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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Monday, July 2, 2012


It's been about a month  since I took these pictures of 4 of my grandkids while they were visiting and I was supposed to put them on my blog but I was on blog vacations would you know.

I can't bear to show you pictures of my tall weeds, instead  I'll show you pictures of my tall grandkids.

Granddaughter N. blowing on dandelion fluff and my grandson S. curling the end of a dandelion stem with his tongue.

Granddaughter N. walking up the driveway.

S. blowing millions of dandelion seeds all over the place.  See why I can't keep ahead of the weeds.
M. in the background picking dandelion fluff to blow some more.

Granddaughter M. showing us her new possession. A dead kitten  that crawled in between the loft floor and the barn ceiling and fell to his death on the cement floor below through a missing piece of ceiling board, poor little thing...

M. is very interested about animals skeletons and knows where every bones belongs and what they are called. She already has a collection of assembled animal skeletons (in her closet).   hehehe...
She will probably burry this kitty to let it decompose and retrieve the bones. She is also interested in taxidermy.  Not your average kid for sure.  N. the clown of the family does a gesture of presentation...

For now the remains are wrapped in paper towels and lovingly placed in the back of the van for it's trip to my daughter's house. The lucky girl...

Now L. has had a growth spurt and is towering over me and I have to look up to him . He's getting his fishing rod read

Grandson L caught these white perch at the lake.

These were a fair size and he's almost done cleaning them.

This is Papa  caught reluctantly on camera.

I hope that you all enjoyed some relaxation on this long  Canada Day weekend and Happy 4th of July to my American friends.  JB


  1. Happy Canada Day Julia!! Fun to see your family and hear about their personalities. They are a handsome bunch (hubby included) but it's great to hear their interests. Since mine are all much younger, I can see more of what's in the future. You sound like you may have a future vet in your clan! The poor kitten can provide an educational experience at least!
    Thank you for all your encouraging comments for me lately!!

  2. They do grow so fast!!!
    They are cute.

  3. Cute Grandkiddos! They do grow as fast as weeds. They grow older but we don't..hmmm..a mystery! We're actually having a Canada Day celebration tomorrow for one of our nurses who's Canadian. We're suppose to bring food. I'm trying to decide if I should bring bacon, syrup,....or beer.

  4. Happy Canada Day Julia. How wonderful for you to have those four wonderful grandchildren visit, are they siblings? Sounds to me like the makings of a doctor in the family...have a wonderful week...greetings from Maine, Julie.

  5. Happy Canada Day ;)

    Loved seeing pictures of your grandkids.... poor kitty

    1. Hey, hey there tell your Grandkids to stop blowing those seeds, They're making their way over here!! HA!

      That is a poor kitty hope it finds it's final resting place!!

  6. Beautigul Grand kids! Kids might as well blow the seeds as the wind will blow the fluff if they don't! Wonderful pictures, Julia.

  7. Loved your post today! What a wonderful bunch of grandkids you have there...lucky you!

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  9. What a lovely bunch! Have a wonderful holiday!

  10. What a great group of kids. I am so glad you shared. We used to go as a family and dug up sharks teeth and whale vertebrae and trilobites.
    We have lots of places like that around here so I know what that is like, I still have a bucket of sharks teeth fossils.
    I love it when kids move to a beat of a different drummer and do what they love. I think it makes healthier adults.
    Have a lovely week Julia, I have been working on my flowerbeds this week and just finished. Wheww do I know about weeds!

  11. I like the comment about the weeds......???????hah
    Your grandkids are cute and funny. That grandaughter and the bones, too funny. I love her long hair.
    Have fun celebrating Canada Day. I am celebrating having electricity at the moment. (((((HUGS))))

  12. Weeds and Kids. I love the analogy, unique and original. As with the kids, yeah time flies and kids these days matures and grows up fast too.

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  13. How funny weeds and kids! They do both seem to grow out of control. Yours have really grown and their so beautiful. Of course the guys are handsome.
    I am sitting here laughing at your grand daughters hobby. She will most likely go into a field dealing with medical research.
    Think of you often during the day wondering how you are. I am not good at keeping up here lately. I keep thinking I will get better but my landlady told me she will be here again in a few days and spend a week or two. I have been in depression ever since. hahahaha
    Love ya

  14. Great photos! You have a lovely family ~

  15. I loved seeing pictures of your grandchildren. They are great looking kids. I was espcially interested in M's interest in animal bones. I wouldn't be surprised if she decided to become a vet, or maybe a taxidermist. Somehow though, I think she will go the medical direction and she would be a good one!!

    It is so wonderful to have family around. I wish I could have mine more often. They just seem to bring me to life, somehow!

    I hope you enjoyed a great Canada Day! I'm a bit late in reading blogs so today I am playing catch up. Hope all is well with you..........

  16. What a beautiful bunch of grandkids! What a wonderful way to spend a summer's day... Good luck with those dandelions. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  17. looks like a fun and happy group...good for you!

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  19. So great to see you summering and well
    and I don't know how I lost touch with you!
    Anyway, I'm glad to see you and your bright
    pink peonies again:)

  20. Oh Julia, My mother in law Alice who is in her 90's mother was a taxidermist. After Alice's Dad who was a taxidermist died her mom had to be a taxidermist to make a living. My mother inlaws favorite doll was a stuffed squirrel. Hugs Cheri

  21. Oh it definitely looks cooler up where you are Julia! Poor kitty, but so interesting that your grand daughter is able to preserve and learn from it's little body. Looks like a lovely summer!

  22. Julia, You won my giveaway. Stop by EveryDayRuralty and check it out. It doesn't have to be a pet, it can be one of your farm critters. It will most likely be a 5x7 watercolor made into a print.

  23. Even though you are not back to posting again, I just had to let you know how I enjoy your comments on my blog. I can understand why you are still not blogging. It takes a lot more energy and concentration to do a blog than it does to just read others. That's what I wish I could do. You'll be back soon though, I know, and when you are I'll be back to comment again. Take care!

  24. Just like Darlene I came by to say hello and to thank you for coming by. I too am not blogging even at 50 percent now.
    I totally understand why your not. Too much to do and not enough hours in a day.
    Take care dear Julia and know this ole grandma yellow hair thinks of you every single day.
    Love ya