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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


As I promised Annie,  a blogger friend, here is the little poem I was inspired to write  on April16, 2009. It has not been refined and is raw as I scribbled  it in my little note book after a very busy day.  It's called God is busy. I hope you enjoy reading it to reflect on some of the gifts we receive from God.

               God is Busy
Busy is a word I use often, God is busy too.
He's busy breathing new life in his creatures, big or small.
He's busy sustaining the world he created.
He's busy holding the sun, the stars and the moon in their orbits.
He's busy making the streams flow and the ocean roar.
God is busy.

He's busy making the sun rise on a new day and the moon light the night.
He's busy changing the seasons.
He's busy unfolding tiny buds and delicate petals.
He's busy giving us beauty and diversity.
God is busy making raindrops and rainbows. He's busy moving the clouds with the wind.
God is busy.

He's busy making sure that colors are beautiful and the sounds are heard.
He's busy with the song birds with each feathers of their plumage.
He's busy growing fruits, berries and vegetables.
He's busy warming the earth.
God is very busy.

He's busy loving us and showering us with gifts.
He's busy healing our hurts and diseases.
He's busy caring for us.
He's busy inviting us to his banquet.
But He's never too busy to listen to us.
God is busy.

He's busy giving out talents.
He's busy giving out the senses.
He's busy coming down to us in Jesus His son.
He's busy teaching us.
God is very busy.

He's busy giving us our individuality and uniqueness.
He's busy giving us each our own fingerprints, our own voice and imagination.
He's busy giving us musical notes.
He's busy giving us sleep and rest.
But he's never too busy to hear our prayers.
God is very busy.

He's busy giving us pleasures.
He's busy reflecting our images in mirrors.
He's busy giving us knowledge and wisdom.
He's busy showing us how to live for Him.
But he's never too busy to forgive.
God is very busy too but he always make time for us.

God is busy counting each hair on our heads.
He's busy preparing a place for us.
He's busy giving us hope.
God is busy giving us more love than we can hold.
He's busy showing us how to share that abundant love.
God is busy but He could use our help to continue His work.

Yes God is busy too.
He's been busy for a very long time.

By Julia Bourque.
All copyrights reserved.
Do not copy without permission from the author.

I welcome your comments and wish you a great weekend as we get ready to turn another calendar page.
Hugs, JB


  1. I speak to HIM often and had forgotten just how busy HE really is. Yet I also know HE hears me when I speak to him.

    Thanks Julia.

  2. I love it Julia, it is a wonderful reminder too. Thank you. It is very nice to think about and ponder.

  3. Beautiful. We need to remember all that he does.

  4. this was my favorite stanza: He's busy making sure that colors are beautiful and the sounds are heard.
    He's busy with the song birds with each feathers of their plumage.
    He's busy growing fruits, berries and vegetables.
    He's busy warming the earth.
    God is very busy.

  5. This is a beautiful poem. I don't guess I realized you wrote poetry.
    What a gift,

  6. Oh Julia, that is such a beautiful poem. I gain such a sense of God's creativity and his dexterity in doing all these delicate and grand tasks and a real sense of just how much he does for us. You are very skilled and I.thank you, dear friend, for this delightful reminder of who he is and how he is. Xx

  7. Beautiful poem and very well written. Julia, you are really good! I enjoy reading it. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. Beautiful poem and very well written. Julia, you are really good! I enjoy reading it. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  9. God is busy giving us talents that we might share with others to make them realise how much we need him. He sure is very busy giving my sister all these talents she can share with us.How blessed you are. Thanks for sharing your talents Julia.

  10. This is beautiful, Julia! Thanks!

  11. And we think we have busy lives, this wonderful poem really puts things in perspective- thanks for sharing Juila!

  12. Hi JB! I can't believe it's April tomorrow. God IS busy but never rushed. Isn't that comforting?

  13. Hello, I love your poem. Well done. Thank you for sharing.
    I have had a very strange day....so this is just what I needed!!
    Thank you,

  14. Hi Julia,
    Just stopped by for a visit to see what you where up to...what a beautiful read on God being busy.
    As I was reading it, I realized it was all the things that are taken for granted & just not truly viewed as a gift from God. It's time to take a breathe & breath in all that God is busy giving us & smile & enjoy all His beauty.
    You never stop, pleasantly surprising me, with all you God given talents! Thank you for caring & sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend Julia.

  15. It's lovely Julia. We all need a reminder from time to time.

  16. Hi Julia,
    Your poem is so lovely and packed full of truth!! As I was reading it, I was reminded that as busy as God IS, He is NEVER TOO BUSY FOR US!!! Such a comfort to know that when we need Him, He is RIGHT THERE!!!
    Thank you for sharing, sweet friend!
    Hope you have a happy week!
    Warm Hugs~

  17. Oh, Julia. I love this! I am very teary, right now. This is so true and beautiful. It actually makes me feels ashamed for feeling overwhelmed sometimes, thinking I am busy! Thank you for this, my friend. You are a beautiful soul! HUGS!!

  18. Beautiful my friend. Just beautiful.
    Such depth and truth.

  19. An absolutely awesome and inspirational poem! Love it!!!!

  20. Sometimes I feel ashamed to bring my petty little problems to God because I know he is busy with other much more important problems and needs. Then I remember that he cares about all of us and no problem is too small or great for him.
    Your poem is beautiful and so wonderfully written. Thank you for sharing with us!

  21. Julia, that is beautiful and so true. I am guilty of forgetting how busy God is. Like the person wrote in the comment ahead of mine, I too am embarrassed to bring my little petty, minor problems to God. I need to remember to thank him more too. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. You have a true talent.

  22. That's a beautiful poem and so true. God is busy and I'm so grateful to Him that he takes time to remember me in my small spec on this..His earth. Bless you Julia and I hope all is well with you.

  23. What a lovely poem!
    Thank you for sharing it and reminding us that even though God is busy doing the huge eternal things, He's not too busy to answer our prayers and see our smallest needs.

  24. Loved your poem. Beautifully described about the god's work...

  25. A new way of looking at God's work.

  26. Beautiful, Julia.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy April to you :)

  27. What a divine poem, Julia...poetry is such a personal expression, I thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and reminding us that God is never too busy for his children:)

  28. I love how he is busy and always in a place of rest. I want to learn to do that, too:) Deep rest. Deep calling to deep. Sweet rest that comes from trust and faith, rather than an illusion that I'll ever get every box checked off:)
    Rest and sweetness to you in the busy places,

  29. Very true..makes one not want to complain about their own business, eh?

  30. Oh, sweet Julia what a beautiful poem and so very true. God is always busy but he never tires like we do from our busy times. I am thankful that I can have busy times because God is busy. You should write more poems...this one is amazing. Hugs

  31. Julia what a wonderful poem! I didn't know you were a poet too. I will have to read it to little Jack. Hugs cheri

  32. Julia- this is so very beautiful. So lovely that I'm sure even God was touched by these words. You must write from the heart.....only people who do so could write with such sincerity. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words..