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Friday, August 16, 2013


Sorry that I haven't posted lately, I didn't get lost in the jungle, I've just been a bad blogger... Family time gets priority and that's not bad....  Just a quick post today... and more photos to follow another day.

My  granddaughter Jordyn came to visit us and my daughter Christine looking at photos on the smart phone.

Beautiful Jordyn is expecting a baby boy at the end of September and it will be my first  great grandchild.
I'll become a great grandmother, can you believe it. I look old enough lately. It seems that I'm speeding up aging lately...... hope that I can live up to the new title. I'm keeping my fingers cross that all will be well for baby and mother.

James love to go to the park. Wheels and tires are a big hit with him.

James getting a cool drink on a warm afternoon while at the family park.

James got all tired out it seems... not sure if this picture is in the right sequence.

James loves, did I say loves the water....

James is a little water baby and Daniel is taking swimming lessons too but right now is napping time.

Having a little rest on the edge of the wading pool. All that swimming on the belly is tiring.

James love running after the Toy Story ball in the park.

Having a snack to boost up his energy, as if he needed it....

Playing on the big slide like a big boy.

Daniel is still sleeping in the fresh air by the pool.

James getting ready to go down the slide.

James climbing through the small tunnel to get back on the slide

James driving the Off Roader  buggy

Sorry, it took me so long to post. There never seems to be enough time for this old grandma but I should have some more photos soon  from last Sunday we spend at the cottage at the lake. I still need to download some photos from my daughter's smart phone. I wish I was smart.... those smart phones, everybody has one but me....

I appreciate your visit and I don't take you for granted. If I haven't visited your blog yet, I hope to get there very soon. I hope that you are all well and are having a good summer. Let me know that you visited my blog by leaving a comment. I really appreciate all your comments...


  1. I agree...family has to take priority! Enjoy those special times with your grandkids...and the new great grandson, when he arrives! James and Daniel look so much alike...and are so very cute!!

  2. Boy have you been missed but obviously you were spending quality time with your family and making lots of memories and that is good. Congratulations on soon becoming a great grandma. You must have gotten married when you were 13. James and Daniel are beautiful kids... There's nothing like grand kids. Have a good weekend.

  3. Absolutely family has priority ... good grief, yes! what a gorgeous family, Julia. Just loved looking at these pictures!

    I tell you with the electricity going off from 8pm last night to 4am this morning! I was ever ever so grateful for y smart phone.

    The Entergy app kept me advised of progress as well as still being able to play games and read blogs and all that good stuff.

    A great grandmother! oh me! Jordan is lovely as is Christine. and Daniel and James... where's George? hahaa

    Thanks for the update... really. I mean that. I enjoy seeing more of who you are.

    1. oh, Jordyn not Jordan ... such a pretty name...

  4. ABSOLUTELY, time with these lovelies should trump blogging ANY DAY, EVERY DAY you have it! :) james sure is a cute and active little one!

  5. congrats on becoming a great grandmother soon.
    and it looks like you have been busy with family it is so nice to have them around.

  6. I don't have a smart phone either...in fact, I don't have any phone except the landline in my house. How's that for low tech?
    Those little guys are so precious...and now a great grand too! You are blessed, my friend.
    It's good to "just be" sometimes and not worry about maintaining our routines.
    Not another mention of age, young lady...you are in better shape than many half your age!!!
    Have a great weekend,

  7. Looking at all the action shots of James made me realize why I had my kiddos when I was young...it made me tired just looking at the cute pics! Congrats on being a great G! You are the most energetic lady I know..not old by a long shot! I don't have a smart phone..just a dumb one which suits me just fine!

  8. Hi Julia, I love seeing photos of baby Daniel and his big brother James. Two very handsome little boys! (and getting so big) Congratulations, a great grandchild on the way, my but your family is expanding...Hope you are enjoying summer and have had a bit of time to yourself, I know what a busy lady you are...BTW no smart phone here! Hugs from Maine, Julie.

  9. Congratulations you Great Grandma you!! And how Great you are, just look at your posterity - that lil James is such a cutie, and that Daniel, what a sweetie pie!! Thanks for sharing your family. You don't have to apologize about not blogging, we all get busy!

  10. Family time is the best. Jordyn has the most beautiful copper hair, wishing her a safe and happy delivery - it must be so exciting for everyone to await this baby. Betty

  11. Julia, you can't possibly be a bad ANYTHING! You are nothing but GOOD! And yes, family comes first.
    James is getting so big and little Daniel is adorable. Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

    PS- I don't have a smart phone either. Probably beyond my techno capabilities anyway.

  12. Family first. Thank you for sharing the pictures and updates on your family. They all as wonderful as you! You are blessed, and you bless so many others. Hugs.

  13. Oh, yes!! We think family and a few other things should always come before blogging. Your family is just beautiful sweet Julia. Super pictures!! The boys are looking as precious as ever. Congrats on the great grand coming. That is fun too, I have two great grands. Hugs!

  14. No excuses necessary. You should spend every minute possible with those sweet grandchildren. They look like they are enjoying their time with grandma too. And congrats on the soon to be great grandma status

  15. Congrats to the greatest great grammy! :-) James is growing fast! He sure does have a lot of energy... made me want to nap just after seeing all those action pics! Daniel looks so sweet!

  16. Sadly I am in love with my smart phone. My son communicates so much more now that he can text me.
    You certainly do not look old enough to be a great grand mother! Wow!
    I have two step grand daughters living far far away and none of my own. I do have three grand doggies! LOL.

  17. I always getting caught up with you and I enjoy looking at photos of your beautiful family. I don't have a smart phone either. I am not going to get one either.
    I see how much extra it costs my kids and it just isn't worth it to me. I always judge everything by the amount I am saving and I can buy wool with that. :)
    I just can't believe you are going to be a great grandmother. You just have so many lovely babies around you. Have a lovely weekend

  18. You post more than enough.
    You visit more than enough.
    You do more than enough.
    You ARE more than enough:)
    And a beautiful one you are, at that.
    Congrats to your growing family;
    you'll be a wonderful "great"
    (you've already lived up to the title)

  19. Beautiful children! Nice blog you have here.

  20. All your pics are great of your beautiful kids and grands, Julia. I understand not posting....I'm like that too.....life gets in the way. An early congrats on the next generation!!!

  21. Your priority is your family, thank you for sharing your precious time with them, with us. Time does move so fast & everyone has been feeling it lately! A new baby & your 1st great grandchild! Wow that is special Julia. Enjoy your summer as it comes to an end & I look forward to seeing the cottage pics.

  22. Congratulations, Great-grandma! Love seeing your family photos. Enjoy the end of the summer. Sarah

  23. Wow I can't believe your going to be a Great Grandma. How exciting is that but you are way to young. I feel the way you do about speed aging of late. I feel it too. haha
    You know how much I love seeing pic's of James and Daniel. Those two boys are growing up fast. It won't be long and Daniel will be following James every step.
    Don't feel bad about blogging. I am the worse these past six months. If it's not one thing out here with me its another so blogging has been on the back burner and I do miss my friends.
    Enjoy your week and looking forward to seeing you other pics.
    I have a smart phone but not smart enough to know how to use all the features
    Love ya

  24. Hi-ya. I popped over from Maggie's blog. Nice to meet ya.

    Congratulations on the great grandchild-to-be! Exciting, huh? We just had our thirteenth grandchild not long ago, but the older ones are only in high school, so I hope we have a few years before the next generation begins.

    Beautiful pictures of your family. We'll be spending the next few days with four of our grands, so I'll be unplugging myself from the computer for a while. Kiddos first, right?

    Count me in as your newest groupie. Take care.

  25. Family definitely takes #1 priority.

    There is nothing cuter than a sleeping baby I swear!

    Great grandma? You can't possibly be.
    So exciting.

  26. I don't have a smart phone either mom. I don't even have a cell phone, so you are a couple of steps ahead of me!