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Thursday, January 10, 2013


One of our dairy cow thought that she would take the boredom out of my boring routine this morning. My clock radio had just turned on and I thought that there was no reason to rush so I fluffed up my pillow and closed my eyes for a few minutes while I listen to the radio. Yes, that all I got...a few minutes because my husband called for help.

Apparently when he was milking the cows, he opened the gate on the right to let the cows out of the milking parlor while he milked the other side. One cow stopped and stuck her head in the door to the milk house, as they sometime do,  but this  time a wryly  cow behind her pushed her and down the metals steps she went, right into the milk house where the big milk tank is and proceeded to stick her head in the office doorway.

My husband is not a quick thinker in emergency like  my son is. He should have put a halter on and ties her to something until help came but he opened the door and out the door she went for an early morning stroll in the snow. The temperature was very mild and the snow was melting. What a better time to  make a break to freedom.

My job description was this:  Go look for the cow. The last I saw her, she was heading toward  the silos....Bring a flashlight as it's dark out there....  My husband  had called my son but it takes him longer to get his bearings in the morning.
I got dresses and grabbed the flashlight and went looking for cow tracts in the snow.

What I saw didn't feel good.... her tracts were heading up the lane to a very busy highway even this early in the morning. I called my son to get him to rush because of the situation and I kept on walking up the long lane with my flashlight meeting a car coming toward me in the lane. He kept on going and I figured that she was on the highway by now. I was worried that she would cause an accident and someone would get seriously hurt or killed.

I walked all the way up the lane with my flashlight and suddenly her tracts shows that she's changed directions and is returning to the farm. The cars noises must have scared her off.

I call my son again and told him of the situation then my phone went dead as I had forgotten to put it on the charger last night.

When I got to the turn near the silo, the tracts showed that she had climbs on the snow bank and backs up and then her traces disappeared. The car that came down the lane has covered her tracts with slush... It was a mystery where she went. Then I see the tractor with it's lights on coming down the lane. My husband had gone up the highway looking for her and was coming back empty-handed.

 We all  walked toward the milking parlor end of the barn and picked up some of her tracts again. She had gone in the back of the barn where she was waiting to get in the barn at the back gate. My son went in the barn and let her in. I can hear all the cows giggling about her escapade.
After my chores I went home for breakfast.

The end.

Sorry, at 6:30am, I don't carry my big camera with me, so no pictures of the escapee cow so instead I have a picture of our melting snow. We are having some real mild temperature today for a change.

I hope that you enjoyed my true story.
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by. I enjoy reading the comments that you leave for me. They are like wonderful little presents that brings joy to my heart.


  1. Julia, What an adventure.I would be freaked out worrying she'd get on the highway. I love your stories! Hugs Cheri

  2. Julia, the fun never ends at your place. LOL I am just imaging a cow with a sneaky grin weaving a trail to keep you guessing. But seriously, I can imagine how scary it was for you thinking about cars on the highway. Luckily the wayward cow came home. She must have gotten hungry after her adventure.

  3. Such excitement and before the sun has even come up!!!
    I love that story! She's a good smart cow to come back and wait to be let in the barn. I hope you gave her an extra handful of grain for her reward. Oh, that's right, she's not supposed to escape in the first place!
    I hope the rest of your day was less eventful.

  4. LOL... oh, Julia... life on the farm is never dull f'sure. sloshing about in the dark looking for an escaped cow ... seriously.

    I'm glad you didn't fall or get pneumonia! jumping jeez - y'kill me

  5. LOL better you than me, I am a city girl born and bred. The cow would have been on his own...

  6. Sounds just like a cow, to do something like that!! I'm glad she didn't wreck anything in the milk house, with all that equipment. Hope your day improved after that!

  7. Oh, Julia, you live an exciting life! I'm glad she found her way home. Sarah

  8. Your story has just been added to my '10 reasons not to own a cow' list!! Glad it had a happy ending. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Got to love these cows,and husbands that go into panic mode and call us! Glad she did not wreck anything in the parlor,whew could have been an expensive mess,or get out on the main road and get hurt or get someone else hurt. Life on the farm is always interesting cannot imagine living anywhere else.Hope you have a great weekend and the weather stays good, out here we are under storm warnings,hope it stays away. Take care!

  10. Julia, I can say one thing; there's always action on your farm...I know you wish it wasn't at odd hours of the day and night but life doesn't happen on our timetable does it...I know mine doesn't....

    So glad the cow is fine and there was no damage to anyone or anything...and I do hope you were able to get some zzzzz's later in the day......

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.....

  11. never a dull moment for you! so it must of been 4-5 in the morning you were out and about.

  12. CowStories
    Fun with farmers.
    Chapter 1

  13. "Oh life on the farm is kinda laid back, aint nothin' a country boy (girl) like me can't hack...." Love, John Denver.....(someone who probably never chased a cow at 6:30 am!) Thanks for the smile and for making my surgical day seem easy!

  14. I think she was making a break for California. Glad she got back safely.

  15. I remember chasing cows when I still lived at home. I remember one night hearing something out side in the middle of the night. I got up and looked out the window and saw a bunch of cows on the front lawn. At first I thought that I was dreaming. I closed the curtain, waited a few seconds and opened them again. Yup. Cows were still there, so I went upstairs and woke up dad. Pesky cows!

  16. Oh my goodness, my mixed up crazy life doesn't come close to your daily life. I can't believe you out on the slippery slopes looking for a cow on the loose. SO glad she decided not to head down the highway. She must be a smart little cookie to return and get back in line. Glad it ended well for all of you. Hope you can get some extra sleep tomorrow.

  17. So happy this turned out okay and the cow and everyone else is okay. As I read this it took my thoughts back to when my pigs loved to get out and wonder around and I would have to grab a bucket of feed and go round them up. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast and day after that early search. Hugs

  18. Oh, Julia !! You live an exciting life!! I could never do what you do ~ I hope everyone in your life appreciates you!! I hope today is unadventurous for you!!!!

  19. Hi Julia! Have you ever thought to write a book about your life on the farm?I think it would be a best seller and you could retire with George and not even have to get up early ever again :) i Love you sister.Big hugs.

  20. Julia, I agree. You need to write a book. These are my favourite kind of stories, animal tails! You tell a really good story.

  21. Oh I love your early morning cow story. I could see you going every where looking for that wayward cow.
    I am so glad she decided to come back home.
    I had to laugh at your early morning jaunt.
    I am also glad that you are having some warmer weather. Yes, my cold weather is maybe your warm weather. :)
    I was thinking about you when I was babysitting that day. I thought you are going to be so busy but it is good busy.
    I hope you have a nice weekend.

  22. I remember those days of living on a dairy farm. Never a dull moment! I still live in the country but no farm. I do miss it but not when it is cold and snowy.
    No snow here and no winter. Temp is in the 50's and I have a door open! I don't know where the NC mountains winter is but hope it doesn't show up in March.
    Have a great weekend!