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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


This week has been a little rough on my back. I've been walking like a bent old lady. We were short handed and cows were calving and I needed to have clean calf pens ready for them. Last week I was clipping the fir hedge in between rain storms and left the dirty calf bed to be cleaned until this week.

Just because I ignored that yucky chore to get that other job finished first didn't make it go away.  I cleaned 4 calf pens and the packed soil bedding was about a food deep and it's super heavy work for a petite girl like me. The other one was about 4 inches deep of loose hay bedding. I started after feeding the calves in the morning and finished around 3:45 pm. I went home for a late lunch and went back feeding the calves again.

513 was the only calf wanting to pose for the camera. Her name is Sally and she was named after a very friendly bank teller by my son Vaughan on the occasion of her birthday.

514 wasn't feeling well yesterday but was feeling better this morning but couldn't care less for getting up for a picture. Her name is Nova. That little starburst on her head is black rather than white light but that's OK.  Nova has already decorated her wall.

#515  is named Salsa because my daughter Nicole informed me that her and her friend were going to take Salsa dance lesson although they will be laughing more than dancing. I'd love to see them learning the Salsa, hehehe...

Continuing my story:
The next day I really felt the strong back muscle spasms. I still needed to scrub and disinfect the 5 pens and prepare the bedding for the new calves. It took me longer also to do this job as I was moving pretty slow but it had to be done as we had to move another cow in the birthing pen for yet another calf.

As I enter the barn after a 2 hour lunch break to rest my back, I checked the cow and she was laying down and the calf looked lifeless.  The calf still wasn't fully out and was not breathing.  I had a pair of thin knitted gloves on  and I didn't had time to put the nitrile gloves over them. I went in the pen and grabbed his head and stuck my finger in his slimy nostril... yes I know it's gross but glory be,  the calf took it's first breath and I breathed a sigh of relief too.....

In my panic to save the calf I didn't even look how big it was. I grabbed the front legs and pulled it out of the mother and dragged it a few feet so she would get up to lick her calf. The mother wouldn't get up.   It was another heifer calf.  My son Vaughan arrive as I was pulling the calf to a safer spot.  He said, Mom, that's a big calf....

 I vaccinated the calf and dipped the navel in iodine and Vaughan gave the calf an  injection of vitamin in the muscle.

The mother was exhausted and wouldn't getup  but after poking her a few times she got up and cleaned her calf. After, Vaughan treated with  Calcium under the hide.

 Yesterday we had herd health and also vaccination for everyone of our cattle.

It had been another very busy day again but last night George and I went out to a Country and Western fund raiser evening at our church and our priest played guitar and sang some Charlie Pride songs. What a beautiful voice he has. We had a chuck wagon stew, homemade beans and apple desert. No supper to prepare and no dishes to clean. There was so much talent in the performers. Everyone was clapping and tapping toes.

The stage was all decorated in a barn  style. There was small hay bales, wagon wheel, and farm implements  and they even borrowed some of our hay forks for decoration and I didn't had my camera with me. It felt like I had been in the barn from morning till night. lol...

I managed to transfer my grandfather rug pattern on backing this week. I also dyed some wool in an attempt at getting different shades of sienna brown  with the dyes I have on hands.  My wool came out all wrinkled...I still need to dye some darker values of sienna brown. I still haven't started hooking yet.

I need to refine the nose as it's thicker than on the photo.

My first attempt at dyeing sienna brown with primary color  dyes I had on hand. It came out very wrinkly.

The sun came out for about 5 minutes . It makes me so happy to see the sun after a miserable week but it went and hid again....

Stay safe and warm and thanks for visiting. I always appreciate it when you leave a comment to show you came for a visit.


  1. you do have some back-breaking work tasks! hoping all the calving goes well. poor exhausted cow.

    glad you had the chance to get a dinner out and some music, too.

  2. You are a good hard-working lady! I hope you took something for your back and I'm glad the church fundraiser was a welcome break from cooking! Way to go midwifing the calves, JB!

  3. Holy Farm Girl! You are amazing - glad you were able to have a nice dinner without all the cooking and fussing - hope your back gets the much deserved rest!

  4. So impressed with your ability to do it all! What a great role model you are.

  5. Julia ~
    I think the week was rough on more than just your back. Holy, moley! Your week just wore me out. You work much harder than I ever have to work at my day job. A farmer's work is never done.
    Hugs :)

  6. I know how hard it is to clean those calf pens! You deserve a nice quite weekend and a rest for your back! I am looking forward to seeing the rug progress. Take care!

  7. I worry about you, you know! As a fellow farm wife, I know that when the work has to be done, you just do it. However...take care of your back!!! You only get one, and it has to last. (now I'm done preaching!) I'm three months out and still having some troubles with mine. I know there are things that I'll not be doing the same way any more. Your calves look quite happy! Way to go, getting the heifer to breathe!

  8. I hope your back will soon feel better. I don't know how when you don't get a chance to rest. When my back was bad (from lifting 30 toddlers to change their diapers) I would put an ice pack inside my undies and wear it all day long. They say only a few minutes a time. I did it the whole day.
    That first calf is so cute. You work so hard. Glad you had a fun night out.
    Try to rest my friend.

  9. You are always so busy it makes me feel very lazy in comparison.
    I hope your back it better and you had a chance to rest your back

  10. Julia, I wish you didn't have to work so hard. I know it's almost impossible on a farm but try and rest your back. You could be out of commission for awhile if you're not careful

  11. Take care of yourself, Julia. You work so hard! I worry about you. Sarah

  12. You have been very busy, Julia! Take some time to take care of yourself! It sounds as though you've been too hard on that back!

    Thank you so much for your visits to my blog. I always enjoy reading your comments.

    Sending hugs!

  13. What great timing to get there in time to pull and save that calf. What an amazing woman you are sweet Julia. When I feel lazy and think I don't want to get anything accomplished all I have to do is think of you and get inspired to get myself going.

    The calves are so cute and I love their colors and markings. Cute names for them. I bet the Salsa dance lessons will be so much fun and they will make memories to give them laughs for years to come.

    I am so happy for you that you got to end your long hard working day with some good food and music. What fun that must have been and if you are like me it felt good for someone else to cook for you.

    I am in awe at the wonderful drawing of your grandfather. You are a lady of many talents.

    Somehow work in a bit of rest for yourself and I hope your back is well very, very soon. Hugs

  14. My Chiro hubby would get your back in tip top shape in no time at all! But then you'd just do double duty wouldn't you! Our bodies are amazing in how much abuse we give them and they still keep on going. You know rest is important and I know that a farm never sleeps...somehow I hope you manage to get some time for yourself and that you're feeling better soon. You're amazing and an artist! Your hooking project will be fabulous when done....now I need a nap after reading about your day! Whew!

  15. Thanks for commenting on Pooh's blog sweet Julia. The squirrel was on one of our large oak trees and was eating an acorn. Those little squirrels are just so funny. We love watching them. Hope you are having a nice day and are getting some rest at some point in the day. Hugs

  16. Wow- reading about all that you did this week- I can see why your back hurts. My back hurts just thinking about all the work you did! The photos of the cows are so cute. :)

  17. Oh my goodness--I'm tired just reading all this! Sounds like quite an eventful week. Also, brought back memories of helping our goats give birth back in the day. I am kind of glad they were at least small enough not to step on me :)

  18. Oh, Julia, my heart goes out to you! You are such an amazing woman. Bless your heart. Everything you do is important.
    I wish I could have gone to your church night! That sounds fun!
    That rug is going to be so special.
    Please take care of yourself! Hug!

  19. Gosh Julia, my back hurts just reading what you did this week. I am so glad you got that calf and finally go the mother to stand. I love those new girls and I love the names you named them. They are just beautiful. I am so impressed you could go out and put on your dancing shoes. You are so cute.
    I hope you can slow down but if it is calving season, I really doubt it.
    I love you color you dyed this week. That is a beautiful color of brown.
    I bet you will be glad to start a hooking project if you can keep a wake. You work so hard.
    Bye for now.

  20. It does my heart so good to hear how tenderhearted farmers care for their stock.....you're such a warm hug to this heart of mine:) I love what you do with your days and pray that your body and soul are strengthened and protected and invigorated by a very strong joy:)
    Thanks for being such a wonderful farmer....bravo, beautiful lady!
    It's so interesting what you share.
    I love the view from your window:)
    Thank you,

  21. Hello,
    What a week for you. I grew up on a dairy farm and my parents continue to farm. I am thankful, the boys are spending the summers working on the farm. It is such a good way to learn so much.
    Thank you for helping feed the world!!

    Your gathering sounds like fun. I enjoy Charlie Pride too. :-)

    Have a blessed week!
    Love, Carla

  22. You're a busy busy woman! But sounds like you're having fun while doing your roles around the house...and farm. Have a great week ahead. Hope you find time to rest your sore back.

  23. Did you do all of that with your Wonder woman costume on....lol AND you did a blog, you put me to shame. Keep well

  24. Wow that was quite the day you had Julia! Those cows are so fortunate to have you & your instincts to keep them alive & thriving. Your such a inspiration to me hearing of your 'one day in the life & times of Julia'! Your an amazing woman & I'm glad I can see just how one person can make such a difference by their actions. I hope to continue to entertain you with my life and the days that unfold for me. I do feel more distant when I'm not in NB & it's becoming harder to enjoy the pace of SW Ontario. Do listen to your body & rest when it's need, even if it means longer lunches! I look forward to seeing your rug come to life! And I loved the pics of the baby calves, they're so much work though!
    Do take care, so many depend on you Julia! Hugs, Cynthia

  25. You are definitely a hard worker, but I have a feeling when you look at Sally's face, it's well worth it. I like the name "Salsa!" It sounds like a great name for a dog, actually. Maybe a chihuahua.

  26. Gosh, Julia...I can't believe all the work you accomplish! I had to go take a nap after reading your post..!!!! ...lol...
    Your grandfather looks wonderful and when you actually have a minute to sit down and hook, I am sure he will be a delight to do! Happy Hooking! Sunnie :)

  27. I get weary reading your blog entries sometimes. I don't see how you can write after days like the ones you have :)

  28. Julia I wish I loved closer - I would come and help you with all that farm work! I hope your back feels better soon and that you have a good weekend!

  29. Dear Julia, I think the day you just described would have killed many of us. Me for sure. I admire all that you do. You are a very talented, knowledgeable woman.

  30. It seems that calving time the world over is as back breaking here is it is over there, I work at a veterinary surgery and the stories the vets and the farmers tell - its a wonder any of the farming community can stand up at all!

  31. Julia I hope your back is feeling better . I know back problems I had a spinal fusion about 15 years ago . Ice not heat helps .
    Julia you impress me so much your a woman that does it all ! Hugs cheri

  32. Hope your back is bouncing back better and stronger and rested,
    dear Julia. xoxoxo

  33. Julia, you are amazing…I wouldn't last a half day with you..After all your hard work, I glad to read that you and your hubs went out and had a good time…
    Please take care of your back….I will say a prayer for you...

  34. OH MY GOSH Julia what can I say after reading this I feel like I need to lay down and rest for a few hours myself. How my dear friend you do all of that work in one morning is beyond me. I just think I have it rough til I come by here to see what you are up too.
    Do you ever rest? Glad you went out for the evening and had a good time. Of course I would of not made it because a day like yours I would not be able to go anywhere.
    I am so excited I finally bought a new laptop today. So I had to come by and check on you and to say hello. I have thought of you so often and even tried leaving you comments with my other computer but I don't think any of them went through.
    Now I will have to see if I can do a post a get back to blogging. Winter time should give me more time to do it.
    Stay warm and dry
    Love looking at all your calves. Your rug picture did not load. I hope that doesn't mean I bought the wrong computer.
    Love ya

  35. I hope your back gets feeling better soon. That is so exhausting to have that kind of pain.

    Cleaning out the calf pens is never ending. They are darling little sweeties!

  36. Dearest Julia-- your stories are incredible. What you do in a single days time would wear me out. Farm life is amazing-- but you shed a whole new light on what it's like to live that life. You are pretty incredible. I love the photos you share--

  37. Your life sounds exhausting! I do hope that your back is ok after it being in pain AND having to haul a large heifer out! Your calves are such beautiful ladies, I am so glad you braved the snotty nostril and saved the calf! It is great to meet you via your blog, you are amazing! X

  38. Catching up! well, trying to... this was two weeks ago? wow... I can't read the poor little calves problems but I do wish you'd consider retiring, Julia... you don't need no stinkin back problems.... !

    and yes, I concur with all the comments ... you are amazing ...

  39. Hi Julia! Thank you for visiting my blog back- wasn't expecting that from such a hard-working,busy person! Sorry, my blog seems rather frivolous by comparison. I'm on my computer now, not my phone, so I've followed as I definitely want to learn more about your life!! xx

  40. Just wanted to drop in and say that I hope all is well :)

  41. I hope that you get to relax for a while, even if it is for a little while. Hopefully by your next birthday you will start feeling young again.
    Those calves are adorable.