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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Things are getting back to normal  more or less here after the Holidays, the tree and Christmas decorations are still up by choice because I keep the old tradition of keeping the Christmas decor till the Epiphany to commemorate the visit of the Wise Men as our church still does  on January 6th...

I've been lazy and on the computer more than usual and I was wondering why so many blogs were loosing followers. I suspected Blogger doing a cleanup job  and I may be right as blogger across the globe lost followers recently.

I checked Blogger Buzz and saw an update on Google Friend Connect and here is what I read. I took a photo of the page and hope you can read it or else check it up for yourselves on Blogger Buzz.

Yes my blogger friends, changes are in the air... I hope that I won't loose contact with you. I appreciate your visit to my blog so much, I want to stay in contact with you in 2016...

Can you believe, I've hung a new calendar in the barn to keep track of the calving cows and new born calve yet I still haven't hung a new calendar in my office or home!!!

Cough and colds are rampant now  and I hope I'll escape the germ army but it might just be hopeful thinking... but so far so good...
Take care and stay safe and happy and healthy. Thanks for your visit and the gifts of your comments.They are really gifts to me and I appreciate them.



  1. Thanks Julia. I thought it strange that I lost 5 or 6 followers in one day. I wish they would stop changing stuff

  2. Well, Julia! This is very interesting! I wonder what it will mean for me. You are a good researcher! xo Nellie

  3. Happy New Year Julia! Thanks for sharing the article.

  4. I think Google Friend Connect is kind of redundant, but maybe I just don't understand it. I have a Google account so I'm all good. You're such a good connecter, sweet JB!

  5. I won't ever stop following you Julia...I've been using Feedly to keep a record of my blogs so whatever Goggle Connect does I won't loose the friends I follow. I saw where you were having trouble with my new blog. If this continues, please let me know..I don't want to loose your friendship either. Happy New Year.....

  6. Julia, thank you for investigating the mystery of the the disappearing followers. I didn't know why I was losing followers and was afraid was something I'd said. What a relief!

  7. Hi Julia,
    I truly enjoy visiting your blog and appreciate you taking the time to find out the mystery of losing followers!! I know many others have wondered too and it is a relief to know it was not just an isolated instance!! You are so sweet to post this!! Thank you!!!!
    Have a wonderful week, my friend!
    Warm Hugs~

  8. Thank you, Julia for taking the trouble to investigate and inform us of the change. Have a blessed Sunday.

  9. Thanks Julia for the Heads up about Google connect. I have copied this to my blog. Thanks for letting us know what is going on. Darn Blogger. Funny about the calender's we wrote our first calf born in one before I put the house one up too:) Take care Hugs B

  10. I don't have a Google account, does that mean I'll lose my blogging profile??? Ahrgh, not sure what to do???? Do I have to set up a Google account???x

  11. Thanks for sharing this. I had not read about it.

  12. I don't understand this at all! but I do have Google a/c so will be able to read your posts.. it maybe explains why I lost a lot of followers over the last few days.

  13. AHHHHH, that explains why I've lost some followers lately. Not because they don't like me any longer, but because Google has given us a divorce, lol.

  14. I am so glad you said that. I was feeling like what on earth did I write about to loose my followers.
    That helps.
    I would never stop reading you!! Hey I totally understand the calendar in the barn thing. That makes perfect sense. Have a great week Julia and stay well.

    I lost 6 followers in one day and just didn't understand. I guess I'll be losing a bunch more :(
    Don't worry. If I lose you, I will find you.
    Hugs :)

  16. Hi Friend,
    Thank you for this...I did not know about.
    I am a google account person, so I think I am okay.
    Happy New Year

  17. yeah, i figured they were closing old accounts or something like that. thanks for the explanation! laughing at your calendar. i had to write 16 last night for the first time and it felt very surreal.

  18. I was shocked I thought I must of said something to tick a lot of people off so good to know.
    Happy New Year

  19. Happy New Year Julia. I have really missed you and just had to come by and check on you.
    I thought I lost followers because I never post anymore or get on the computer. I keep hoping that will change for me. I did have someone help me with my computer to make it work faster so maybe I can get back into blogging.
    I thought of you so often over the holidays wondering how you were doing.
    Do stay well and hope you don't catch the bugs going around. I caught a cold this week but hopefully it won't lead into something worse.
    Stay warm and take care

  20. Thanks for sharing this tidbit of info Julia. I too have a Google account so I guess I'm safe for now anyway, lol...I have you in my sidebar so thankfully I'm not going to lose you anyway.

    Would you believe I haven't put up a new calendar yet. Pretty odd considering I did make a January calendar for my blog, lol...

    Stay away from those germs Julia and thanks again for sharing...

  21. I heard the rumbles about the change. It definitely wasn't a welcome one, but that's the order of the day for you: change. It's to be expected with all things connecting technology, eh?

  22. Hello Julia! Thank you for your lovely comment- you are so right about your appreciation, it is an amazing thing, the human body, we are fearfully and wonderfully made indeed!!x

  23. I couldn't begin to count all the "followers" I've lost over the years because of changes that I or blogger or wordpress made. Just such a flux and flow. I've decided to just go with it...not even look anymore. Couldn't tell you what my numbers are. Maybe that helps us write and stay true.
    Stay well and be good to yourself, friend,

  24. I am soooo UN-techie, thanks for the info! I did notice that I lost some followers,but just figured that they did some "house cleaning" of their own! I do know that sometimes the blogs I follow don't show up on my blogger dashboard, and I'm not sure why that happens. I enjoy reading your blog, so I'll look you up if that happens!