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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Yep, that's what I'm doing, counting the days to spring. I googled and it tells me that there are 37 days, 11 hours and so many minutes and seconds to spring 2018.

I've been rather lazy this winter and neglected my house plants and since we use wood heat in the basement and first floor, the air dries out my plants as I've neglected to care for them like I used to and the soil dried out several times or maybe more than several times... It seems that I'd rather nap than water plants but they are tough and despite the neglect, they are rewarding me with late blooms this year. It could be that they are confused with the weather extremes.

This was a Poinsettia Christine gave me at Christmas in 2016, It was huge but I lost 2 plants in that pot because I let the soil dry, bad me... but it's still put on a show the best it could.

The Christmas Cacti also were neglected but despite their hardship, they survived with a little bit of attention.

The Poinsettias and Christmas Cacti used to bloom on time for Christmas but this year they were late and are blooming now and are not in the best shape but I'll take any blooms at this gloomy time of year.  The Christmas Cacti are almost finished blooming right now. We've had snow storms and rain repeatedly and it will be a long time before the outdoor plants give blooms... Somehow seeing real blooms on my houseplants kinds of gladens the heart.

I did a bit of hooking and I finished one mitten. I have the wrong size knitting needle for the pattern but the woolen mitten fits me perfectly. Now to start the other one.

I hope that you take heart if cold winter isn't your favorite season.
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Hugs, Julia


  1. Hi Julia! I know! I am ready for some blooms, too. Your indoor plants look fantastic to me! Wow! Well done! I can't imagine what they look like when you do have time to tend them. You are quite a plant whisperer. I applaud your mitten! Good job! Hang in there. Spring will come.

  2. Oh Julia, me too...I am so ready for spring and all that means...Your plants seemed to have faired better than mine. At least yours are blooming...Mine said no way....The mitten looks warm and I know you will enjoy them when you complete the other one...I hope you have a wonderful day Julia....

  3. Hi, Julia! How wonderful that I see a post by you on the very, very rare day that I am checking my blog list! I am no good at all with houseplants; thankfully, my husband waters them! I have tulips that have begun to appear outside; no blooms last year; will see what they give us this year! Yay for those mittens! ....xoxo Nellie

  4. I have never had a poinsettia rebloom you are amazing. Good warm mitten good to keep the hands busy

  5. I think you must have the greenest thumb in the whole world. I have never got Poinsettias to bloom after that first time. I am reading a book about India and they use them as hedges. Isn't that incredible? Your cactus is amazing too. I like your mitten. I didn't know you knew how to knit? You are always amazing Julia. Well I hope you have an early spring too.

  6. Hi Julia! Your blooms are beautiful! A treat for the eyes! I tried to force some hyacinth bulbs last month...I put one in a forcing vase and also planted 6 in pots and placed in a warm area... and they all rotted. I'm so disappointed. I guess I will have to wait for when the greenhouses start selling plants for Easter. :-)

  7. Your Christmas cacti are blooming in unison! I love it when they bloom. Mine bloomed in early December,and now there are two blooms almost ready to pop open again!
    How lovely that you can knit! Someday I must learn!!

  8. Nice cactus my Mom used to have one I killed mine :(.Love the colour of your mittens. Spring will be here soon. Hugs B

  9. I can't be bothered with getting a poinsettia to bloom again, but my cactus is about to bloom for the second time.
    I didn't know you knitted? A woman of many talents.
    Hugs :)

  10. Doesn't it seem like February takes forever? I'm looking forward to Spring too but I don't do indoor plants since I kill them every time! I settle for grocery store flower bouquets! Take care Julia, it will be Spring soon!

  11. Oh my goodness, your house plants are wonderful. I have never seen the lighter color of the Christmas Cactus before, is it peach colored? They are just beautiful!!
    Stay Cozy .. we are cold here in Wisconsin. Back in the negative temps.

  12. Sweet Julia I can't get house plants to live when I care for them and for yours to look that beautiful being neglected is amazing. I am really wanting spring to get here...all but the storms anyway. I am ready for sunshine and beautiful colors. You do such beautiful work, the mitten is great. I don't think you could ever be lazy sweet Julia I would say your body was resting from all the work that you do. A day less today than yesterday until spring hang in there sweet friend it is coming. Love and hugs

  13. Hi Julia,
    Even though you might have neglected your plants, they STILL look great!!! I don't have a green thumb AT ALL so even when I do everything I am supposed to do, my plants STILL DIE!!! Just not one of my talents, so I truly admire those who can grow plants!! Love the red!!
    Your mitten is lovely and again, something I admire in others, but am not able to do!! My aunt and grandma actually gave up trying to teach me as I just could not get it right!! At least I can sew, hook, punch, and cook!! Hope you see signs of spring soon!!
    Heart Hugs~

  14. Beautiful flowers. In spite of being ignored they love you and grow and thrive.
    I look forward to Spring as well.

  15. Hi Julia, Spring is not far away now and there are plenty of things to look forward to. I know that I can’t wait for the good weather to get here. I hate the winter months. They are so cold.

  16. Hi Julia, So sad to hear about the accident you had but glad that the recuperation is going well.That’s the trouble with it being cold. Hopefully the weather will pickup real soon. Your grandson’s look as if they had a great time meeting their favourite Disney characters. The photos are great. I wished i’d done something similar when I was their age. I’m much too old these days. Rug hooking looks a pretty good hobby to do. I must admit that i’ve never heard of it before. There’s something for all of us! My hobby was taking pictures and drinking beer. The blog is always interesting and I look forward to reading what you’ve been up to. It’s far more interesting than mine : being stuck in a wheelchair is not vey exciting, believe me. Canada is my favourite part of the world and I always think of the snow you have there. We’ve had quite a bit, recently.

  17. That Poinsetta is enormous despite you saying that the soil has dried out! I've never seen one that isn't a tiny one in a pot! The Cacti are fab also! My husband wants to buy an indoor plant for our spare bedroom! I fear that I will forget to water it!
    The mitten looks cosy and glad that the wrong size needles mean it fits you!