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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Friday, June 14, 2013


I'm a list person. I make long lists of thing that I would like to get done. Some are long range planning and may take several years to get to it and some are urgent and top priority, some are costly,  (I need a new roof badly). Most are just maintenance lists like weeding and household chores etc... some are acquiring something or some are even hobbies.

I make a list and I love to cross them out and it's amazing how much I can accomplish over time. My list changes with the seasons. For example, my spring cleaning lists will be listed by room and what needs to be done in each room so I don't get overwhelmed. As long as I can cross things off, I feel like I'm accomplishing somethings. I don't need to cross every things off. I'm pretty flexible. Also in the spring I have a long list of flowerbeds to weed, divide  or revamp, etc. On days when I'm not very chipper, I do the easy stuff or sometimes I don't do anything. I need to add ( rest ) to my lists.

I got an extra pair of hands to help me today.

 The weeds were particularly bad in this bed. Each paver brick were lifted and weeded in between.

Right now, I'm working on a list of flowerbeds that needs serious weeding and so far I've crossed 12  off  the list with more to go. It's hard work but it feels good after it's done.

This is my crabapple tree that George bought me some years ago.  It was a grafted tree and it send up lots of sucker branches that are growing all around the base. I cut them off every year and they keep coming back. There are millions of  winged seed from surrounding Maple trees all over the yard.

It's hard to believe that the weekend is already upon us and not only that, we are in mid June. 
Have a safe weekend everyone and don't forget to leave a comment. I do appreciate them.


  1. Your place is beautiful. I work off lists too. I'm not sure anything would get done if not for lists.

  2. You sure do what you do VERY well! Your gardens are beautiful! It's very important to make rest a part of your list...

  3. Wow, your gardens are beautiful & I love the rocks in-the-round! You have such a wonderful array of colour & texture of so many plants. Your a hard worker Julia & an organized one at that. I too work from lists & what I can't do goes on my 'honey do' list when my husband is around.
    Your a ability to multitask your day out is encouraging to me with all the new tasks that I've taken on in the north-east. Have a great weekend. I love your memory rug!! & congratulations on the great grandmother stage in your life. That will be a whole new rug story!
    Warms regards,

  4. I'm a list maker, too, Julia, but I don't achieve half of what you do! Don't work too hard this weekend! Sarah

  5. I totally understand the "list making". I do one almost daily. It helps keep me on track and I love crossing off the items as they are completed.

  6. I should be a list maker but I am not. I am trying to back off from so many gardens we are now doing a veggie garden and it gets bigger ever year. Your energy is amazing.

  7. your gardening and beds are impressive! they certainly take a lot of work. here, i have a couple of blooming natives and that's it. i struggle to keep a few small blooming trees alive in this heat and often drought. but except for a bit of horse poo and some watering, that's about it beside the mowing and weed-eating.

    i used to make a lot of lists of goals. haven't been able to pin any down lately. i don't like being 'undefined'. :)

  8. We did this while Bill was home the past weekend. He is the gardener/landscaper. I just do what I am told. His thumb is green...mine is, sadly, rather brown.

  9. I make lists irregularly - if I did it more often I'd probably get more done, right? LOL Your flower beds look great - have you ever tried covering the ground with a mulch of some kind to prohibit the weeds from growing? Just a thought..... Good job - you've accomplished a lot!

  10. yes, I'm also a list maker ... have to have it ~ too monkey brained to keep things in order without listing.

    I do hope you enjoy the beauty of your hard work. gorgeous flower beds but the maintenance? oh, baruther! lifted up each paver brick???? oh man...

  11. You have cleaned 12 flowerbeds!!! Oh my gosh, I love the extra pair of hands on your wheel barrow. :)
    Your yard looks so pretty. I live by my lists. I don't know what I would do without them.
    I also have long range ones too. It is always so nice to check things off.
    Well I do hope you get to rest a bit tomorrow.

  12. There is something so relaxing about lists.
    Making them, finishing them....somehow the trouble seems to be half-beat
    once the words tumble out of my brain
    and onto a list.
    It seems as if the list itself is an accomplishment:)
    lightens my heart.
    happy list-creating,

  13. I am a list maker also, it really helps me get things done because I want to "pass" by checking everything off my list. Sometimes I have to remind myself that life is an experience to be enjoyed not a to do list. Your gardens are lovely and you are so creative in designing them. I love your Memory rug. Just think how good you are going to feel when it is completed and you can see it every day. You are an amazing woman.

  14. I've been doing the weeding, mulching, transplanting, getting the yard ready for parties thing..and I'm exhausted! You are amazing in how much you get done! Your flower beds looks beautiful and so neat and orderly. I'm horrible at list making, but I find that I make more as I get older just to keep me on track! Hope you have a good week. I'm so behind in blogging this week and commenting, but I love to stop by and say hi to you!

  15. I just love pulling weeds. I wish I would have been there to help.
    It looks so good.

    I'm not a list person but I'm pretty sure I need to.

  16. Julia- I'm a list person too-- and you should see my list right now!! I'm organized- but only if I use my lists! Your yard is looking beautiful-- it's a great feeling to get those chores done!!

    Your visits mean the world to me:)


  17. Yes, it's time for me to get better about lists... I'm always so impressed by what you accomplish. Of course, it's probably not just the list is it? The list doesn't get down on its hands and knees and pull the weeds... darn. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  18. I just had to pop back with an idea I just had! How about you put my place on YOUR list? Yes?


  19. Your yard and plants are just so beautiful sweet Julia. Your extra pair of hands gave me a chuckle. Maybe I should try your idea of making a list and see if I get more done around here. Hugs

  20. If anyone person in the world of blogging makes me feel lazy girlfriend it is you! haha
    Did I read this right you are weeding 12 flower beds. OMGosh how you do what you do and still work in flower beds is absolutely amazing to me.
    Love your hosta's. That is one flower I would love to have here but never had any luck with them the slugs always ate them or the 100 degree temps took their toll
    The whole time I was reading about your list making I thought of how I use to do list and actually think you are more productive when you do.
    So I should do this again because I don't ever get enough done around here.
    Miss you and do put Rest on the top of one those list.

  21. PS
    In answer to your question about my leg surgery. I have not had it yet. Don't know when but been trying to hold off on it so I could mow but I know that is probably not the safest thing to do.
    Thanks for asking

  22. I make lists for practically everything lol. I wouldn't be able to function without them.

  23. HI! I have a question about your blog could you email me please? Thanks, Heather
    Lifesabanquet1 (at) gmail (dot) com

  24. Julia, I make lists too! And like you love to cross them off. Unlike you, my flower beds need serious weed-ectomies and I am delinquent! Your beds are gorgeous and the gloves on the wheel barrow made me giggle out loud.

  25. Oh my! What an ambitous lady! I HATE weeding...but you know that, right?

  26. And by the way I love what you did at the base of that tree with the bricks!!