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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Time to show signs of life... I'm still alive. I spent the whole day at a calf seminar in a beautiful little town about an hour drive from here yesterday. It was nice getting away from barn chores for a change while my son did my chores for me.

Calves keep coming and this morning got my 8th bulls in a row. I should be playing 8 Balls Billiard.

My house is dusty but  most of my yard work is done except for two large beds.
Christmas can't be too far away because my Christmas cactuses are blooming.

I'm only showing one of the first  Christmas Cactus to bloom.   The others are just waiting to open

Same here, only a sample of my poinsettias to start to show their colored bracts. I tyhink that they need some TLC and fertilizer.

An update on my Childhood Memories rug. I'm at a stall right now because I have to decide how I'll proceed to my next step. Last evening I sorted through a pile of wool worm that got all mixed up and put them all in the proper drawers so I have a clean place to start hooking my next memory. I'm slower than some of my hooker friends for sure. So far I did this last section without dying any wool, just using the worms I got in my stash, from #3 , 4, 5 and 6 cuts.

A closer shot of my little outhouse with it's weathered boards for lack of the desired wool color.. Don't miss  that little outhouse at all... lol... Glad it's only a memory.

Thanks for visiting and keep smiling, it looks good on you.


  1. You're a sneaky hooker. You've got lots done on that rug since you last shoes us. I love it. The outhouse cracks me up. I remember them at the beach. They always scared the bejeezers out of me. I was scared something would crawl up the hole. Lol

    1. ...showed us. Not shoes us. Stupid auto correct

  2. Well I am so glad for inside plumbing too. I would have hated to have gone outside in your winters to use it. My grandparents still had theirs when I was small. I think they kept it just in case. You have had 8 bull calves in a row? You should have a prize for that.
    Your rug looks great. I agree with Kim you have done a lot on it since you last shared a picture with us.

    I wanted to say, you made me laugh about the eye doctor giving you the wrong prescription. I am so afraid of something like that happening too. Do you know I am terrified of going to the eye doctor? That is why I have never gone. I have taken my kids but I just was always afraid. It will be fine though, I am tired of the headaches.
    Your Christmas Cactus always looks so pretty this time of year.
    Well don't work too hard,

  3. Hi Julia, Your rug is coming along great.I have a small little outhouse in my garden.I loved your Christmas cactus. You have a green thumb! Hugs Cheri

  4. your cactus is beautiful. Mine is just sitting here.
    I love your rug and what a treasure when it is done.
    glad you go a day away.

  5. "8 Balls Billiard" HAhaa... I don't know much about bulls but shouldn't that be 16 balls billiards?

    oh, your Christmas Cactus ... I could never get mine to bloom! I bought them blooming then the next year? no go... rats

    I love your rug ... I do not like outhouses... I do remember them but I never used one... what did we have when I was little... those pot things? what a memory... they had a lid and they were kept under your bed and your Mother took care of said pot... ew

  6. Your Christmas cactus and poinsettias are so pretty...I can't believe it really is just around the corner!

    Sorry to hear about your cow...did she have surgery? Or did she have a right side twist?

  7. Hi Julia, how nice to have a day away from the farm, I realize days such as this are few and far between. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas not far behind. How wonderful to see your Christmas cactus in bloom. I am simply in awe of your hooked rug, it truly is a work of art, remember slow but sure wins the race. Have a great weekend, Julie.

  8. Hi Julia - Your rug is looking really good - it will be such a treasure when you get it finished with all those memories preserved for future generations! Your blooming cactus is beautiful - I'm envious since I've never had luck getting one to do that! Good job!

  9. Hi Julia! Your rug is wonderful. I'm not a hooker but I sure admire all the ones I've met blogging. The rugs look so cute and I think doing a memory one is great. I'd love to hear stories about your childhood and the outhouse! Congrats on all those balls..I mean bulls...hehehe..have a great weekend!

  10. Bulls, hookers, and cactus.........oh my.
    Love your childhood rug. What a fun idea. What is a worm.
    You don't let things get to you. You still amaze me.

  11. Good to see you again! I've missed you.
    Sounds like you are so very busy. Filled with a lot of "bull".

    Love your rug.
    The outhouse is too darling.

  12. Hi Julia...your rug is looking wonderful! I don't know how you manage to do all that you do...and still have energy to hook!
    Have a great weekend,

  13. Your Christmas cactus is beautiful!! My mother-in-law always had beautiful ones too. You are coming right along on your memory rug, it is looking very good. I don't miss those little out houses either. Have a great weekend Julia. Hugs

  14. I LOVE your rug! I now understand outhouses too. Your flowers are beautiful and now I need to read more about the bulls????

  15. Julia you so have a sense of humour through your daily living. The memory rug should have a memoir written to accompany it...for future generations. We too had an outhouse at our summer cottage on Lake Huron ON & like the other comments-it scared the crap out of me, sitting there thinking something would come up & bite me or worse, make me fall in!! Memories now that make me smile, thank you for jogging that chuckle out of me. Your Christmas cactus is beautiful & a gentle reminder of that special day ahead.
    You're out numbered with all those bulls, where are the that what the females are called? I'm such a city girl & find your country life exciting to visit & read about, glad I met you via blogging. Look forward to seeing more 'memories' in your quilt. Did I see a Dick & Jane book...;-)


  16. your busy farmlife sounds so wonderfully familiar to me
    ...I get the busyness and bounty of harvest
    and the way seasons can bring such needed rest
    or frantic hurry.
    I pray you get a spell of quiet
    to rest and gather yourself for awhile.
    I love the way your life spills over into your art
    ...and your art has become your life.
    You are a remarkable woman:)

  17. On thanksgiving day here in Ohio, I want to thank you for all your kind blog comments thru the year!!

  18. Julia,
    Your Christmas cactus is beautiful! We call ours a Thanksgiving cactus, because that is always when it is the most beautiful!

  19. Hi honey
    I bet you are glad that the outhouse is just a memory. Tooooooo darn cold to run out doors to the potty.
    Your Christmas cactus is beautiful.
    So glad you got out for a day. I worry about you working harder than me. lol
    Hope your little James is doing good. You know I think of you often but am so far behind in the world of blogging. Maybe with my mowing slowing down I can get caught up with my friends.
    Thanks honey for your sweet comments about my selling my home. It has been hard trying to keep it the last few years but strange it was hard to give it up.
    Hope your having a lovely weekend.
    Love ya