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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


It's a beautiful day somewhere but certainly not here... We're having wet snow, rain, freezing rain, hail, cold north  east winds, a totally miserable day... I'm thinking of the poor wild animals and the neglected pets out there in this wet and cold weather and I hope they have found a safe and dry place to hide.

It  got cold and damp in the house and I had to turn the thermostat up to heat this big house with electric heat. I usually have a wood stove to keep the house relatively warm but I won't get my stove delivered until November 27th.


We had 0 kids coming to the door again this year. It's been like that for several years now as there are no little kids in our neighbourhood anymore. I bought a bag of chocolate bars and divided it between my son Vaughan, Jordyn and George. I'm spared the calories because I can't have that stuff.

Here are some photos that Christine sent me. They usually go all out for Halloween but this year was kept at a lower key but I think she is still miles ahead of me when it comes to celebrating Halloween.
Good job you guys...

James and Daniel admiring Daddy's awesome carved pumpkins. Watch your fingers Daniel. It just might bite.

Oh dear, I bet this is The Cat In The Hat in the Hall... This is mama's awesome handiwork.

Oh by golly, it a James The Cat In The Hat getting ready for Trick or Treat...

The whole family go trick or treating and I bet the camera has to work all by itself... good job you guys. I see Daniel is not feeling his usual cheery self on Halloween night. He had a little fever the next day.

Ooopps,  crazy upside down  pumpkin is trying to do some tricks for a treat I think, but it's a scary pumpkin just the same.

A haunted tree pumpkin ready to grab your legs and pull you in when you pass by.  Great job on this spectacular pumpkin Joe...

I would feel real safe going trick and treating with a Fireman and The Cat In The Hat, wouldn't you?

I've never seen such a cute Fireman right down to the hat and boots... and A Cat In The Hat too , have you? Oh I love those nice whiskers and the red nose. That big hat is TALL... Mama, you do such nice work.

Mom and Dad decorated the house to scare the Trick or Treaters  with skeleton, tombstone, spider webs and even a big black cat. They still got 100 kids that came to the door. It looks like a goblin on the right hand corner but I can't make out what it is...

Mama and James buried under a pile of leaves. It's so much fun playing in the fallen leaves. I wish I could join you guys. At first I thought that James belly was showing but on second look I saw it was Mama's hand, lol...

I hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween.

I LOVE your visit and your comments.


  1. such cute, cute boys! whole family, actually! :)

    stay warm and dry as you can!

  2. Looks like fun, we really don't have Halloween here in South Africa probably just not safe to go door to door not to mention impossible we live behind high walls and electric fences and motion detector alarm systems we have such high crime here.

  3. They all look wonderful. It's nice to see all the effort they put in. Must be hard with 2 active little boys so that makes it even more impressive in my mind.
    No snow or freezing rain here yet but still lots of rain. Makes the house so cold and damp. Brrr

  4. Please tell him that's the coolest Cat in the Hat I've ever seen. I thought about you when I read that book, it was called Bones to Ashes and I found it very interesting. I didn't know you were Acadian, do you speak French?

  5. What a incredible costume. It loooks like so much fun. I love all of the pictures. I am so sorry it is so cold and you don't have your stove yet.
    The boys are getting so big.

  6. Julia, what a lovely, creative family...Love those costumes and pumpkins, those two sweet little boys are getting so big! 100 trick or treaters! wow...Sending greetings from cold snowy Maine...

  7. They look like they had a great time we were gone with our daughter so we were not home anyway.

  8. Oh, I hope your weather doesn't stay that way this early in the season.
    The boys look adorable. LOVE that Cat in the Hat costume.
    Great pumpkins.
    Hugs :)

  9. Amazing job on the pumpkins. I just love the creativity in your family.
    Stay warm!!

  10. The Cat in the Hat costume was great! Hope the kiddos had fun!

  11. Wonderful costumes, and it is easy to see there was a lot of fun to be had. We had about 20 trick-or-treaters, just children from our one-street development. Your weather is absolutely atrocious, yet 22 inches of snow was reported from the top of Mt.LeConte in the Smokies by Saturday afternoon.

  12. Your daughter and family know how to celebrate in style! Her talent is amazing! The kids were so cute in their costumes. The weather sounds horrible. I hope the week goes better...stay warm Julia!

  13. The kids look great!
    I used to make my kids their Halloween costume's and it was always great fun!
    I hope this current weather is not an omen of things to come this winter.
    Hopefully you don't have to go to the barn in the bad weather!

  14. Wow, I am so sorry about your nasty weather sweet Julia. I too always think of the wildlife and outside pets when weather like that is going on. Those little sweeties just looked so cute in their Halloween outfits. What lucky little boys to have such a talented mom and dad to make lost of fun things happen for them. James made a very cute Cat in the Hat and Daniel was so cute as a firemen. Loved the way mom and dad dressed up too...that is just cool. Hope little Daniel is okay now and no longer running fever or not feeling up to par. Hugs

  15. That should have been LOTS of fun. I am so bad to transpose letters, I need to slow down typing. Hugs

  16. We don't have kids coming to our house anymore either.
    We no longer buy the candy that we like so that we aren't tempted to wuff it down.

  17. That's low key? I LOVE that Cat in the Hat costume.

    We have a kind of mediocre trick-or-treating neighborhood. We have some kids, but most of them go to a nearby mall or to trunk-or-treat in the church parking lot. We get a few teenagers without costumes, too. This year, we just turned the lights out and went downtown on a ghost tour.

  18. Wonderful costumes on the whole family! Those pumpkins are spectacular! We had about two dozen trick or treaters...that's low for us. I think they go to the malls and have more parties when it falls on a weekend. Have a great week...stay warm!

  19. What fun that family of yours has with Halloween! The house even undergoes the decorating theme & those pumpkins, what a work of art that Joe has done, love the scary tree!
    I just missed the Plaster Rock & Grand Falls snowfall, I really must have a guardian angel. We made our best time back to London, 13 1/2 hrs! Rexton was made travel...thank heavens. lol I hope your stove is installed sooner than later, once that chill gets in only heat takes it out & NB Power is expensive! I ordered from Costco.ca the infrared heaters & was really surprised at how great they were. One on main floor the other in the basement, warm floors feel good on the feet & legs. Stay warm Julia.
    Hugs, Cynthia

  20. Wow, Julia...you are really having the wild weather out there!!! We have just had rain and I know we need that...so it doesn't bother me. Just more time to stay in and hook. I did have to turn on some heat...but I don't have my lovely wood stove any more. Living in an apartment here means electric baseboard heat.
    Coming to the finish line of my latest hooked rug is making me start to design the next one in my head...!!! ...lol...
    Happy Hooking...you'll really appreciate that new stove when it comes! Hugs, Sunnie :)

  21. What wonderful pictures of your grandchildren. Love the Cat in The Hat - adorable. Wow, your weather is horrible. We didn't get snow, although some was predicted.

  22. Oh, what fun! These are great pictures: the costumes and the pumpkins! Such a sweet family! James makes a perfect cat in the hat! I love it!
    We had a coating of snow on Halloween; I was surprised. It was nice to have Bill home for Halloween. We carved pumpkins, and he got to answer the door for trick-or-treaters!

  23. What darling grandchildren you have and I love, love their Halloween costumes! Those are great pictures thank you for sharing them!

  24. Hi JB! Your daughter looks like a lovely mother!
    I wish that you could have many days of clear skies and sunshine.

  25. Hi Julia, remember me? Thank you for commenting on the blog again. I really appreciated your kind words. We are doing great really enjoying retirement. Getting ready to have our third grandchild, a boy this time. Your grand kids are adorable. We are still camp hosting and traveling around the country. It seems we are so busy all the time. I am glad to see you are doing well and enjoying life like you always seemed too. Take care and I'll try to visit more often.

  26. Wet snow, rain, freezing rain, hail, cold - MY KIND OF WEATHER!! I'm weird I know :)

    I love all those fun photos. Have a great weekend!!

  27. Oh how darling! I loved the pictures the kids had great costumes. Hugs cheri

  28. I had 0 trick or treaters this year too- which is a shame because I love Halloween. I still carved a pumpkin though. :) Love the costumes- the Cat in the Hat is a clever one! Also- the pumpkins! Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blogs. :)

  29. I've always disliked Halloween but your post makes it look fun! X