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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Monday, October 12, 2015


September came and went and we are at Thanksgiving today already.

September has been a blur for me this year so Blogger wasn't much part of it.  A good thing I took photos to remind me of what I did otherwise I would have forgotten half of it.

It started with  negotiating for a house for our granddaughter and her hubby and all the paper work and the financing and the never ending signing of papers and visits to lawyers  and waiting for closure and getting things in order for my trip to Ottawa for a week in the midst of being so busy and the big move.

This is a cropped up image of the back of house to protect the privacy of the previous owner.

This photo shows the weeding in between the rows as we picked. My mini van and George look pretty small at the  top of the photo.

There were lots and lots of cucumbers and tomatoes and squash  to pick and pickling and some more weeding cucumbers and picking and picking. (No photo of the big field of squash and pumpkins or the rows of potatoes). We had three long rows of cucumbers. We grow cucumbers and squash for the church supper and pickle making each year. This is a great source of revenue for the church.

A small sample of my wool dying, taped to the fridge for photo taking.

Fun visit by Cypress in between all the coming and going. Just look at that happy face.

My visit to Ottawa, where I babysat Daniel on a Friday, saturday and part of Sunday.  Look at that happy face too. We had loads of fun and a little adventure I'll tell later as this post is already too long and growing...

Me and the boxed in kids. One is missing his legs and the other is missing his body. Two very busy little boys.

James was at a conference for amputee children from Friday to Sunday  and stayed in a nice down town Hotel with his dad and when asked what he enjoyed the most, his response was, the hotel room...  
and being in the pool of course. James is a cool dude in the pool.

Back home from my trip, and babysitting Cypress as the parents are moving into the new home. All this moving was very confusing to Cypress. He would look at the empty apartment and cry the poor little guy. I took tons of photos that day as he love being photographed and hams it up for the camera.
I'll post some of those photos at a later date when I have nothing to blog about.

I trimmed some branches of the maple in the back and saved the branches and chopped them all for kindling. I hate to waste useful things like wood.

A before  picture

and after

Another before picture

and after but still some lingering new chickweeds lingering.

two more flowerbeds cleaned up

and another cleaned up bed and many more to go unfortunately...

What's left of the Thanksgiving Pumpkin pie. It was served with fresh real whipping cream.

There you have it, over a month worth of blogging in a single post. 
Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and Happy Blogging to the rest of my followers wherever you are...   
Thanks for all the email and comments while you waited patiently to see if I was still alive. JB


  1. Hi JB! YAY! You're back! Aw, you are the nicest and most hardworking granny EVER!
    Your flower beds look great!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Your pie tells me that you need to invite me over for a chat! Oh, I can't wait until we can eat pumpkin pie on our Thanksgiving Day.
    I've missed you!

  2. You've achieved a lot and helped a,lot of people. I love your beautiful dyed wool, just like a sunset and your weeding is very.thorough, I see no chickweed!! Cypress is such a handsome boy and I love seeing happy James in the pool.x

  3. You were certainly missed but always enjoy when you stop by for a visit. Happy Thanksgiving....Boy were you a busy lady during your month away from blogging. Your grand kids are so cute and precious and I know they loved you staying with them. I am envious of your cleaned out beds. I have not been able to get around to that chore yet but hopefully this week....

  4. I don't know how you get so much done! I know that all the stuff you mentioned is on top of all your regular farm work. You are amazing! Welcome back. You have been missed.

  5. Glad to know you're still here! :) It sounds like a super busy time. I haven't blogged as much lately either. What a sense of accomplishment to get flower beds cleaned up...at least I think so. I'm sure you're falling into bed tired at night, feeling like you've done more than a day's work!

  6. Wow, no wonder you didn't have time for blogging. The before and after shots of the yard work are remarkable. You are one active woman; no wonder you stay so young.

    Looks like there might be a rug with a pumpkin in the near future with that orange.

  7. As always lots of work and great family time. I have been busy cutting back gardens too and wondering why I have all of these gardens. But Love them in the spring.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! You have been busy during your time away from us. I don't know where time has went either.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Julia! I give thanks for the beauty and unique perspective you bring me each time you post:) It's a joy to peek through the window you open for us.
    Cheering you on from my part of the world,

  10. Wow, you have been busy. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. I've made up my mind. We're going to celebrate Thanksgiving when you do and also when we normally celebrate it.
    I'm glad that's settled.
    Also, time gets away. I know some people get annoyed at me taking all the pictures but the help to remind me where I've been.

  12. You are the hardest working woman I know. Those flowerbeds are just huge!!! It is so nice you took pictures of all that you did. I bet it did pass by as a blur.
    I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. That pie looks wonderful. Have a great week Julia

  13. Julia, you have so many things growing in your big garden. How wonderful to enjoy good harvest even though it involves a lot of work. Your grand kids are fun and cute, great company for you.

  14. Julia,
    Hi, I am so happy you enjoyed such a great September. September was full of beautiful weather here in Wisconsin too.
    I am still busy cleaning gardens, putting them to bed. :-) I do wonder how on earth did 2015 go by so fast.
    Our son, Sam, started his Driver's Ed, so we also are busy teaching one to drive. Gulp. I also wonder, how on earth did that time go so fast.
    Happy Days to you.
    xx oo

  15. You have been very busy, Julia! What a lovely time you had with family! xo Nellie

  16. Hello Julia,I was surprised that you had time to sit and write on your blog.It is nice to see photos of your grand children and great-grand child.
    Everyone is growing so fast.Just like you said:who messed up with the time clock?
    You look so relaxed with the little ones.Here is a photo of my daughter's family and extended family.She has 5 of her own and 5 additional she is fostering.I can't tell the difference,as i take them as my own grand-children.This is what makes me happy and this is what i am thankful about plus the sale of my house.I feel blessed that i can live next to them and see them as i wish.I can visit the ones that stayed behind when i moved.I just learned how to care for the flowers my daughter has in her yard by looking at your yard work.Love you to the moon and back.Big hugs.May God bless you all abundantly.

  17. Sorry Julia I couldn't figure out how to send you the picture here,I'll send it to you via e-mail

  18. You have been busy!! My goodness. All the gardening!
    You are an amazing lady with everything you get done.

    Love your box children and the handsome kiddo in the pool.

    Thanksgiving already? The pie looks wonderful. The holidays are coming fast.

  19. Great picture of you and the box kids.
    You sure don't let any moss grown under your feet.
    Good to hear from you!!!
    I collect branches, too, when I walk the dog to use for kindling.
    Hugs :)

  20. Julia! what fun to catch up with you and yours! what a cute house for your granddaughter .... great seeing your babies! glad you're doing great ~ I'm still not blogging much either or reading blogs ... life does get busy with a lot of thises and thats ...

    Hugs to you my dear ;)

  21. Great pics! Love seeing you with those sweet little boys...they are getting so big! You are quite the gardener! Love the dyed wool! Great to hear from you!

  22. my days/months are a blur now, too. :) loved your boys in boxes. :)

  23. Well, sweet Julia I see you are still the busiest lady I know or ever have known. Your flowerbeds look beautiful. I am with you on where the time has gone, I cannot believe it is already mid October. With our temperature being 98 degrees F today makes it even harder for me to believe it is October.

    My oh, my! James, Daniel and Cypress what cuties and how they have grown since I saw pictures of them. The boys in the boxes are so cute.

    That looks like a very nice house for your granddaughter. I really like the windows across the back of the house like that.

    You sure trimmed a lot of maple branches. I need to do some trimming if I ever find the time and the weather is better.

    I bet James had a good time at the conference. It is nice he gets to attend things like that.

    That pumpkin pie looks yummy, made my mouth water. :)

    Chancy sends nose kisses for the birthday wishes and I send you love and hugs sweet friend.