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Monday, May 4, 2015


Finally our roof is done..... Our old roof was in such need to be replaced but  with threats of flooding in the spring  and then other pressing things at the farm it never got done. Not knowing wether we would flood or not this year,   we couldn't wait any longer and we hoped for the best. The water levels keeps going down.

The weather man announced sunshine and my husband rounded up a crew and got the roofing delivered and then it rained for days.

Here is the delivery truck with the lift.
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I was busy and by the time I thought to take a photo of the roofing delivery, the load was already off the big truck and on top of the roof. The big tarp still wasn't in place on the lawn but the guys were working on removing the old plywood off the soffit.

It's  a very wide soffit and this is where the squirrels were running  back and forth driving me crazy at night.

Some of the guys worked at preparing the site in the rain and did some tearing up of the soffits and rain gutters, placed the roofing bundles on the roof. They worked in the sunshine, rain, freezing rain and even snow. With more rain in the forecast for the work was halted.

When the guys were here to work, I fed the workers well, we had hot beef sandwiches with gravy, fries and vegetables one day, pizzas and carrot cake and brownies another day,  hot chicken stew with apple pie, another day and Chicken Fettuchine with sundried tomatoes and lemon pies on the last day. They worked in miserable weather and also in the heat.

Jordyn, my oldest granddaughter and her son, Cyprus helped making pizza.

Yes, Cyprus helped too and was placing pepperoni in a bowl and Jordyn was taking a picture with her smart phone. There was 2 more small  pizza than on the counter and the men raved about how good they were.

When everyone was done there was lots of pizza left.

This is the back

This is the garage on the back. It was a sunny day and it was hot up there. Notice the new soffit with nice edging on the top roof.

The job is still not complete but the roof is done and the young guys said they will stay in school and get an education instead of becoming roofers.  It was hard and heavy work.  Thanks guys. A job well done.

I have more pictures than I was going to use but it's good reference for prosperity.
I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather. Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment. I appreciate it so much to hear from you.


  1. how awesome! you certainly treated your crew to some good food, too! sure hope those squirrels got the message to move away!

  2. Hi Julia, Just popped in to see what you've been up to & wow you've had a hive of activity going on with the new roof & the cooking for all the men. Their menu for the week sounded delicious, right down to the desserts!
    I know you'll sleep well knowing that the roof is in excellent shape, I know I felt better after ours was done. Quite the expense to the pocket book... though a necessity & it will be decades before you have to worry about it again. Enjoy your warm weather & watching the buds. Cindy Day's Grandma says "oak before ash, only a splash: ash before oak, we're in for a soak." I'm curious to know what's happening there.
    Enjoy the love of your generations, under your new roof!

  3. I,m afraid of heights, but for lunches like those I maybe could go up the ladder! Glad the job is almost finished.
    Enjoy your dreams without squirrels running through them.

  4. Yay! What a great accomplishment! Hopefully this takes care of the squirrels. The meals sound scrumptious! xo Nellie

  5. Jack and I just got home from an Amish gent who's going to roof our place in June. You might have to come visit and feed his crew! We have to decide if we want metal or regular shingles. No matter how we decide, it's not cheap! Congrats on your finished project! Stay dry!

  6. Glad your roof is done and the squirrels kept away.

  7. Roofing is hot tiring work good thing they got a taste of it. It is always so good to get a big project like that done and off your mind.

  8. Cannot imagine listening to squirrels running the length of my attic and trying to get some sleep. Hopefully this brand new roof and repairs will fix that situation once and for all.

    Sadly, that expense will soon be something for me to endure but I don't have the muscle power readily available like you do so I'm dreading the cost.

    Oh, I'll bet the food was delicious; the pizza with the veggies is the one I'd have grabbed.

  9. I am glad you had the roof taken care of before storm season gets going there! Those squirrels will have to just relocate!

    Cyprus is getting so big! He is a real cutie! So is Jordan.


  10. It's no wonder those squirrels are hanging around - with all that wonderful food going on inside I bet they are pretty jealous of the workers - you're such a caring and thoughtful person and I know those young men appreciated you feeding them - your house looks amazing!

  11. Hi,
    Your home looks great. Wow, I just love that river.
    I love that you fed the crew. I made our basement crew some cookies. I think they would have enjoyed it better at your house. Your menus sound so good. :-)
    xx oo

  12. Oh I am so glad it was done! Well done to the team! Your pizzas look delicious, I bet they really appreciated them- what were the toppings apart from Pepperoni- spring onions and....? Trying to work out from the picture!
    Hope the squirrels don't try to squat again- little blighters!!x

  13. Beautiful home! Your new roof looks wonderful and how nice of you to feed all those hungry workers! Love the deck on the back of your house...a great place for a cup of tea and a good book.

  14. Congrats on the new roof. If another winter comes like the last one then you will be ready. Feeding all of the workers reminded me of home. My mother always fed work hands their lunch. It was a lot of cooking and washing dishes but really good food. Your pizza looks wonderful!!

  15. Oh, you had me at lemon pie! A job well as far as squirrels in the attic go, that is a fear of mine!! Hope they pack up and move on...just not to Maine..

  16. So happy for you that the new roof is on sweet is looking really good. Who would not want to come do work around your place getting to eat all that yummy food. It all sounds and looks delicious. Little Cyprus is just such a cutie and really growing. Big hugs

  17. I bet everyone wants to work at your house, with feasts like that to look forward to. It looks like they've done a good can rain now. We've had lots of work done on our very old home recently. Thankfully most of the builders have gone. Our only got egg and bacon sandwiches or cakes and gallons of tea and coffee. Thank you for sharing what's happening in your world with us.

  18. I love the new roof! And how nice of you to feed them so well. Our roof only took a couple of hours to install and they were gone...I don't know if I would have been nice enough to feed them if it had taken longer, though!

  19. What a huge job and I am so glad and relieved you got your roof all done. You worked just as hard fixing food though. I bet it was lots of fun. It is so nice seeing all of the work and all of the company and your kitchen in full swing.
    I do hope it doesn't rain until every thing is all done.

  20. Getting a new roof on is huge. We got one a few years ago and it changed the changed the character of out house.
    It's a lot of work. The pizza looks scrumptious.

  21. Wow, your workers seemed very dedicated to their work. They’ve been working at a constant pace, whatever the weather was. Anyway, congratulations on having this part done. I bet those squirrels won’t be able to bother you anymore. Haha! Thanks for sharing this, Julia. All the best!

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof

  22. You sure do treat your workers well!
    Hugs :)

  23. It's good that that job is finally getting done!

  24. That pizza looks wonderful!!
    So glad you got the roof!!
    We need one, badly!
    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  25. Roofing is hard work. I had to help my dad when he replaced our roof a few years ago. It was very hot work too because roofing gets very warm in the sun. It was a bit scary too. I mainly held the ropes to make sure the men didn't fall off. It sounds like you fed everyone very well. Congrats to getting the roof finished!

  26. Your house looks beautiful with the replacement of your old one to new. It is nice to have a get together to have pleasant memories.


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  28. Julia-- the undertaking of a new roof is such a huge commitment-- you are so blessed to have a team of great guys to help with the labor. I'm sure it's such a relief to have this project competed!! Enjoy your well deserved blog break...

  29. Yay for the installation of the new roof! Having a worn out and beaten-up roof would've posed many more issues, if you left it as it were. The workers probably loved helping you out with installing the roof and eating your delicious cooking, Julia. Hahaha! I'm sure they appreciated your kindness and generosity. Anyway, the roof looks awesome. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you and your family!

    Carl Morton @ All-In-One Home Solutions, LLC

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