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Tuesday, May 1, 2018


I've been putting off posting in the hope the water would go down so I would have good news to report but now they say the level will stay high until Friday. We are in a major flood situation since April 27, and on Sunday we got false hope as the water went down but it was back up higher in the morning. This morning it was even higher.

A lot of my spring bulbs are under water.

but these are high and dry.

On Sunday, I worked at the church supper cutting pies and had to be brought to the road by a tractor, then by truck. I could walk over the barricaded bridge to the other side where someone picked me up to take me to the church, otherwise, it would have been a very long detour.

My Lilly garden is under water.  My husband built a carport and now my Lilly garden on top is in the shade and they are barely growing.  They are usually first to bloom.

We've managed to milk the cows twice a day since the flood started and they had a dry place to lay down in their beds but now even their sand beds are wet. There is water everywhere in the barn.

This morning when I went to feed my calves, I went by tractor but when I tried how deep the water was by the barn door before putting my feet on the ground,  it was over my boots so George drove me back home. It was 1/2 an inch at the top of my boots and my foot was not touching the ground.

Friends lend my son two pairs of hip-waders so they at least can get around without getting water in their boots.

Water is now around the front hedge.

They haven't been able to milk the cows yet and it's 10"34 am but now they think that they can milk the cows one at a time in the portable milk can they use for colostrum milk and the milk will have to be dump outside.   It will take a long time but at least, there is a solution to a major problem.  They can put more sand in the beds.

I didn't go around taking pictures at the barn but it's a huge mess right now.

View for upstairs of the backyard and filed behind the hedge.

The flood warning came 48 hours prior to flooding but we got more water than predicted and because of the effect of the full moon on the tide, the water came faster than predicted.

My backyard was greening up and the bulbs were growing, now all is under water.

A pair of Mallard ducks gingerly enjoying a visit in my backyard.

I managed to put things on high shelves in the basement before the flood so nothing would get wet downstairs. I have all my little seedlings on the floor in the sunroom but they are not getting enough light.

In hindsight, sandbagging around the openings around the barn might have been beneficial. There are lots of big doors so I'm not sure if it would have been possible. Water always finds the lowest spots.

Now they are telling us that the water will stay high till Friday. A week of high water is a long time.

On a happier note, I won a very generous giveaway from MoosecraftUSA. It came so soon after it was sent by priority post and the shipping was $46.25 US. I was so surprised at the size of the package. Sharon is a very generous friend. Thank you, Sharon. I have a Thank You card all ready to go but we have no mail delivery because of the flood so it will be sent as soon as the water goes down.  I'm so grateful for the beautiful wool. I'm already hooking the stripe one in the second row on my Julia hen chairpad.

When I took the first photo I forgot the applique gift and the notepad, so they are in the next photo. I''m looking forward to working my first wool applique but I need thread first...

Again, thank you, Sharon for the generous gift. They are all beautiful gifts. The little sheep is adorable.

I hope everyone is staying dry and safe. I'm sure trying. Thanks for your comments.
Hugs, Julia


  1. Oh Julia, I was hoping and praying that the water wouldn't flood this year. My goodness it looks like a bad year. Every year I pray that it won't flood. Stay safe my friend. Your giveaway is so nice. Sharon is very nice. I love all of your gifts.
    I will be praying for you.

  2. Oh, Julia, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this! We go along, taking precautions and doing everything as best we can, and then nature swoops in. That wonderful haul from MoosecraftUSA will be your reward—a treat!—when the water recedes. BEST of luck!!

  3. Oh Julia what a wonderful gift among all that water! Sending a big dry hug your way poor cows too they don't understand the water. How awful for you all.

  4. Wow! That is soooooo much water! With the level going down on Sunday, I was hoping you would have dry grounds and easier to get around by this weekend. I can't even imagine how frustrating and tiring your situation is...praying it starts to go down quickly.
    Enjoy your woolies...I hope they help to bring some relax time for you! :-)
    Hugs, Sharon

  5. Julia,
    Oh my, I can not even imagine. The stress on the cows and calves and for YOU all!!
    I am sending prayers.
    Love, Carla

  6. OH....MY.....GOODNESS!!! How can this even be real? All that water and flooding, WOW!! Flowers will be fine, but the cows, they are probably wondering what in the world is going on...Oh you guys I feel so bad. What a wonderful trooper you are, cutting pies and helping out and catching a ride by tractor. You are quite the woman Julia!
    Well, I'll be praying for you and everyone. Hang in there, that's just crazy! Your wool looks like a wonderful distraction and I know you will be creating something amazing! How sweet of Sharon!
    Take care my friend!
    Wishing I was there to help you!!!

  7. Julia,
    I will keep you in my prayers. Hoping that the water begins to recede soon. Take care my friend and be careful when tending to your chores.

  8. ***Update***

    I was just talking to my mother (Julia) on the phone. She was delighted when I read all your comments to her.

    She says Thank You for your thoughts and prayers! She really appreciates them!

    The power was cut late yesterday afternoon. They managed to finish milking the cows. Then late into the night, the milking cows were moved to the fairgrounds in Fredericton where the twice daily milking will be much more laborious than usual because they have to use a portable milker for each cow. Our cows are all mixed up with another farmer's cow as well, but I am sure they will sort them out soon.
    For the moment, the younger cows, and “dry” cows will stay at the barn because they are up high enough and only need hay. They will be moved if the water level goes up again.

    The water has been receding and is down about 1 foot since these pictures were taken. But the water level is expected to rise again as 20 mm of rain in the forecast for tomorrow and there is still lots of snow in the hills upriver.

    It is heartbreaking to see my family's hard work be threatened so harshly. But my parents and my brother are resilient. I am so proud of them for managing as well as they have done so far and with more challenges ahead.

    Much love to all!


    P.S. Please comment more, and I will read each comment to my mother when we talk next!!! Your thoughts and prayers are really appreciated!!!

  9. Hi Julia, i’ve slept through most of the week but it’s heartbreaking to see so much water. If I wasn’t on dreaded antibiotics I would have seen your post earlier and responded. Canada 🇨🇦 is having some really bad weather at the minute. I just hope it gets better for you soon. Thoughts and best wishes to you.

  10. Oh No! What a mess. I hope that water goes down soon. April 27 was when we had the tornado outbreak a few years ago. I’m beginning to NOT like that day.

  11. Oh no Julia!! That is terrible news!! And you were so excited about your garden and the spring flowers! It is such a shocking amount of water to have to deal with. I hope that the cows are ok and you are! Thank God for the help of others. How good you still went with the church meal.
    What a beautiful giveaway! I am pleased you have had something lovely to distract you!! Can't wait to see the Julia chair!. Take care of yourself dear

  12. And when I write this it is Saturday, so I worry about you and wonder how your week went. It's just awful to see so much water and know that it wouldn't go away soon. And your cows and calves, so worrisome. I'm thinking of you and hope it will all work out. Your gifts are beautiful and so are you, getting to church in all that water.

  13. I just read Christine's comment. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Julia. You are such a hard-working woman and it is a shame to see so much of your work being ruined. Sending love, Inger

  14. This is Julia's daughter Jackie. I just wanted everyone to know that Julia is safe but without power so she is unable to post updates. The cows have been moved to a safe dry barn on the exhibition grounds and after all the stress that this caused them, they are settling into a routine and are much more relaxed. The water is still up high and not forecasted to start to recceed until early next week. Then the clean up of the barn will have to happen before the cows can be moved back.
    I have offered my mother a dry bed and a hot bath (and internet) and hope that she takes me up on my offer soon.

  15. Oh, my goodness sweet Julia. I had no idea this was happening. I am so very sorry. I just noticed Jackie's update, bless her for posting to let us know how it is going. I hope you get no more rain in your area and the water will begin receding very soon. I hope too that you will have power again very soon. Thank you to Jackie for letting us know that they are safe. Hugs

  16. Oh Julia, I'm so sorry! That looks like such a mess. I hope and pray that the water recedes quickly for you. I can't imagine how much work that this will be.
    Hugs and loves my friend.

  17. I have been following Christine's and Jacqueline's posts on Facebook, hoping things wouldn't get too bad over there. I feel sad for all the damage and having to move the cows. I hope the whole process doesn't stress them too much, although that is probably hoping for a lot. You're all in my thoughts. Much love from your niece Melanie.

  18. Oh, I do hope things are better now! I can't imagine the frustration. Julia, you are so strong. Praying.

  19. ***FLOOD UPDATE ***

    Mom (Julia) is still OK, but still has no power and no internet. They are running the generator to keep their freezers frozen. Mom has been busy flitting around the house doing this and that. She says it is kind of like a vacation. Dad and my sister's family has been commuting back and forth to the milking cows at the exhibition grounds, while my bother Vaughan and his son-in-law Sean have been working incredibly hard taking care of the younger cows and mom's calves that were left at the barn. Thank god for hip waders and friends who fish!

    The good news is that the flood is starting to recede... finally.

    To recap the ups and downs of this flood:
    The flood started on Friday April 27 when the Saint John River rose above flood stage at Fredericton which is 6.5 meters.
    On April 27, it rose to 8.13 m, then ebbed to 7.8 m late in the evening of April 27.
    It rose again to 8.26 m on Saturday April 28 (mom had water in the basement by this time).
    On Sunday, April 29th, it lowered again to about 7.9 meters, and mom went to work at the church supper. The water started to rise again on Monday April 30th and was over her boots by now. The river crested at 8.33 m on Tuesday May 1. Again, the water slowly started to recede on Wednesday May 2nd (down to about 7.8 m again). Mom's power was cut off late in the afternoon of Wednesday May 2. The milking cows were moved to the exhibition grounds that evening (May 2) and the "dry cows" (cows soon to give birth) were moved on May 3. The water slowly rose again, and on May 6, there was a big storm and the water was back up to 8.2 meters, and there was also lots of wind which created a bit of a storm surge. Mom now had water spilling into the basement windows. The water was just covering the light switch plate on the wall (about 4 feet of water). A heifer calf was born at the exhibition grounds on late on Friday May 4. Her number is 600 and they named her "High Water". Today (May 7), the river is receding once again (currently at about 7.9 m) and we sincerely hope that this time, the water level continues to lower to something more manageable, and that it will stay down for good.

    The clean up at the barn will be enormous, but many amazing friends have already signed up to help. I am certain that Mom will post about all this when she is able to.

    In closing, I just wanted to add that my incredible mother is very optimistic that the fiddlehead crop will be excellent this year. (Fiddleheads are an edible fern that come right after the spring high water). I hope she has time to pick them.

    Take care,

    P.S. Please comment if you can, and I will read them to her over the phone.

    1. Thank you for the update, Christine!!! We were all concerned and we're glad to hear from you about Julia and your family! We send you all lots of love and hugs...(animals too!!!!) Sunnie :)

  20. Hello, Sweet Julia. Every day I check here. Hoping for word that things are improving for you, How terrible all the flooding and its effects that you have to endure. All those trials and tribulations.

    But of one thing I am absolutely sure. Julia will find bright spots. She will be upbeat. She won't let trouble darken her outlook. I wish I could be more like that lady!! One bright spot that I see is that her family is taking care of her.

  21. Christine, thank you so much for posting! Many of Julia's online friends have been worried about her, including the "stash deworming" (she'll know what I mean--haha) gang at Rug Hooking Daily. I'll share this page with them, and I know they'll be relieved--as I am!

  22. Been thinking of u julia , alot!!
    So glad for this update from ur daughter,,,
    What a horrible time,,,,
    Been watching the news of this and glad ur safe,,,,
    Keepimg u in my thoughts and good u have help!!,
    Take care,,,,

  23. Julia, you are such a strong, brave, smart, optimistic woman, and you are surrounded by caring and helpful friends and family. I am sorry you are having this horrible experience, but I know you will survive through it and will enjoy happier days ahead! In spite of all that has happened, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Congratulations to High Water's mom for giving birth under such usual circumstances.

  24. ***Flood Update***

    Mom (Julia) is still fine. Mom has power to the upstairs again. But still no internet, since her internet box *was* underwater in the basement. Mom says the water would have been up to her neck in the basement (maybe 4.5 feet high. They will be shocking the well soon and getting their water tested. (I believe they are supposed to wait 10 days after the water goes down to treat the well). In the meantime, it's bottled water or the odd beer for mom to quench her thirst.

    The water has been down for about a week now, and the river is not a concern anymore. The clean up has begun. The flood left a huge mess behind in the barn, mom's yard, and in mom's basement and in my brother Vaughan's basement. (I am sure pictures will follow when she has her internet back).

    With the help of friends, Mom and Vaughan cleaned the barn up enough to be functional again, but lots of work remains. My Brother has gutted his basement and the amount of stuff that is in his driveway could fill two dumpsters... at least. It is heartbreaking, but they are saying that purging is a good thing. We all have too much stuff.

    I have read your comments to mom, and she says Thank You for thinking about her. You are all so wonderful! She told me a little bit about you and the blogs that you keep.

    Take care!


  25. P.S. Here is a news story with a few pictures.

  26. Hi everyone. I just got back my internet since the big flood. I'll be posting as soon as I can find the time. I have a an avalange of email to go through and I'll be visiting blogs who have commented soon.
    Hugs, Julia

  27. Sweet Julia I am so happy to hear things are getting better after the flood and you have internet again. Love and hugs sweet friend...I have thought about you so much and remembered you and family in my prayers.

  28. Julia, thanks for the messages you send. They’re very much appreciated. I know your understanding of what it’s like to be disabled is immense. I’m thankful you understand like you do. Good wishes.

  29. Hello, Julia, Thanks for your kind comments about my husband's passing. I hope the waters have receded and that spring has arrived at your home. Sarah

  30. Hi Julia,
    Oh my goodness!!! So very sorry about all that water!!!!! I so hope it has gone down by this time!!! How terrible for you and I just can't even imagine it!!! Hoping things are drying out by now!!!
    What a lovely prize from Sharon, and I know you will so enjoy all that wonderful wool!!! I won a Giveaway from her and it was really special, too!!! She is such a sweet and talented friend!!! So happy that cheered you up a bit!!!
    Take care and hope you are seeing some flowers!!
    Big Heart Hugs~

  31. OMGoodness Julia, you said it was bad & when I saw George on CTV, I knew you were hit hard! I hope thinks are returning to a somewhat normal state. The stress that you & others were under at such an uncontrolable time, I cannot image. The times are changing & the weather changes are so severe & so fast.
    Your wool winnings are beautiful & I can't wait to see the Julia chair pad all hooked up!
    I've been thinking a lot about you, praying too.
    Bill & the youngest son Nicholas left for Brampton this morning, so I'm on my own for 2 wks.
    Take care Julia, warmer dry days are ahead.

  32. Holy cow! How did I miss this? I hope things are better by now and clean up has been completed. I'm so sorry I missed this and I really hope you're doing OK now. All the mess along with keeping up on the farm has to be exhausting...if it's not too late I'll keep you in my prayers! Big hugs Julia!

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