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Sunday, August 19, 2012


It's been ages since I blogged  because I lost my MOJO.  I've turned the house upside down looking for it. I found something that looks like it, but I'm not sure if it'll stay around for a while. I hope so.

This month was so hot and humid, almost unbearable. I had lots of visit and loved every minutes of it. My little grandson, James, has grown and walks and run and is starting to talk.  What fun he was to have around. I've been absolutely lazy about yard work and cooking meals. After working at the farm in the heat and humidity, I only did the necessary. Everyone pitched in and we never went hungry.

My daughter  flew in from Glasgow Scotland. She arrived on August 1st and left on the 18 and my other daughter from Ottawa, her husband and James also came for two weeks.  They visited PEI and brought me some lobster again to spoil me. My daughter from Scotland brought me some pearl earrings. They all spent some time at the cottage by the lake.

 I stayed home and cared for a new born calf.  I had another one today by the way.

My other grown children and grandkids  also visited so the house had a nice buzz about.  It's amazing how fast the time went.

I had lots brothers and sisters in law also visiting as we had to attend my cousin Vince's funeral. He died of cancer at 45 and sadly left a lovely family behind.

I want to share some pictures of  a crowd that showed up just before lunch as they work in my daughter's  garden behind our hedge and I had two large casseroles and my daughter cooked a big pot of fresh green beans and theres was lots of food for everyone. They had no intention of staying for lunch but I assured them that they was enough food. Not a fancy table but good food.

 My son and daughter seeing each other after two years.

On the left, is my oldest daughter from Scotland and on the right is our hired hand who works on Saturday.

These are some of my grandkids

 I took another picture just for the cute smile.

James and his dad dressed as Superman.

How about this for charm?

 James love to play the piano.

James at the lake

Yeah, even though this old bare foot grandma has some wee muscles on her biceps she can still use some help right now... I'm a calf wrangler... what can I say....

What a good sport getting his hair rinsed.

Where did the water go? The water was coming out but now it's not.

I'm not sure who my grandson is supposed to be but he looks like he's having a great time pretending to be someone with great strength.

A good thing that he's at the lake.

James having a relaxing time at the lake. Taking it easy with daddy...

Sorry about so many photos but I want the family to see them. Thanks for dropping by and I hope that  you still remember me. The weather was just beautiful today and the humidity has gone for now. I hope the same for you.      JB


  1. Wow, you DID have a houseful! But it looks like such a wonderful time. Those big family gatherings are special. That James looks like a charmer for sure. Love the supermen pic.
    Your mojo is just around the corner. It just got tired from cooking and doing dishes for all that company.
    (great apron pic too)

  2. Julia your family is beautiful and summer is a busy busy time. Especially on the farm.

  3. Oh Julia your so blessed what a wonderful family and James so handsome!I am glad your sumnmer is going well. Hugs Cheri

  4. I tell you what...that little grandson of yours looks like an angel! Love that dear little face! Glad your family had a good time together...and glad your weather has improved. Sounds a lot like our summer...horribly hot and humid, but now this week has been beautiful!

  5. You found your MOJO in the beautiful pics of your family! It reminds me of my house when everyone is home....people eating, laughing, enjoying the company and plenty of room for one more! Thanks for sharing the pics with us...those were all worth a thousand words!

  6. Ah, Julia! what absolute fun to see your beautiful family and your gorgeous home! and even your biceps! holy moly! I ain't gonna make you mad f'sure... jeeez! ... got some pretty legs there too missy!

    What what fun... to see this. Get to know you better. little James! well, now the other grandson.... HAHaaaaaa.... oh, me... kids


    Enjoyed this sooo much. Glad I got to some wifi to view all this on my laptop!

    AND good to see you again!

  7. Great looking family and that baby is a charmer!

  8. Wonderful post, Julia! What a house full you had! Looks as if everyone had a good time and made lots of memories.
    Have good week,

  9. Just love your pictures, Julia..So wonderful to have family sad to see them leave, though...what a pair of biceps there...LOL Wonderful little grandchildren...they make our world more meaningful, for sure...We have three granchildren ages, 14,4 and little over One year now...looking forward to seeing them soon..take care and thanks for sharing...

  10. Well you have been busy, I love those muscles!! Your family is just lovely Julia. It looks so nice to see it all filled up with people and all of the kids. James has grown so much. He is such a cutie.
    It is hard to to blog in the heat and humidity. I hope it cools down for you. You look like you have had a very busy and good summer. So nice to see what you have been doing.

  11. Julia, it's so good to hear from you. What a happy post!!!
    You and your family always seem to enjoy each other so much, it just makes me smile! Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos.
    ps. I love the pictue of James in the tin washtub. I remember we played in them when we were kids.

  12. Nice to hear from you. Looks like you have plenty of mojo -- just no time to blog. enjoy your family.


  13. julia, sooo good to hear from you! it sounds like you have been keeping busy! yes the heat/humitity takes so much out of us. my garden looks like the end of august already. im soo sorry about your cousins passing.. soo hard to get our heads around such a tragity. love the smile on your sons face huggen his sister! you have a lovely family! and james! could he be any cuter! yes i think he is a charmer! love the pic of you! you are a little thing! sooo cute and hard to believe you are a cattle wrangler! if you have time can you stop by my blog and give some advice on my rug... enjoy your day and so nice to catch up!

  14. Wonderful summer memory photos Julia! Your MOJO isn't down, it's just being 'refreshed' You can never have too many photos, I enjoyed everyone of them! Family & friends is what life's about. Enjoy the rest of your summer CM-R

  15. Wow! Love the biceps. I showed them to Liam to help him understand that he needs to do more work on his muscles. I think you could beat my son in an arm wrestle. And I'd love to see it. :-)

  16. Oh , Mira's Papa, Liam is so tall and I'm so puny short and I'm really not that strong. Sometimes I think that I have air in those funny little biceps. I don't think that my back muscles could take it. I may not be all that bad for my age but I'm sure that he getting stronger than me.

  17. I love this post. It made me teary. I have no family. You are blessed. I guess this makes my critters that much more important.

  18. What a wonderful, warm home you have created that makes everyone welcome and want to be there. All that and muscles too! Great job of living and loving!