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Monday, January 18, 2016


I finished hooking my rug and called it Geological Landscape after my daughter Jackie told me that it reminded her of something geological. I was wondering what to call it so that fits the bill.
I need to dye some yarn to whip the edges. I'm leaning toward medium brown or med green but think more toward medium brown. What do you think.

I used a lot of worms left from my Grandfather rug and I dyed the rest. This was not a stressful rug to do and I just drew freehand on a piece of leftover linen backing. It was inspired by Saundra L. Brown Sycamore rug.  I hooked colors that went well together and that's about it.

Now some photos of James 5th Birthday. He's so interested in spiders and bugs.

I think he's waiting for his friends to arrive.

These must be one of the gifts.

The kids were not allowed to touch the turtle, must be for health reason, but they love to look. It actually pooped in the water.

James touched the Iguana including a big black Tarantula that he let walk on his arm. Mama was busy and did not take a photo but dad got it on video.

Next was this big snake

James  and some of his friends touched it along with two girls, the rest kept their distance.

Some of the kids are keeping their feet off the ground but James wants to touch the snake.

James is coming over to touch the snake.

Now is time to blow the sparkler, lol...

Dad is helping assembling a toy.

Daniel was disinterested in all the party stuff and kept playing with his trains with is special car blanket by his side.
Even without Daniel's participation the party was a great success. I bet Daniel came when the cake and the food was served.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Stay safe and warm.


  1. oh, what a cool thing to have at a kid's party!!! awesome! and i like your very cool rug, too.

  2. I really like that rug! James' party is like one that our grandson might have had! One of our daughters actually brought a snake to one of his parties! -xoNellie

  3. Love your new rug; you did a beautiful job. That is some birthday party James had. He's very brave to touch that snake....great birthday memories.

  4. That is a beautiful geological rug. James is so brave to want to touch the snake. I will be out of the room in a flash!

  5. The rug is beautiful, a real work of art that you will find yourself examine over and over again. The party sounds great fun. I like the themed cake too.x

    1. Oh and I LOVE the iguana!!! He's so cute! Just wondered also how your dodgy foot is now.x

    2. The iguana's name was "Mr. Pickles". :-) He was very friendly.

    3. The iguana's name was "Mr. Pickles". :-) He was very friendly.

  6. that is a very exciting birthday party! I bet they loved it.
    I love your rug a great way to use up pieces left over

  7. Your rug is lovely and so many colors would work in the border. What a really cool party to have for a boy. Snakes are very shiny and appear slimy but aren't. I'm not the least bit afraid of snakes but wouldn't want to come up face to face with a poisonous one.

  8. Creepy crawlers! All the things little boys love! What a fun day for James..Happy Birthday!!

  9. Hi Julia,
    Your rug is so beautiful and I'm sure either of those colors would look lovely!! My eye kept going to that deep rust color! Love the name too!!
    The party for James looked like a little boys dream....snakes, lizards, spiders, turtles, friends......and cake!!! So much fun!!!!
    Hope you are staying warm and enjoy your week!
    Warm Hugs~

  10. Hello cute JB! Wow! Your rug is super cool! It looks like a magic map! I love it!
    That's some party James had! Yikes! I can't say that I'm sorry that the local grandgirls wouldn't want a reptile party. Scary!
    Are you feeling well? Is your foot all healed up?
    God bless you, kind friend.

  11. Hello,
    I like your rug. I think it looks like a beach on Lake Superior Shores. I love it. Well done.

    James had a great party. What a brave boy. I never in my life would let a tarantula climb my arm. NO WAY :-))
    What a fun time. Thank you for sharing, Carla

  12. Wow that is a very cool birthday party!! I wish I was there, I love looking at things like that. Very cute cake too. What a neat SIL you have.
    I love that rug Julia. I looked at it really close up on the computer. I just love looking at your hooking. We have had rain for two days. It has been so nice. So I am keeping warm.

  13. Julia ~
    Your rug came out great. I love your colors!
    What a fun party. Up close and personal with those animals. Your daughter knows how to throw a party.
    Hugs :)

  14. What an awesome party! And the rug is beautiful. Very relaxing. We're doing a Harry Potter party for my daughter in 2 months, and I'm rather terrified. We did one for my oldest too, and I remember how much work that was. Hiring someone to come in and show critters? That's brilliant.

  15. Love having the reptile party but I. Could never have the snake and spider in my house. It is funny when the birthday person wants to play by himself. It happens a lot. James sure is a cutie. Oh love the new rug.

  16. What a fabulous birthday! Your rug is beautifully made and I like the colours a lot, what a work of art. Betty

  17. Now, THAT is my kind of party! James is such a big boy, now! Wow, 5! He is cute still, though! *wink* Your rug is awesome. I agree. I thought it looked like a topographic map. Warm Hugs!

  18. Your rug is beautiful!
    Wow, what a party, spiders and snakes!
    That snake gave me the willies!

  19. Oh I love Geological Landscape it is incredible nice work. Now that is one exciting and scary to me party:):) I am sure my feet would be off the ground too. Nice train set that would be lots of fun. Hug B

  20. WOW what a cool party! I like all the reptiles except the snake. I would have been hiding on top of the roof. I got tickled at the faces of those children huddled on the couch.

  21. Your rug is beautiful and so interesting. I have never seen a rug like it!
    I am impressed on how James was so interested in all the reptiles!
    James is so handsome and it looked like a great party!!!! Happy belated Birthday James, hugs cheri

  22. Oh my gosh, that snake!
    I don't know if I could have given it a cuddle:)
    The photo of your rug didn't show up over here for me.....I'm sure it's beautiful. I love the way you craft and create:)
    Hope you're staying warm and well and full of wonder. Happy wintering:)

  23. Looks like a lot of fun, I think I would be one of those that kept my feet up off the I am sure it kept the children quiet for a while

  24. My great nephew Jordan would love a party like that.
    That was one nigh honkin' snake.

  25. Wow, what an exciting and fun birthday for James. I can see by his face in the pictures he totally enjoyed all those critters. I bet he will remember that party his whole life. He is sure getting tall, can't believe he is 5 already. Daniel seemed happy staying right where he was and enjoying his toys.

    Very nice rug work as always sweet Julia...what a lady of talent you are. You are great at matching colors. I think medium brown would look very nice on the edges of your rug. Hugs

  26. What a perfect party for a boy interested in creepy crawley critters! And that cake, wow, so imaginative. I love the rug too, it does look geological, sort of rocks and pools, and so on.

  27. A total boy party but a snake in the house, yikes! Your rug looks amazing, as always. You do have a talent and I love that you share it!!
    Our snow is finally melting, I can actually see the grass.
    Take care Julia

  28. I love your rug, Julia! It is stunning! Great colors and great design. Janes' birthday party looks like fun. I like reptiles -- we've seen several iguanas on vacation this week -- but I draw the line at tarantulas!