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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Just a short post this time, are you surprised?
I've been rather still after hurting my foot and have been whipping and binding rugs that have been on my long list of To Do for a long time.

I accidentally hurt my foot climbing on the first step going into the house from the garage on Tuesday  carrying groceries. My foot caught the corner of the step and came down with a thump,  I manage not to fall but I was in excruciating pain. I hurt the outside of my left foot close to the two smaller toes, but I had to pick up my granddaughter Jordyn and went back to work at the farm that afternoon.

The next morning around 6:15 AM., I went to put my work boot on and I couldn't even fit my foot into the boot. My foot was too swollen and sore. I remembered Christine had left her size 10 low cut rubber boots in the closet for her next visit. I wear a size 7.5 . They look the same size but my work boot has some steel toes which adds to the bulk. It was a bit tight but I could walk with her boot. So here I go with an unmatched pair of boots. To cut down on my walking I used the van to get to the barn. Who's counting steps on a morning like this?

After work  I had some time sensitive banking to do across town and I couldn't wear those boots for sure . I couldn't even wear my sandals... and had to loosen the shoelace on my sneaker as it was so tight and walked into the Credit Union with a heavy limp. When asked what happened to me I just gave them the short story " I twisted my foot" I said.

Vaughan my son has been doing all my barn work and George has been doing all the milking. I sit with my foot up all day and I've been whipping and binding three unfinished rugs I hooked some time ago.  I still have three more to do and need some dark forest green wool. I still can fit my barn boots on but I can wear my good sneakers as the swelling has gone down a bit. I might just go to the Coop store and get some wool and finish those three other rugs and I'll finally will be caught up with that chore.

This is my grandmother's portraits and I even hooked in the accents that were missing.
For those who know nothing about rug hooking, the whipping is a whip stitch with wool yarn around the edge for a neat finish.

And the binding is sewing a binding tape around the edges on the back to finish off. This is a job that I really don't look forward to do but always feel good once it's done.

A large chair pad made up of leftover wool worms in a kitten's paw pattern with stems and leaves added to use up more leftover wool worms.

And finally,  my Hit and Miss rug also made up entirely of leftover wool worms

Thanks for visiting and encouraging me with your comments. Stay safe and happy.



  1. Your poor foot looks so bad. Are you sure you didn't break it? I am glad you do get to bind some rugs though, I think your rugs are just lovely. They turned out so nice, I am so glad you showed pictures of them today, it has been awhile since I had seen them.
    I hope your foot gets back to normal soon Being hurt is so tiring.

  2. I am so sorry you hurt your foot. I hope by now the swelling is gone and foot feeling better. You have put the resting time to good use by finishing up your rugs. The rugs are very beautiful.

  3. Oh no, Julia, poor you!!! Your foot look awful!!! I hope it heals soon. I'm glad you are having to rest as I know you work too hard.
    The Grandma rug is just astounding. You are so clever to have done that. The seat pad and worm rug are also brilliant.Xx

  4. From the looks of your foot, I can't image how painful that must be. I am glad you stayed off it as much as you could. And for you, I know that hard....Julia, your rugs are beautiful. It's hard to comprehend how you are able to get some detail in your portriat rugs. They are gorgeous and I know your family treasures these rugs.

  5. I hope your foot feels better soon. Your rugs are so lovely.

  6. Oh my goodness Julia...what a way to get some time off!!! Glad you're able to catch up on hooking, your rugs are simply beautiful...keep that foot elevated ...and don't return to work till your foot fits back into those steel toe first!!! hugs...

  7. Hello sweet JB! Aw! I'm SO sorry about your sore foot! Poor you!
    Your rugs are amazing. I can't believe how perfect they are!
    The chair pad is my favorite!

  8. Oh friend, big love and tenderness to your foot! Prayers for a quick mend:) Hope lots of help shows up in unexpected ways. May you receive all the support you need. Provision and protection and peace.
    Love your wooly creations, too:) Such a storyteller, you.

  9. Julia, Julia, Julia oh my goodness! Your poor foot, have you thought about getting it looked at? You may have broken a small bone, Yikes it looks bad! On the flip side, your rugs are amazing !! It is nice to have some down time to finish up unfinished projects so well done girl!

  10. oh, your grandmother's portrait is beautiful! so sorry about your foot! ouch!

  11. OMG, your grandmother's rug is gorgeous!!!!!! Also love your cats paw and hit and miss. Why don't my hit and miss look that well organized????

    Please be careful you don't get cellulitis from that bruise.

  12. Ouch! That looks painful. Glad there are no broken bones and your are putting your feet up for a change. All the rugs are wonderful but I really like that hit or miss.

  13. Julia, your rugs are so beautiful. I can't imagine trying a portrait but yours is just perfect. When I first saw your foot I thought you must have been stepped on by a cow. What a mess. Glad you are resting for a few days.

  14. Get Well Soon!
    xx oo

    My what a story of you just continuing to do, do, do. You and I are a lot a like in that way. I do it too. Once I fell down my basement steps. I broke my big the middle of summer, with canning to do. ;-)

    I am so happy you are resting. And getting your rugs done. They all are lovely. My favorite is the kitten paws.

  15. The rugs look beautiful. SOOOOO sorry to hear about your foot. It looks and sounds very painful. I hope it is getting better fast. I am sure it is hard to be unable to go about your usual business. I am glad you are using the time to finish some other projects- which must be an ease on your mind. :) Get well soon!

  16. Julia, so very sorry you are hurt, I hope it heals quickly!
    I love your rugs!

  17. I'm guessing the barn is not handicap accessible:) I'd let moss collect on our front steps. It's hard to notice until it rains...when it's as slick as ice.
    I slipped this week but fortunately I didn't break a hip.
    I went to the shed, got a stiff brush and the hose and cleaned the moss off the steps right then.
    I do love those rugs.

  18. Oh my, Julia...your poor foot! I hope you are keeping it elevated and are able to stay off of it. Your rugs are so beautiful! What a family heirloom you have created! Hope you are feeling better very soon.
    Hugs, Robyn

  19. That looks pretty bad's not broken? I hope it heals quickly and I'm glad you're not working and can give it time to heal properly. Your rugs are beautiful! So talented and you can milk a cow....You're Wonder Woman! Take care!

    1. Yaya, I don't milk cows. My job is managing the calves from birth to about the time they are big enough to be outside and be with the older heifers., somewhere around 600 to 800 lbs.
      When a cow or pregnant heifer is ready to give birth, I look after them and get help when needed. I pretty well can tell when she's almost ready to give birth.


    2. Oh, Julia,
      That looks so painful!!! I am so sorry.
      At least you are putting your time to good use binding your rugs. They are stunning, especially Grandmere.
      Take care of yourself!!!
      Hugs :)

  20. Ouchie. That sure looks painful. Love your binding rugs!

  21. Julia- oh my!! Your poor foot- I hope you are on the mend by now. Sometimes it takes a while to heal....

    Beautiful and incredible rugs. You are so amazing with your talents-- I can't even imagine. They are so so stunning- true works of art.

  22. Beautiful work, but that foot. Are you sure you didn't break something? should you see a doctor or does it feel better by now? I worry about you, you work so hard all the time. Hope you will feel better soon. Hugs.

  23. Ouch! That looks so tender. I'm sorry. I hope it heals quickly.

    Your hookwork is so beautiful. Such a labor of love.

  24. Hi JB, sorry to read that you hurt your foot. Hope you are getting better by now.
    Your rugs look fantastic. I love craft works but yet to try this rug hooking. Look interesting, thanks for sharing.

    Take care.

  25. Your foot did look broken . You poor thing!