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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Can you trust your own car dealer? I used to trust  my car dealer but not anymore.  They are really after as much money as they can squeeze out of their customers.

Last week I brought my car in to have a diagnostic done on an engine light that kept going on and off and I got a new fuel valve replaced for $309.00 and I scratch paint from someone pumper when I pulled out of their crowded parking lot and they wanted me to pay $395.50 to have the repair done on the other truck.  I said that I would pay and I got the name of the owner and called and left a detail message on his phone with my name and phone number. I never got a call from the truck.

Today I got a call from the dealership and asked me to come and pay them by Tuesday as the guy's truck was going to be brought in to repaint the bumper.  Now I'll pay for the damage but it will be the last time I'm taking my car there.  I'm never going to bring my car there for repairs or to buy another car. I'll be done with them.

Not too long ago, my husband took his truck there  to get it checked and they told him that it would cost $1500.00 to have a new transmission put in. My husband took the truck somewhere else and asked them to check it.They checked it, they changed the oil filter and gas filters and my have done something else and they charged $150.00 and the truck well.  My husband is furious and also agrees with me that they have lost us as customers.

A friend of ours agrees with us also that their parking lot is atrocious with cars parked all over the place.
It's certainly not senior friendly. He's also a senior and not satisfied with their service.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I'm really annoyed with them.

I hope that you only have good news today.


  1. We are finding a few places that seem to be more interested in money than serving the customers and providing them with what they need. It is sad when a business one trades with for a period of time joins the company of greed. Hugs

  2. Hello, my Dear! I've come to you from The "Grow Your Blog" was over before I knew about it, but it was so nice of Vicki to leave the list up! Anyway, I always welcome new blogs to enjoy, and yours is delightful! I am now following you ~ please come and visit me if you get a chance!
    So nice to "meet" you!

  3. That's a real bummer, Julia. so frustrating to have to deal with that kind of business. Can you report them? Do you have a Better Business Bureau there or is there a review place on their website?

    People need to know. You don't have insurance? harumph

    first your calf and now yer car... mean ol Murphy

    no wonder you haven't slept well in five nights! frustration!

    hope you sleep well tonight ...


  4. I am so sorry for your troubles no I do not trust the car dealer I used to buy the car I have right now.
    I really hate the whole process of buying a car that is why I buy a car and keep it forever.
    I do not trust their repairs either. We have a small local garage that seems to be trust worthy.

  5. The sad truth is that there is systematic abuse of customers based on gender and race. Studies have been done. Black women get the worst abuse (abuse means higher prices) of all. White women next. Then black men. White men always pay less. So you are in the "likely to be taken advantage of" category. But I'm surprised that they pulled that crap on your husband. Farmers, who are used to diagnosing machinery, are a dangerous category to try to bullshit.

    I don't trust anyone who wants to "fix" my car unless someone I trust recommended them, and then they are on trial until I see what they do. There are a few trustworthy ones out there, but it takes time to find them. Sadly, many of them operate like the one you mentioned. The sad part is that most people are too meek to question things or too stupid to know that they have been duped. They sense this and take advantage of it. Happens thousands of times a day.

    I could add to this, but had better move on.

  6. I'm sorry to hear you got ripped off. It is so hard to find any one to trust today from car dealers, to doctors. It is sad when you feel violated like this. Money is definitely the "root of all evil." And unfortunately it seems to be getting worse. It takes so long to build up a good reputable business and it can half the time to destroy it. Word of mouth travels very fast.

  7. I am so sorry Julia....Being treated rudely and unfair is never called for in life or business...It looks like he is going to ruin his business all by himself as people are not going to put up with that kind of treatment...

    My husband has always said let your money talk for other words...just like you said don't go back....

  8. The parking lot serves a good purpose..for them! Making it so people damage other vehicles just so they can rip you off...I wouldn't darken their doors anymore either! I usually avoid the dealerships unless I have a warranty or a recall. Sorry you got a bum deal. Hope the rest of the week is better.

  9. OMG! Sounds like you have a bully of a dealer there! That's horrible what they did to you about the scratch! You know how many times my dealer left oily smears all over the inside of my car? I think maybe I should have billed them for a full detailing.... and ANYWAYS.... what kind of sissy-pants cry babies over a scratch in a TRUCK bumper.... it's a TRUCK! grrrr.....

  10. Hi sorry you've had such a rough time getting your car repaired. It is a scary business trying to find a reputable dealer. We are very fortunate to have found a reliable, honest dealer when we bought our Volvo seventeen years ago. I just had it in in December to have the gear shift mechanism replaced with a whole new one. They always give me a "loaner" because I bought the car from them...this time it was a 2013 suv...very fancy. It took eight was during the holidays...because the first part didn't fit so they had to reorder it...the whole time I had the loaner. When we picked the car up the bill was $250. very reasonable we thought. My car had been washed and vacuumed...they always do that. The fellows there know us and are always so kind...a few years ago, while having the ac fixed they came to my house and dropped off my car and picked up the loaner to save me a trip. I wish you could find a dealer like we have...they are out there, but scarce as hen's teeth I'm afraid.
    Hope you have a better day today and a Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Finding a good mechanic is almost as important as finding a good doctor. I've been using the same guys for 20 years and they've never done me wrong.
    Sorry about your experience.

  12. Sometimes a good rant is what we need and I fully understand. There are so many ways that people are being taken advantage of these days.. well, probably always have been but definitely it is frustrating!! Good luck finding someone trustworthy.

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. I think it is that way every where I go. It just blows my mind. It is good to have a rant once in a while. :)

  14. Oh Julia, sorry you have had such bad luck with your car dealer. I count ourselves lucky as we have a pretty great one that we deal with, mind they are a small town dealership so bad service would not go well as news travels fast in small communities. Hope sharing your frustration helped a little know it can't help the money spent but it sometimes helps to just get it off your chest. Hugs and I hope your day goes better,happy valentines day tomorrow.

  15. Julia, Too bad I hate when you have a day like that! Hugs and Happy Valentines day! Cheri

  16. I agree!
    Now what you need to do is do a facebook post on it, naming the raunchy dealer and send them a link.

    I don't get mad....I get even.

  17. Sad that there are still dealers who treat their customers this way...

  18. i think a tried and true small business owner
    who knows his stuff
    is always the better way to go.
    our "car guy" is a trusted guy
    who knows our cars well,
    like a family doctor
    that we can rely on.
    prayers that you'll find the right one
    and rest in the good care.

  19. In most cases the answer is a resounding NO. i got royally screwed when I went to buy to my last car. I was told the car had certain items on it that it didn't have. After going back to the dealer, a 250 mile round trip, and spending an 11 hour day trying to get it straight I just gave up. I don't if I will ever like the car after having such a miserable experience. Hopefully you can find a better dealer for your car repairs.
    I love your blog and everytime I find you have posted a new one it is like getting a welcome letter and gives me a real boost. You are so talented and work so hard. You are a blessing to many. Thanks.

  20. Thanks Ann, I tried to visit you but your profile is not set to public so I can't reach you via blogger.

  21. Hi, Julia:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Sorry February is getting you down. I certainly sympathize. Actually, when I hear your stories of flooded barns and frisky calves and nasty car dealers, I realize I could be a lot worse off. I hope things get warmer and brighter and easier for you soon.


  22. car problems always stink! even if you love the dealer!

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  24. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with your car dealer, Julia. I don’t understand how they can do that to their own customers. Sooner or later, anyone who’s seen the bad end of a deal is going to learn from that experience and will shy away from them. The dealer will then end up losing business. What’s the point of making extra cash if you don’t have any customers? Anyway, I hope you found a satisfactory car dealer.

    Bulah Everett