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Saturday, July 6, 2013


Just a light post to cool off on a very hot day.
What could be more fun than a great Bar-B -Q in one's own backyard with mom and dad and little baby brother.

James and Dad after some pool time in their backyard in Ottawa.

Daniel and mom  wanting to go in the pool too but ... Daniel is too little to go in the big pool and mom has to hold him, besides he doesn't have a swim suit yet.

James swimming with the sharks.

Playing with the hose filling up the pool. Hurry up water, faster, faster.

Thanks for joining in Daddy and being the landing pad for my helicopter.

James in the deep ocean swimming with the sharks.

Time to eat mom's tasty muffin after all that swimming.

Can you tell it's been raining in Ottawa. No problem, I'm all ready for the wet stuff. I've got my froggie wears on. Let's go Daddy...

That was lots of fun today. Can we do it again tomorrow?

Thanks for visiting on this very hot day. I hope that you stay where it's cool and drink plenty of fluids.
I'm tickled pink when you leave me a comment.

Have a safe weekend  and watch for those crazy drivers if you're on the road and don't get too much sun like me.


  1. What sweet pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  2. Awww good times with the little ones. They grow up so fast. James is growing like a weed. (A good weed). And Daniel is pretty darn cute too.

  3. james is adorable!!! :) your daughter in law has a wonderful smile. :)

    1. That is my daughter, Christine.

  4. How sweet! This looks like so much fun! You have a wonderful family!

  5. Those grandsons of yours are just the cutest little guys! So sweet! It sure would have felt good today to be in that pool too!

  6. What adorable children! It looks like everyone was having lots of fun!

    Thank you, Julia, for your visits and comments to my blog. I truly appreciate it.


  7. Cute pictures. I love the one wear he is just peeking out with the sharks in the pool. Those little pools are still so much fun.
    Hope you didn't get too much sun.
    Thanks for stopping by and always leaving sweet messages. I hope your summer is going well. We had our first day without rain. Just missed us. It has been 2 weeks of rain. I avoided part of it traveling.
    Take care.

  8. P.S. The lights weren't fireflies. They all flashed in at the same time. They were all over the place. I think it had to be Amtrac. I am determined to find out. We were beginning to freak out a bit. Like we were in a sci fi movie. Or it could have been that it was way too late for us to be driving at night with two little kids.

  9. Awwwwww... jeeeez what cuties... Daniel doesn't look pleased... someone is NOT doing something right.

    Charlie gets that look then a little wah .. I say, what? he doesn't know... precious angels.

    What? no weeding today? girl?

  10. James is having so much fun and it shows all over that cute face. Daniel is really growing. It is so much fun to watch the little ones having a good time. Thanks for sharing your adorable little grands they are both just so cute! Hugs

  11. Thanks for sharing these sweet little fellows with us. Love the frog rain gear! What wonderful memories James will have of swimming with sharks at Grandmother's house!

  12. I'm trying to decide if James is cuter as a blue bear or a green froggy? :-) We all need a shark pool! Looks nice and refreshing! Great ideas for making Summer enjoyable!

  13. Perfect way to cool down, swimming with the sharks.lol
    James has the cutest outfits, all matching his personality!
    It sure has been hot here too, I love summer. It's just too short so I soak it up & retrieve it in February when I need to remember there is an end to the winter season.
    Enjoy your summer with the kids & grandkids, they grow so fast. Harvest your memories this short season.
    Take time in that beautiful gazebo & hook a few worms!

  14. It looks like a wonderful day. I love all of the photos Julia.
    You have such a sweet family.
    Stay cool if you can.

  15. It's fun to see how simple things like a small pool can bring about big smiles! Lovely, happy faces all around and I really think that raincoat and boots is adorable! We need them here...no worries about too much sun in this part of the world! Although I did see blue skies and sunshine this afternoon and was totally excited!

  16. Such cute kids . . . I love the frog raincoat! Sarah

  17. Looks like the perfect way to keep warm!
    I love those sweet little faces.
    It's great that you could take a minute from all the farm work to enjoy such a great time with the family.

  18. So many smiling faces everywhere. Looks like you're having a wonderful fun-filled summer Julia :-)

  19. Julia how I love these pictures. So glad I was able to stop by today and see your adorable babies.
    I was jealous to read about their rain. It is dangerously dry here where I am in Texas.
    I have missed blogging but have a serious problem with blogger. Every time I try to do a post it says error page at the bottom and it won't let me type a post. Weird right. I hate this is happening. Have you had any problems with doing post.
    Hope your well and I loved these pics. James is growing up way to fast. lol