretty and I am so glad you get to hook again.
    I always enjoy getting caught up with you. You are one busy lady. I hope you get to eat your fiddleheads soon.

  11. Your quilt is so beautiful! What a lovely job you did. I now know why I don't live on a farm. It would be hard to lose animals and make those decisions. I talked to Donna today and she made it through her second chemo and is doing better than the last one. Hopefully this will be the pattern until she's done and cured. Thanks for thinking of her. She's a wonderful person. Now, I need a nap after reading how much you have accomplished in one day. Whew!

  12. What a wonderful daughter! Beautiful flowers. I love your quilt - it is a beauty.
    I can't believe how busy you are Julia, and still have time to blog.
    Bless you and your friends.

  13. Beautiful flowers! sorry about your little calf ;( ...

    I agree... I do not know how you have time to blog as well as commenting on others'....

    And... yes, bless you and your friends...

    I'm in Sedona, Arizona and it's getting a little warm but I'm with two lady pals who have SIX cats and we're having a fine time. They travel about in a Class A... a huge bus type RV ...

    Hope you have a wonderful day... ;)

  14. That was fun to read about you.

    Your spare bedroom quilt is so beautiful.
    You are amazing. So busy and do such great things.

    I too have been thinking about those two brave women. They are certainly in my prayers.

  15. The flowers are so beautiful. I'm sure that brightened your day. It's a shame about losing your cow. I know it must be part of farm life but it's still hard.
    Yay on finishing the quilt. It's perfect! Now no excuses - get hooking! :)

  16. I too have been thinking of our friends dealing with cancer. I just wish I could do something for them but their both in my prayers.
    I love that you finished your quilt it is beautiful. You will get a lot of enjoyment from this piece.
    Your daughter is a sweety for sending you these lovely flowers but hey your a sweetheart of a mother so you deserve them.
    Thats why I came by tonight to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. I will be leaving tomorrow for Austin to visit my kids for the big day and because my birthday falls on Mother's Day. How cool is that. lol
    Happy Mother's Day honey

  17. I am tired from just reading all you have been up are one busy gal.....

    Now on to the good stuff; that quilt is one beautiful creation...and beautiful flowers from your daughter...Happy Mother's Day to you and I hope it is full of blessings for you are special....

  18. Beautiful flowers! Beautiful quilt! Have a Happy Mother's Day!

  19. Julia what beautiful flowers!!
    I love your quilt and as always your the hardest working woman and always get so much done. Poor Cow that's tough. I am glad you liked my rug.Hugs Cheri
    Have a great Mothers Day.

  20. The flowers are beautiful. What a pretty quilt!I hate having to put an animal down. It's a hard decision, but sometimes the only one. The rug books look interesting. If I keep hanging around you rug hookers, I'm going to get hooked!

  21. YOur quilt looks beautiful! It is sad that you had too put down the older calf. Have fun with your childhood memories rug! I know that you have been wanting to work on it.