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Saturday, August 24, 2013


Wow, August  is slipping away and the lawn is still green from all the rain and I've been weeding my large daylily flower bed. It was a lush carpet of green weeds gone to seed. It's unbelievable how fast the weeds went to seed. I've been on my knees till dark for the last two days in between work and I'm almost done that bed.

A family of four cute kittens and the stray mother adopted me this week. The mother had gone into my son's covered entrance to have her kittens and he's a soft hearted man so he cared for them for a month. Everything was OK until the kittens got bigger and started to discover their surroundings and they got scared of the my son's big dog and the whole feline family went missing for a few days till we found them in the hedge by my shed. It wasn't long before the mother came to the barn to steal some of the cat food and milk.  The other barn cats were not impressed.

She came to the house at the back door and I gave her a saucer of milk and I bought some kitten food for the kittens.
They have been very shy and ran away every time I came out. This evening they started to get braver as they have seen me digging in the garden for the last two days and they came and played near me, having fun digging and jumping on the daylily foliage until they got tuckered out. I don't have a picture of the kittens and the mother as my camera battery is on loan for a little while. I'll have to try to find them a good home.The mother is a beautiful long black and white hair cat and is very friendly. She must have been dropped off at the farm when they realized she was pregnant. It happens all the time. They have fleas so they are definitely not coming in my house. I'm very sensitive to  flea bites.

I'm posting some of the many  family photos we took  for the benefit of my family so bear with me.

James getting ready to eat a piece of lemon meringue pie. Can you tell that he's comfortable having his picture taken.

Jordyn came to visit. She will soon be a new mother to a baby boy.

What you see is what you get, folks.

Daniel just discovered that he can bounce to music in his Jolly Jumper. He was quite happy about himself.

Another first for Daniel. He  learned to turn onto his stomach while at mamoo's house and he now turns over at will. This photo was taken at my daughter and son in law's cottage at the lake.Those are my old feet in the background. See my shiny bunion.

James playing a game of Goo Balls on his mom's smart phone all by himself. He can get the level one all by himself.  Don't you just love the way he crosses his leg.

The men having a talk while the women are inside the cottage. Everybody seem to be in relaxing mode.

View of the lake as it was starting to get a bit dark. It's a gorgeous lake

Christine found a ripe tomato to munch on.

Me and Jackie talking away with my finger  moving. I wonder what was I talking about???

Simon and Mira doing the dishes for Mama. I was impressed that they washed and dried the dishes after supper.

Daniel at the church for his Baptism. Don't you just love the white tux.

James never even blinked during the pouring of the water on his head.

Jordyn was given the honour of drying his head.

The Godfather lighting the baptismal candle with the Godmother looking on.

The Godfather and Godmother with their beautiful family.

James was kept busy by two little friends but after a while he went crawling on all fours under the alter.

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Thanks for all your heartfelt comments on my last post. it means a lot to me.
Have a safe weekend and thanks for stopping by.


  1. psst - you mean daniel at his baptism... :)

    you're so sweet. i was waving to you in your first photo. :)

  2. That Daniel is one happy baby! Love the little tuxedo. Sarah

  3. Oh! the white Tux! how adorable is he... so loved seeing all these pictures, Julia. You have a lovely family ... all so healthy looking and happy.

    and James playing his video games! hahaa... he's gotten so big! my goodness... wasn't he Daniel's size a couple of weeks ago?! grow so fast.

    Love Daniel's jumper! look at those eyes!

    You look mahvelous m'dear... if you hadn't mentioned yer bunion, I'd never ever noticed but then I had to look ... yeah... that's a bunion all right...

  4. What a lovely family time Julia, I love looking at all of your photos. It just looks like you are having such a nice time enjoying everyone.
    I love that picture of you. You are so pretty.
    I am so thankful that you blog because I love reading about your family.
    That is a lovely Baptism too.
    You are so blessed. Thanks for mentioning Meg too,

  5. Cat and kitties sound sweet, maybe they can be mouse hunters and earn their keep. My cat often hunts even though she lives in suburbian luxury and doesn't need to! Your family photos are so happy and newsy. Will take a visit to Meg. thanks.

  6. What lovely family photos! Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time.
    James and Daniel are the cutest little boys!
    Thanks for sharing the happiness with us.

    p.s. Thanks for being a good adoptive mom to the cat and her babies.

  7. You have such a nice family. I am always happy you share them with us. James & Daniel are getting so big! I hope the kittens and Mama Cat get homes. Hugs.

  8. You have such a beautiful family! Your posts always make me smile! Daniel has some great facial expressions! Everyone looks so genuinely happy!

  9. Sweet Julia you have spent a lot of time on your knees working hard. I do good to get down on my knees and staying there is another issue.

    I couldn't see your bunion but I know what misery those things can bring.

    You have such a wonderful family and I sure enjoyed all the pictures. James looks so cute with the crossed leg and Daniel looked so spiffy in that white tux. They both look so happy and have such sweet smiles.

    Hope you can find a real nice home for the mom and kitties.

    If you run out of something to do :) you can hop on over here, I have lots to do. Knowing you I don't think we will ever see the day that you have nothing to do. You are the busiest lady I know.


  10. You have been busy! Hope you find a home for the cat and kittens. The family pictures are wonderful. My goodness the boys are growing.

    Enjoy the rest of August!

  11. Hi there Julia,
    Such wonderful photos of your family and those cute little munchkins! It has to be so much fun watching them grow and enjoying every milestone such as the baptism! You look mah-vel-ous too sweet lady! Bunions and all! We've earned every one of 'em I like to think!!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my new rug design! I'm so very blessed to have met you in blog land!
    Take care Julia... enjoy what's left of summer!
    Cathy G

  12. Love seeing the pictures of your family. James playing the video game made me smile. Who could resist a "man" in a white tux. Thanks for sharing, I'm still smiling.

  13. Love the photos Julia. Yes August is drawing near. Isn't it crazy? Where has the summer went? I am glad though...I'm an autumn feller. I hope you find a home for the kittens :)

  14. I'm thrilled to see pictures of you SITTING DOWN!! You've got to be the hardest working blogger I know! And I've got one of those shiny bunions too ~ but I'll probAbly have it a long time ~ the thought of surgery is too scary!! Glad you had a nice day, friend!

  15. Wow, those little boys sure resemble each other. Looking at the latest pics of Daniel it would be easy to believe it was James.

  16. You are always so busy. you family looks wonderful how nice you all got together.

  17. An Edwardian lady in full dress was a wonder to behold, and her preparations for viewing were awesome.silks saree

  18. Julia- it's nice to see pictures of your beautiful family-- it helps us all to get to know you better. We've been dealing with the kitten issue too- living in the country- we have lots of stray kitties:)

    I'm touched by your comments-- and I admire your perseverance in being a breast cancer survivor. You and everyone like you are heros in my eyes.


  19. I'm so glad there are people like you in this world!
    Can't understand how someone could abandon a cat like that, just turn it out. Grateful she landed in a friendly place like yours.
    And your family is so beautiful...the cabin
    (and that shot of the kayaks on the dock...swoon!)
    your summertime, just a bounty of beauty,
    this simple life you lead.
    You are one stunning woman and I'm honored to know you,

  20. Julia honey you have been on my mind so much that I had to sit down tonight and see what you have been up to. As always I am happy to see new pic's of your family.
    I can't pick a favorite but the one of James with his leg crossed playing on a smart phone is too cute. haha
    Aren't we so blessed with our beautiful families.
    I am home alone again for a holiday but that's okay I know how busy my kids are with their on lives.
    Of course I can relate to the kittens. I have had so many different kittens out here that I imagine I might be called the old cat lady by some.
    Oh I love the pictures of you too. Another thing we have in common shiny bunions. haha
    Your a hoot and I am so glad we have met in this world of blogging.
    Thankful for you Julia

  21. Looks like some very nice family moments.

  22. Good Tuesday morning Julia. What a wonderful family you have. James and Daniel are getting so big, honestly where does the time go? I think you might have a couple of future farm hands!! Hope you are enjoying this lovely late summer's day, I'm off to clean the chicken coop...Hugs from Maine, Julie.