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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Life has been good but busy. My daughter Christine, her hubby Joe, James and Daniel all made it back home to Ottawa on Saturday morning, Aug 31th. Both James and Daniel were extra good travellers for a long long car trip.  The house seemed so empty after they left. They were here since August 6th. They are coming back for Christmas.

James kept himself busy with watching videos and playing the Goo Ball game on the smart phone and decorating himself with Cars stickers.

He removed his shoes and used his toes to get his pair of sunglasses from the seat pocket and placed them on himself. He looks pretty cool with his upside down glasses on. 

On Saturday I worked all day at the farm  with my son Vaughan, and George and one of the part time hired hand.

Vaughan  cleaned out the calf bedding and scrubbed the pens while I scrubbed the gates and washed the floor. My husband and the hired hand cleaned out the old bedding in the back of the barn and separated the older heifers, moved 8 of my older heifers that were about 300 pounds out in the back after cleaning the area and putting some fresh bedding. They will be ready to breed.

Then the small calves were moved into the empty large pen and the smaller one moved in their place. Now I had room for all my new calves.
I got 4 new calves in 2 weeks or is it five. It's always such a juggling act moving calves of different stages.

The four kittens and their mother are still around and are eating a lot. The kittens are destroying my tiger lillies. There are no blooms on them so it doesn't matter but they are so funny to watch, fighting with the stems till they break. First they ripped up all the leaves off. The little black ones were so scared of me at first while the two fluffy white and black one were braver. Now they don't hide every time I come out to feed them. I promise some pictures soon.

Yesterday I house cleaned all day, vacuumed, changed the beds and did loads and loads of laundry and made a big pot of chicken vegetable soup I even knitted a bit on my pink scarf until I started to drop a few stitches.

Today I worked at the farm for most of the day again  except for a few breaks. I cleaned in the milking house, shining the milk tank and cleaning in general. So much more to do. My lawn is so long again but it rained so hard all night and part of yesterday. It needs drying to mow.

I seem to be getting lots of energy to burn this week but I'm pooped by nightfall.

Last week I got the results of my 8 blood tests for my 10 year cancer checkup and The doctor was ecstatic at my results. I passed with flying colors. Everything is right smack in the middle where it should be. 100% on all 8 blood tests. No high cholesterol or high blood pressure etc, etc and even all signs of my diabetes is gone.  I changed my eating habits by eliminating anything with soy or soy by-products by reading food labels and cooking from scratch. It eliminate a lot of prepared food that we buy at the grocery store and in doing so, I eliminate a lot of preservative and chemicals.

So sorry again that my blog post is so long but they have been far in between and I had lots to share.

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  1. oh, congratulations on the fabulous medical results! obviously you've been doing very well for yourself! yay!

    i can imagine the calves get to hollering when they're moved around. good luck, young heifers. welcome to womanhood. :)

  2. My goodness, you have been busy! No wonder you're pooped by nightfall! Great news on your blood test results...way to go!

  3. Congrat's on your good results. Isn't family just the best.. especially grandkids.

  4. Congrats on your test results, way to go!! It's no wonder you're tired by evening....you have been so busy. I'm sure your house is quiet now but two blinks and they will be back. Love the pictures of James, very cute.
    Take care. Hope you get a chance for some more knitting time.

  5. Congratulations, Julia! So glad your test results are stellar. It's all that good clean farm living! Here's to many more years of good health! Sarah

  6. Wonderful about your test results!!
    There is so much to do on a dairy farm.
    24/7 and no holidays. I know you are tired at night.
    We buy little if any prepared food and
    I too avoid soy and soy products.
    I never have eaten much red meat, do not like turkey and was tired of chicken so two years ago I gave up meat.
    I do eat fish and seafood which I love. It is amazing how much better I feel.

  7. I love the picture of James in the upside down sunglasses!

    You're tired by the end of the day? I wonder why???
    Julia, with all the activity and work you do, I'd be flat out by lunch time! You have more spunk than anyone I know.

    That's great news that your lab tests came back cancer-free, no diabetes and good cholesterol and blood pressure. Home cooking with good ingredients is so much healthier than processed foods.

    Thanks for taking time to update us on what's been happening in your life.

  8. Hi Julia!

    Wow! And I thought I'd been busy! You work circles around me for sure! I'm so happy that all your medical tests came back so well! Good for you! I'm also trying to change our eating habits and not eating out as much and cooking from scratch. I'm loving it! Since I've "known" you whenever we pass a farm with cows and think about how hard those people work and never or rarely get a break!

    I have finally finished my craft room. I'll be posting pictures an more info about it soon.

    Take care!


  9. Great news Julia, I could see how it would be sad to see everyone go home. I am back to blogging today and I sure wish we had rain in California it is so hot!hugs Cheri

  10. I don't understand bloggers who apologize for a long post. jeeez I'd be apologizing each post! write away! LOVE James' pictures... HAHAaaaaa ... little cute toot

    Absolutely wonderful news about your health! I drink almond milk and read ingredients. I buy organic as well as no preservative food. MY problem??? overactive fork.

    What a long and lovely visit! I know it must seem empty but they'll be back in a couple of months and mine will be leaving... sob

  11. You have had a lot going on, Julia! My! What a good report from the doctor!

    There is never a slow day on a farm. I don't know how you ever think of having time off. It has to be really scheduled!

    Don't you love it how little ones LOVE to cover themselves with stickers?:-)

    By the way, keep those white sneakers handy!:-)

  12. So happy for your medical results. Great news.
    So glad that you had a nice visit with the little guys and their parents. How long of a trip is it for them. You are one busy lady. I honestly don't know how you do all that you do.
    Loving the sticker face.

    1. It a 10 hour drive but they have to stop and eat and feed the baby and James and change diapers, etc.

  13. I'm so happy your tests are perfect! In my world that's the best news! Besides your healthy eating habits, the busy farm life keeps you active...all good things to do to stay that way. Your grandkids are adorable and Christmas will be here before you know it! Have a great week!

  14. Congratulations on those wonderful test results; so glad you are taking care of yourself....What a accomplishment. I am so proud of you Julia....

    I know you miss your grandkids but sounds like you've had lots to keep you busy....They are so cute and so funny with the sunglasses on upside down...

  15. Awwww.... fun times returning for Christmas! I am sure time will fly by and you will be seeing them again before you know it! Looking forward to pics of the kittens... And BIG HUGS for the aces on the blood tests! :-) We should all be smart enough to stay away from prepared foods, right? I'm going to give it a try...

  16. I am happy about your good results! That is good news!
    James is so cute; he is growing quickly!
    The kittens sound so funny. I am glad they are doing well, too.
    Stay happy & healthy...that is good busy-work!

  17. Julia,
    There must be a benefit to working as hard as you do! Those test results are proof that hard work and eating healthy keeps us healthy! You need to celebrate for sure!!
    James sure keeps me smiling every time I see those cute photos!! How lucky you are to have your beautiful kids and grandkids!!
    Hoping you get some rest and enjoy the cooler autumn days ahead!
    Cathy G

  18. I am very happy to hear about your god medical news and also that you had a wonderful visit from family :) autumn is right around the corner :)

  19. Julia, so happy that you passed your tests with flying colors. You are an inspiration to many of us.

  20. Hi Julia, I am visiting via a comment you left on a blog. I love farmers! My Daddy is a farmer. My Mom and Dad just got three new bull calves themselves. My Mom and Dad feed the cows every morning at 5:00 and every evening at 5:00. They are so cute.

    I hope you have a great day on the farm. Your little grandsons are just about the cutest things. I am so glad they could come to visit. Nice to meet you today. Love, Becky

  21. Sweet Julia, is it ever not busy around your place? You do more than anyone I know every day. You are going to miss those sweeties for awhile but since it is September it won't be too long before they come back. Had to giggle when I saw James in his sunglasses upside down and with all those stickers on him.
    Too cute!! So very happy to hear about your blood test results. Wishing you nothing but excellent health the rest of your days sweet friend. Hugs

  22. James is so funny with his sticker face!
    Even if you are pooped by the end of the day, what you get done in a day puts me to shame!
    And I am very glad that you got perfect scores on your blood test! The BEST results!

  23. Congratulations on your clean bill of health! Keep up the good work!!!

  24. "Of Petals and Wool" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.


  25. Wonderful news about your blood work! All that good exercise and healthy eating is working! At our house we are firm believers that if bad food can make you sick, good food can make you healthy. Keep it up!
    Love seeing snaps of beautiful James...his cars stickers are so cute!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  26. how adorable is he! glad you're doing well!

  27. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)

  28. Great post. You are so busy! I can't believe how much you get done.
    I love the picture of the little guy. I would have loved to see the antics of the toes putting on the shades. Kids! You're laughing all the time.

    Looks like you are good and ready for fall.

  29. Farmers are my heros...I love the way you live your life:)
    Farm work is so honorable, so worthy of respect.
    I really enjoy hearing about the escapades of your home
    and family and farm.
    Glad for the family that draws near
    and the time you get to yourself also.
    You share it all so beautifully....big thanks.

  30. Just checking on you! and nice to see the pictures again... James and his sunglasses... haha

    you okay? just swamped with work?

  31. Hi Julia
    So glad to hear that your blood tests were all clear. It sounds like you have a wonderful place to live with lots of activity. Isn't it nice to have your kids and grand kids around. Our daughter, her husband and four children are coming to visit from Tasmania at the end of the month. Only for five days, but I am thankful they could come even for that. I love having them around. How is your memories rug coming along?
    Cheers from Chris in Oz

  32. What a farm girl you are!!! Man you have a busy life but a healthy one and it shows with you amazing GREAT check up!!! WhooHoo that is exciting news! Congratulations!!! Ok, those silly Grandsons are too dang adorable love the stickers and the glasses!! Funny boys! Kittens are the cutest things, thinking the world is theirs to attack!

    Fun post!

  33. I am so happy with your clean bill of health. I think you may have hit upon something with getting rid of the soy. I do think it is so bad for us. It is in everything. I think cooking from scratch is the way to go.
    I feel like every time I use white flour or sugar I am poising my family. I used to grind all of my own wheat and I think I need to get back to do that. My husband has got allergic to soy and has a reaction now. They even put a coating of it on peanuts and sunflower seeds. I can't find them anymore without it.
    I loved your post and I am so glad you are doing so good.