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Saturday, November 3, 2012


This is a revised version of my earlier post. The pictures came out clear this time and I don't know why they were so blurry before. If you saw my post before don't feel that you have to leave a comment again.

James and mama chilling out

Only a good dad would dress like a big bear and take a lion cub trick or treating.

The pumpkin carving man himself

If you got ghost around your place, don't worry and  call Ghost Busters.

The little man playing with his trains on the big Skully pumpkin

This way Daddy

Mama Bird is trick and treating too.

Big Dady Ghost Buster caught the little green blob ghost.

This ia a great pumpkin carved by James father.


  1. Well? since I'm at a wifi place and a big keyboard! I'll just comment again! love it...!

    I love your daughter's hair. My hair used to be salt and pepper and that was my favorite time.

    James is the cat's meow... jeeeeeeeez he's cute!

  2. Much better.......good are close.

  3. Oh Julia, What sweet family pictures.Great costumes!

  4. I didn't see this so I can a lover of all things Halloween I'm thrilled to see adults getting in on the fun with their kiddos. So cute and I'm very impressed with that awesome pumpkin! Great family fun pics!

  5. You can tell James has a good dad! One of my sons has a Winnie the Pooh suit and dresses up every year!

  6. love love love ALL the ghosts and peeples!!! SO CUTE, big and little!

  7. Great photos! And your bread looks delicious. Good luck with the cows. Sarah

  8. What a wonderful family...and what wonderful memories your daughter and her husband are making for little James. Very nicely carved pumpkins too. And speaking of nice, I would love to have a slice of your delicious bread with a big ole slab of butter! Greetings, Julie.

  9. Those are some really great pumpkins and the cutest little lion I have ever seen. Your daughter looks so happy as does James and his Dad.
    I am so glad you posted pictures tonight. Well I am just getting to the computer. :)

  10. such sweetness and light!
    thanks for sharing the love:)

  11. James has a great dad.....he is a winner! I love to see parents getting involved with their kids. That little James is a darling. I just loved seeing all of the pictures and I think it is great that they celebrated Halloween with costumes and had such fun. That HUGE pumpkin was truly something to see. I was happy to see the picture of your daughter too. What a happy family!!

    We really didn't celebrate Halloween at all this year. I made chili verde and took it over to my girl friend's house. Her husband was in rehab recovering from a hip replacement. I didn't want for her to be home alone on Halloween. There were no children in her neighborhood so we missed out on all of that this year. Next year we will have to stay at home and put up a few decorations at least.

  12. Yes, good parents.. I love it!

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. Great great post! Always love seeing your darling James.
    He makes me smile cause he so adorable.
    So glad that you were able to share these wonderful pictures with us.
    Thank goodness that your Son-in-law is a awesome Dad. James only deserves the best.
    Think of you often honey wondering how your doing.
    One of these days I hope to get back into blogging more.

  14. what fun they all seem to have on halloween! that little james is just as cute as ever! halloween was so fun with little ones! i have no clue about the pattern for the japan little quilt. i made it in a class in japan 20 some years ago. i could always send it to you and you guys can try figure it out..? just let me know! enjoy your evening and dont work to hard!! you busy busy bee!