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Saturday, June 1, 2013


Sorry for being such a poor blogger. When I come in from a full day's work, I'm so tired that I just plop myself in front of my computer and instead of posting, I check my followers' blogs and leave comments on those who  normally leave comments on my blog. I'm a two fingers typist and that's pretty darn slow and it takes me so long to type that I'm falling asleep before I can post on my own blog. Forgive me my Blogger friends if I don't always leave comments on your blogs. I always feel that my visitors are owed a curtesy visit with comment. I always enjoy reading about your day.

For lack of a heifer calf photo I decided to use my azalea that is blooming right now for the blog photo.
The weather has been all over the place but I can't complain as our American friends are really going through some rough time with all the tornados, rain and flooding. I hope that the weather will soon settle down to a normal summer for all.

I've been raging war with weeds in between rain showers. Trying to get ahead of the chickweed before they go to seed  otherwise the chickweed wins.

My new farm adventure

I wanted to tell you about my new adventure at the barn yesterday morning. It all started with a leaky water bowl. I noticed that the long big pen where our older heifer calves are housed was getting wet in one section. We couldn't see where the water was coming from. The pen was  cleaned out with the skidsteer and new bedding was put in. They seemed happy for a few days and then again, I noticed the pen being soggy in the same section again.

Yesterday morning I reached inside the gate to see if I could see if the bowl was leaking and I noticed that the heifer calves had pushed the water bowl a half a turn. It was loose and I could see water trickling a tiny bit and then it stopped. They would have no water to drink so I called my husband to show him.

We decided that the bowl needed to be replaced so we would have  moved all the heifer calves to the cow pen across the alleyway, maybe 8 feet away. It should be a piece cake cow patty.

One the the heifer calf decided that she didn't want to go in through the gate opening and chose instead to jump into the big cow trough and proceeded to try to get in through the stanstions where the cow put their heads through an opening to eat. She got herself good and really stuck. The front went in as she pushed real hard but the girl's hips were just too large to go through.  I wish that I had my camera with me. It was the most stupid position that she got herself in.  Her feet didn't touched the ground and she couldn't be lifted easily as she is around 275 pounds or more.

My husband is a wiz at math but rescuing a stuck bovine is not his strong point.  I called my son Vaughan  with a tone of urgency. Within minutes he was there and hooked up the winch with strap and chain but he could see that he needed another plan to get her out. He used part of the cow lifter frame and turned it on it's side to make like a table frame and put two narrow sheets of plywood to make a platform for her feet to rest on and he lifted her up high until her hind feet touched the floor and then her front feet rested on the platform and pushed her out from where she came in. She fell on the floor and quickly got herself up. I hope that she has learned her lesson but I doubt that she's got enough brain in that big head of hers.
He then replaced the water bowl with a brand new one and put some fresh bedding in their pen.

One little kitten wanted to be just where the action was and knowing that he would surely  be crushed, I quickly grabbed the said kitten and the little beast bit me on my right hand.  I should have picked him by the scruff of the neck but was in a rush to get him out of danger. I swung him out of the way and ran to pour rubbing alcohol on the wound. I keep a bottle handy where I work.

I have to be vigilant to not get cuts on my right  hand because I have had most of my lymph nodes removed from my armpit and I could get lymphedema for life if it gets infected. Lymphedema is a lifelong condition with lymph fluid retention causing swelling and pain which needs expensive treatments. Not a route I want to take.

I was so tired this afternoon that I needed a little nap before going to weed some more. I weeded about half an hour and there was a sudden downpour and I ran in the house wet, then it was time for more barn work. I envy those who can get away for the weekend.

Here is the long flowerbed weeded. Yeah... I also put a small border at the end of the driveway. I dug out half a wheelbarrow of crushed rocks from that little flowerbed.It was really hard to weed. I put in a bag of potting soil to replace the crush rocks. It will surely be easier to weed. I used a coarse screen mesh to screen all the crush rocks from the end of that little flowerbed.

This is what it looked like last fall.  It was impossible to weed because of all the crush rocks in the soil. It was an absolute mess.

Tomorrow is another day and there will probably be nothing newsworthy to write about....

Thanks for visiting and stay safe. I appreciate you and your comments, however short just so I know you count me as one of your blogger friend. Happy June everyone, I hope it a good month for you.


  1. i ALWAYS enjoy your farm stories! you are a remarkable woman with all you do! i really wish i could have seen that poor heifer and the rescue - just glad it worked out for all! and do watch the infections! yikes!

  2. Hi Julia...your patio looks so inviting! What a lovely spot to sit and sip a glass of ice tea. Hope you will get to do just that sometime soon. The irises are beautiful! Your calf wrestling stories are always entertaining!
    Take care,

  3. Lovely azalea! You have such responsibility on the farm! Never a dull moment! Take care of that kitten bite!

  4. I can't help but laugh picturing that stuck heifer. I am sure it wasn't funny at the time.
    I hope that the cat bite doesn't cause you problems. Would it be worse than a scratch. Glad you know to take care of it right away.
    Good golly my friend, I would fall asleep if I did all you do when I sat down a well.....gosh I do anyway. I just read the cow story to my husband. He was laughing. I said and she apologizes because she hasn't been blogging . He said that you can be forgiven since you had cow issues, hah.
    Take care. Your yard looks so nice and inviting.

  5. What a day for you! Whew..I'm glad you son came and helped and even replaced the bowl for you...good boy! I love all your adventures and I bet you'll have more tomorrow too. I wish you could get away for a nice relaxing sure earn it. Your flower beds are beautiful and so well taken care of and I think your azalea is lovely..I have one I just's red and vibrant! I hope your June is great too!

  6. oh, lord?! poor ol heifer! you should have had your camera... however, the mental picture is pretty funny!

    what a life you have ... give yourself a weekend off for crying out loud.

    That Azalea bush is gorgeous! and so are your flower beds but oh wow.. upkeep!

    Hope you have a lovely sleep tonight and a great Sunday ;)

  7. I'm tired for you!!!

    Cows. Are they not the dumbest creature ever? Good thing they are good for something.
    What a circus.

    Your yard looks lovely and the bush is so gorgeous.

  8. Julia, you'ye an awesome blogger! I always enjoy reading the critter 'adventures'. Your garden looks beautiful. After a full day of work on the farm, no wonder you're tired. Take care of that bite.

  9. You work very hard, a day sorting out a heifer would be more than enough for me, but you went on to 'weed' it looks very pretty. My day was spent sitting down at a computer for 9 hours answering one call after another for people whose cars had broken down or crashed and deploying their assistance - what a contrast! think I am very lucky.

  10. Your azalea is beautiful, and your flower beds are so pretty!! Life on the farm sure is busy, and such hard work. I hope your bite is better today.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, Julia!

  11. Julia, your adventures (and the work!) are endless. I just hate to hear that you've been injured in these adventures. Please be careful!
    Hope those bovines are behaving themselves today.
    Your flower beds are looking so nice. I can't imagine all the work involved in such huge beds.
    It was so nice to read one of your posts, but I understand why you don't always have timer to write.
    If I worked as hard as you do, I wouldn't have the energy to even read posts.

  12. Enjoy your stories. This city girl wanna be farm girl likes hearing about everyday life on a farm. Thanks for taking us along.

  13. I hear you,Julia! getting away is a real treat, and it doesn't happen often! Stuck heifers are a pain in the Watusi!! so are leaky water bowls! I hope you have a good week!

  14. Oh my, Julia! You lead quite a life! Please be careful. I have lymphedema, too. It is a nightmare when it flares up! Hugs!

  15. Cows! Man girl what an ordeal and not a easy task freeing a stuck bovine! HA Luckily your son was able to help!!! Your flower beds look so nice I still have one more area to weed, and let me must say with my procrastination the weeds are taking over - I really need to get in there.

    Have a great week!!!

  16. Your azaleas are beautiful! I didn't realize that cows were so "bull" headed! Funny story :) Thank you for your kind words on my blog. This is a different kind of busy in my life right now.

  17. Watch that hand, it would make me really, really sad if something happened to you. You do work so hard. It does make you wonder with livestock how they get in the circumstances they do. As you were describing it I could see it in my head and it made me remember times when silly cows and calves would get themselves stuck and you had to dismantle things to get them out. Your giant azalea is huge. I have never seen one that big. I know your peonies are bigger than anything I have ever see or I might add ever grow. I know you get lots of rain but you can sure grow things.
    Try and rest if you can and really Julia, vacation? What is that?
    Have a wonderful day. Yes, you know Ron would build me a table if I asked. I just wouldn't :) Bye for now my friend.

  18. What a day you had! I am learning that cows are not the smartest of animals... I pray no infection from the cat bite too. Your garden and azalea are looking beautiful! So much work. I hope you are able to sit and relax and enjoy the view some days! Hugs to you!

  19. Really Julia, its a wonder you don't drink more! Lol And that kitty needs to learn not to bite the hand that feeds it. Hope you don't get an infection. Maybe you should we wearing farm gloves. I hope the rest of the week is quiet and uneventful.

  20. I'm so glad you share your life with us's a beauty; I hope you know that.
    I doubt you realize how wonderful your busy days
    and how much gladness it gives me to read:)
    I totally get what you mean
    about getting away from it all for awhile.
    Yet there is something so alive
    about living that close to the earth.
    Thanks for being there with your light shining,

  21. Hi there Julia!
    Oh my... those cows sure keep you busy trying to figure out how to keep them out of trouble! Your son is a master mind I would say! I sure hope you take care of that cat bite and nothing comes of it.... those little teeth can do a lot of damage!
    When I see your garden beds with nary a weed I don't know how you manage to blog at all my dear friend... and typing with two fingers at that! LOL! I need to go update my blog now... you've made me feel real guilty!
    Great post!!
    Cathy G

  22. Hi Julia, All your critters keep your life exciting. I don't think you'll ever be bored. Hope your hand has healed.

  23. You certainly deserve to have a boring day or two after that one! It's always good to hear what's goin' on at the ranch and nice of you to visit. Count me a happy friend. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  24. Oh honey I am the one that has been a bad blogger. Like you I come in and once the cool air hits me I don't have the energy to get on line.
    I do miss everyone and wish I could blog like I use to.
    Your gardens are gorgeous. Especially that azalea bush. Huge and so lovely.
    Too hot for our azaleas now. They bloom here around Easter and then some bloom in fall.
    I totally understand about worrying about your arm. I too have the same problem and if something is going to scratch or bite me its usually in that arm. So glad you watch it carefully. I too run for something to doctor it with as soon as it happens.
    Glad your son was able to come to the rescue of the calf. I tried to picture it and I would of been worried sick trying to release her.
    Your stories are always interesting and I love hearing and seeing what you are doing.
    Forgive me for my lack of visits. I keep saying I am going to get better and I do hope I do.
    It was fun coming by tonight.
    Love ya

  25. I love your farm stories, Julia. I don't know how you find the energy for such extensive gardens on top of all the farm work! Sarah