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Monday, March 14, 2016


Of course when we were kids, we didn't had white goo or Play Doh to play with but I can remember helping mom make bread and I loved playing in the dough. It was warm and gooy and I would add more flour to make it into a real bread dough. I could even shape them into loaves at 8 years old way back then.  It was more play than work.

These are pictures that I got from my daughter Christine on March the 4th. James teacher sent these to her with this quote.

This is me and I'm stretching the goo. It's smooth, soft, squishy, stretchy and sticky. I got to wash my hands now.
James is 5.

I hope you have a great day. Thanks for the gift of your comments.


  1. That looks like fun. James is growing into a handsome little guy.

  2. James seemed to be enjoying himself. We too played with flour dough and later on with plasticine moulding clay.

  3. He used some good words there! Clever boy!!! I like plasticene and dough though not so keen on Goo!!!x

  4. Nope, that wasn't available when I was a kid either. What I did enjoy was squishing the red dot in a bag of margarine. My brother is 5 years younger than me and he always wanted to squish the bag to mix the colors too. But since my hands were a tad bigger the older kid got to do it.

  5. Goo is fun! I've always loved it! I like to make nests, eggs, and a bird to sit on top when I play with Play doh. Snails are fun, too!
    How cute! What a precious photo.
    Take care, good JB!

  6. I was never too excited to play with goo! I did, however, enjoy working with the pieces of leftover pastry when Mother baked pies! When my efforts were baked, they were just like crackers! Did James like it? xo Nellie

  7. Maybe that's why I like total joint replacements at work..I get to play with the stuff to cement the pieces in! Ha! James is adorable and how fun to get his pics from the teacher.

  8. So much FUN! I work in a preschool and we get to play with all sorts of gooey stuff. I make the playdoh with a great recipe - we also make gak with glue and starch, the kids love it. I'm glad to see your grandson having a great time at school, it's nice his teacher sent the photo and his cute quote to his mother, moms like that sort of thing. He sure is a cutie!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. We didn't have Play Doh but we had lots of red clay and that worked in a pinch. I think it's the sensation of how those things feel in your fingers that is so compelling at that age.

  10. Kids and goo go so well together! :) We used to mix up a concoction of corn starch and water, and the kids loved it. I forget the proportions, but it was a really unique goo, and lots of fun. James is a good looking kiddo!

  11. James takes his goo very seriously!

  12. Hi Julia,
    From the look on that other little boy's face it seems James may have been his inspiration to dig in!

    We weren't "allowed" to play with Play Doh but, we sure did have fun playing with pasta dough when we were kids. I can still remember the trick with our little thumbs to make I think, gnocchi.

    Ah, those were the days. I kinda wish my mother was a bread baker though. Maybe I wouldn't have such a bad case of yeastaphobia, lol...

    Thanks for sharing, Julia...James is one handsome little boy:)

  13. yeastaphobia:) I've always loved the stuff, myself:) You are such a wonderful grandma! Your kids and grandkids have such a gift in you.
    Beautiful legacy you've built and are building,
    Julia. Much love and bravo:)

  14. Haha! He describes it perfectly.
    He's a cutie.

  15. Sweet. :-) I love the little girl looking on at him.
    xx oo

  16. Oh my goodness! James is quite the young man, now. These pictures and quotes are priceless. HUGS!

  17. How nice to see those pictures. I always did enjoy seeing and doing that sort of thing. I think it means I am a tactile learner. I can't believe how big James is now.
    Have a lovely day Julia,

  18. Hi Julia,
    Awwwwwww, James looks so adorable in these pictures and I just love his comment!!! He has quite an audience too, and seems to know just how to demonstrate the correct way to stretch that dough!! Looks like a future bread maker to me!!
    Enjoy your weekend, my friend!
    Warm Hugs~

  19. Thanks for all your lovely comments, hope you are having a beautiful weekend!x

  20. Lol. Kids and goo go together like peanut butter and jelly. What exactly were they doing with it? Other than just squishing it?

  21. I have to admit, this looks incredibly fun and now I wanna play with goo too :)

  22. James is a cutie! Hope spring is headed your way. Sarah

  23. He's really focusing on his goo. How cute is that?

  24. Sweet James is really having fun with the goo. Children love to play in anything gooey. That was very nice of his teacher to share those cute pictures. I learned to make biscuits when I was very young but I don't remember if I enjoyed my hands being in the dough or not. Hope you are doing well sweet Julia. Hugs

  25. Oh my gosh I wish little Jack would do that. He hates having anything sticky on his hands. Lol
    What a handsome boy. Hugs cheri

  26. My heart jumped up and grinned so big
    when I read the title of your post, Julia!
    Maybe I want to be a kid again and play with God:)
    Oh how that resonates with me:)
    I agree! I take on those words inside myself:)
    Love the goo, the playdough ideas, and the whole
    messy free-for-all of the idea you inspired
    just now:)
    THANK you,

  27. Julia-- all children love play dough. Our grandchildren love it too. Your little grandson is so cute!!