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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Yesterday started ordinary but before too long it wasn't an ordinary day. We got up early to milk the cows and I went to feed the calves. After breakfast I normally check my emails and my daughter Jackie, has sent me an email that there was a shooting in Ottawa on Parliament Hill.  One young soldier guarding the War Memorial Monument was shot and killed.

My mind went from tired to immediate alert. I wrote an email to my Daughter Christine in Ottawa and she replied that luckily, she was working from home as opposed to going into the office that day, the positive side of working with computers. Otherwise she would have been in a long line of stagnant traffic and her car would have been searched as the area was on lockdown.

My brother is an RCMP who works on Protecting the Parliament and embassies and I knew he would be there. It was a drama that I will not describe other than there was a lot of shooting inside the Parliament building and he was there protecting the country. He's married with a lovely wife and two kids.

Ironically, yesterday was his day off and he was called on emergency to work. He went with no breakfast in his tummy and the whole Parliament Hill went on lockdown all day until 8:00 pm last night. They were searching for one or two more suspects but in the end the police decided that there was only one shooter.

The killer was himself killed by the Sargent at Arm inside the Parliament building, three other people were wounded and taken to the hospital.

My brother was back at home today, safe and sound and is sleeping in. Everyone is relieved to have him back home with his family. His wife's voice was trembling last evening as she talked to me on the phone, saying how it had been for her waiting all day to know that he was safe and the constant speculations on TV was so confusing. It was difficult knowing what was true and what was speculations, not knowing when it would end.

Today the Parliament is again opened for business but closed to the public and one section in the area is still under blockade. Thanks to all our brave men and women who risk their lives to keep our citizens safe. I salute them all and I'm proud of my little brother.
My daughter Christine went to work as usual today.

I finally decided to put my grandfather's picture on a pattern for a rug. I used a photo of him and had to trace with black ink to see the outline better. It will not be a true drawing of him but a representation as I'm using a child projector to trace the outline and can only project one little part of the whole picture. If I move the projector on another section, everything is out of wack. This is the best I could do.

I need to work on the lips some more. The sketch outlined with a sharpie so the lines will be visible through the backing.  It's 24 x 24 inches.  My grandfather  was very handsome with his blue eyes, in his soldier uniform. I'm not sure what year that photo was taken and I would like to know.

The first rough sketch.

The  sketch is yet to be transferred to the backing  and I don't have all the proper dye to work with so it will be some time yet before I proceed to hooking. I have to order some more dye from Cushing Company in the states and then dye my wool. At least it's a beginning.

Stay safe warm and dry.


  1. i am sorry for that soldier's family and all affected. that was much too close to yours - and your brother...bless him.

  2. Yes.. our news services were full of yesterday's horror! as I said... it's usually the US ... can't remember this occurring in Canada! But as President Obama said ... we are in solidarity with Canada....

    oh, your brother! how stressful that was for his family and well, certainly him... so glad everyone is safe... just unbelievable! the lunatics in this world today ... so full of rage and hate...

    I am sooooo impressed with your projecting a design to make a pattern! how very cool are you!?

    never cease to amaze me...

  3. At first what I heard was terrible but as it unfolded it sounded even worse. I can't image the poor guard. So vulnerable. I watched today that the person that leads the parliament into session.....I know I probably have that all wrong - was given a long standing ovation. It was very heartwarming to watch him. He was a brave man. Julia, I didn't know this about your brother. Another thing we have in common. My son is one of the same but with different initials. It is so scary. Sometime I will share privately. The feeling you get watching it unfold.
    I'm so sorry that this is happening in your country as well. You want to feel safe in your country. I guess that's what your brother and my son are trying to do, keep us safe.
    I'm glad your daughter was at home yesterday.
    Your tracing is really good. I can't wait to see it finished.
    You take care and we just have to pray that things get better. Hugs

  4. When I turned on the TV and saw the news, I thought: Oh, no, not in Canada. I felt the same as when something awful happens in Sweden. I thought about you and all my Canadian blogger friends. I didn't know how close you were to all of it, so I am glad all is well with your family.

  5. I am so glad everything is fine. I saw a bit of it on the news, but they didn't go into it much. My son asked this morning didn't I know someone in Canada who could tell him what was going on? I will let him read your post. I am so sorry for the family and the man who gave his life to protect others.
    I am so glad others were not hurt.
    I think your Grandfather was a very nice looking man. I can't wait to see how it will look as a rug.
    Thanks so much for the update Julia. I am so glad your brother and family are okay today.

  6. So glad the ordeal is over! The violence so prevalent in society today is very makes me happy to stay at home in my little house! What a talented artist you are, Julia! This rug will be a wonderful tribute to you grandfather...keep us posted on your progress. So happy all is well now.

  7. the rug will be wonderful!
    so sorry all the things that happened,
    thankful your brother and daughter are safe,
    it makes you wonder how much longer things can go on as they are, blessings to all

  8. God bless these these everyday heroes. I am so glad that this ended quickly, but I feel for the family of the soldier. Bless them.
    The rug looks like it will be a treasure. I love your creativity. It is both meaningful and beautiful. I can't wait to see it develop!

  9. It's sad, what happened there yesterday. I'm glad your brother is safe!

  10. Thankful that your family is all safe. Seems like there is no safe or secure place in the world now. So sad for the soldiers family to lose him in such a senseless way.

  11. I'm glad your family is scary for all of you. I can't believe the crazy things happening all over the world. My heart goes out to the families of those that were killed. I love the idea of your hooking project. I think you did a great job of copying the photograph. It will be a wonderful tribute to your Grandfather.

  12. I'm so glad all your people are safe. It was a terrible day

  13. I am sure you are it was a relief to know your family is safe. There are just no words for that poor guards loss of life. It is becoming way to common place in this world.

  14. Julia,
    I am happy your brother is safe. Too much tragedy in this world.
    Your new hooking project is very ambitious. I look forward to continued updates.
    Hugs :)

  15. Whew! So relieved that your family is safe and sound.... hugs! Looking forward to seeing your hooking progress!

  16. That had to be a harrowing experience for you and your family.
    Those protecting these places are rarely paid according to their risk.
    I'm glad he is ok. My heart goes out to those injured or killed.

  17. Oh Julia you must have been frantic at the time. Thankfully your family is safe and hope they catch/eliminate the killers soon. Looking forward to seeing your wonderful work on your portrait. I'm sure you will do him proud.


  18. Julia, I tried to reply to your nice comment on my blog but you are a "NO REPLY" blogger so couldn't. That is why I'm commenting to you here. If you'd like to learn how to fix that, put that in the search box on my blog and it will show you what to do. You might have an e-mail address but it isn't configured properly on blogger. You could be missing out on giveaways because people can't reply to you thru their blog.

    Depending on the size of the strip it might be a couple holes over but yes, hook in one space color 1, next loop pulled in same row would be color 2, next loop would be color 1. When I did beading before I usually just used two colors but with this rug I wanted to do a sorta hit and miss using the colors of all the cats so it might tie everything together.

    When I changed colors I started with the tail up in the same hole as where the previous color ended ~ just like you would have done if you were using the same color as you just finished hooking.

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  20. (sorry above was full of spelling mistakes:)

    Oh I am proud of your little brother too.I am proud to be a Canadian and knowing that we are in good hands makes the world seem better for me. The citizens of this country are grateful for all we have and so sorry about a young man who did not deserve to die that way.
    My Grandfather was also a soldier and I LOVE what you are doing with that photograph it is going to be beautiful when it is done.Take care. Hug B

  21. Glad everyone is safe! I just saw there was a school shooting today. It's a scary world out there...everyone just needs to work from home!

  22. Julia-- I'm so sorry for this terrible tragedy that has taken place there-- so thankful your family is all safe-- so heartbroken for those who suffered loss. Senseless-- truly tragic.

    Thank you for your visit- kind words-- and your never ending support.
    Love, love

  23. Hi Julia, I watched and prayed for all the Canadians that were being shocked and stunned by the senseless killing of a brave man. I am sure it was a long day for your family . That amazing hero that stopped more bloodshed what a hero . Hugs cheri what is this world coming to?

  24. Oh, my Dear, I of course had heard of this on the news and was horrified...I, too, wonder what this world is coming to. Thank goodness your loved one is safe. Bless you. (And thank you for visiting my little bit of Halloween silliness...seems even more out-of-place in the wake of such senseless tragedy...)...but thank you. (A merry heart does a body good...:)

  25. Oh, Julia, I know how hard waiting to hear from your loved ones is. I am so glad your family is all safe and sound. I am so sad that the world's craziness has infected Canada, too. Your rug will be a great tribute to your grandfather. I have found if I think of the person I am hooking while I am doing it, their essence comes through in the wool. Good luck with it. Sarah

  26. Sending prayers and I am so glad to hear all is well with your family.
    I am real excited to see the work in process of your rug.
    Thank you for sharing.

  27. What a relief to know that your family is safe, during chaos & the unknown, our minds go everywhere! What an inspirational piece that your creating Julia, your Grandfather is smiling down on you. Enjoy the process of this wonderful creation as you bring it to life in another medium, through your rug hooking.
    It's so sad when life is taken away from love ones. I'm relieved that the killer is gone but there's so many others, 93 in our country of Canada, that's known or spoke of. It's such a different way of life now.
    Create some of that past through your hooking of your handsome Grandfather, with the beautiful blue eyes. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this rug!

  28. Oh, sweet Julia how frightening that must have been for you and your family. The not knowing is so very hard and the news sure makes it hard for anyone to really know what is going on. I am so happy for you and the family that your daughter and brother are safe and all is back as usual. That sketch is did super on it. Hugs

  29. Oh my goodness! Your artwork is lovely!
    I'm so sorry about all the scary business. So sad.

  30. I am sorry that I am just now seeing this. What a hero he was. I am so impressed by how Canada has pulled together through this. So inspiring.

  31. Such sad news from Canada, Julia. Thoughts and prayers to all!

    Thank you for your visits and comments to my blog. I continue to seem in a "merry whirl.":-) Hoping to get back to "normal" (what is that, by the way?) before too long.


  32. Oh Julia. I know your heart was in your throat during the whole ordeal.
    It's such a sadness when someone throws their living into causing death and dying and so much damage. Such a tragic waste.
    I'm thankful, also, for the men and women who sacrifice their own safely to help provide it for us all. God bless them all.
    Peace to all of your people and all the parts of your own dear heart.
    Your loving hands find a way to speak so much through what you create....I bless that, too:)

  33. So glad your family was safe during the tragedy in Canada. So sad!

    The outline you did of your father is amazing! What a talent you have. :)