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Saturday, April 21, 2018


When my Husqvarna sewing machine jammed I tried to remedy the problem but this time I couldn't fix it. The bobbin holder won't sit tight and the needle managed to pierce the plastic bobbin holder three times.  The people where my machine was bought have since gone out of business and several businesses who used to repair sewing machine have moved also.
For straight sewing, I can still use my old Singer sewing machine but the zigzag disk is missing.

I needed to zigzag the backing for my rooster rug to prevent it from fraying so I went and bought the simplest serger overlock sewing machine I could find and lucky me, it was on sale. It's a discontinued model but exactly what I was looking for. I just wanted basic. So here it is.

It has a little tray to catch the cut edges that fall after sewing, leaving a neat serged edge. 
I've been wanting one of those for years but just couldn't justify buying one.   
The machine looked a bit intimidating at first but after reading the booklet and viewing the DVD that came with it, I was amazed at how wonderful it is.

I know that you are probably tired of looking at Mr. George the rooster by now but for those who want to know how he was finished, this is the best I can do, step by step so bear with me. 

I cut out my backing a little wider than I wanted the finished edge and started sewing and the extra backing just fell in the little tray.  So enjoyable. That's it, a neat finish that won't unravel. 

I folded the backing, leaving about a quarter inch beyond the hooked rug edge and I pinned the cotton binding tape carefully burying the end of the pins to protect my fingers.  Then I whipped around the edge with a double strand of Briggs and Little wool using a tapestry needle and it was easy to whip around without having to baste the tape.  

I make sure that I don't whip the hoops but close to the hoops.  I know it's difficult to see exactly how I whipped because I didn't take a photo of how I did it but this photo shows the backing isn't all hidden under the tape. It's out about a quarter inch.

For this round shape, I pulled three thread in the tape to pucker it to make it fit better so I didn't have to make wedges I pulled one about 3/4 inch from the edge, then another one a little further down and the last one near the bottom of the tape.  It made fitting the tape so much easier.

I had forgotten to add this photo of how the tape looked after I finished sewing the base of the binding tape. I should have steamed the binding before taking the photo.

To make a smooth whipped edge, I hold the yarn with my left index finger to make sure the double yarn isn't twisted or get tangled as I whip and it also prevents me from pulling on the yarn too hard and making a hard hedge.  I'm right handed so I always hold the right side of the rug against me and start by inserting the needle from the back, hiding the two ends of yarn under the tape or backing, making sure to have one end going one way and the other going the other way. I try to whip the end of the yarn to secure it. I like to cut very long lengths of double yarn for whipping so I won't have to thread my needle so often but that's just me. 

Now here is Mr. George the rooster on his perch.  I used a large wooden hoop to draw a circle on my pattern and I was pleased that it fitted the bistro chair perfectly.  Now I need to hook a Julia chair-pad for the other bistro chair. The poinsettia was given to me two Christmases ago by my daughter Christine. One of the plants in the pot died from neglect but when I paid attention to it, the rest of the plants recuperated and is still blooming. 

Thanks for your visit and I hope you'll leave a comment to let me know you were here. I hope your weekend looks like spring has arrived where you are. It was a beautiful spring day here today. 


  1. How fun! I've always wondered how sergers work. I think I need one, too!
    Oh, Mr. Chicken is adorable. YOU are so talented.

  2. Mr. Roosteris darling! You did a wonderful job!

  3. I have 2 chairs similar to yours on my verandah and now I think I will have to get busy! Love your work.

  4. That rooster took a lot of effort. I admire anyone who can do that kind of art.

  5. Your chair pad is lovely! You did a great job of making it perfectly round and lying flat. That's not easy- I know!
    I didn't know that poinsettas bloomed this long into spring. It's beautiful!

  6. Thank you for the helpful finishing suggestions and love the color choices for the chair mat.

  7. George looks so handsome on his perch! Thank you for sharing your binding tips! I have yet to try a round hooked mat. Looking forward to seeing your Julia hen! :-)
    You did a mighty fine job of rescuing that poinsettia! It's absolutely gorgeous!
    Have fun with your serger! You'll be surprised at how often you will use it now that you have it!

  8. George the rooster will take some beating. You should be pleased with yourself. It looks great! You’re so talented.

  9. Mr. George is just beautiful. It will be a shame to sit on him!

  10. congrats your new surge! your George looks very fine and a great tutorial. I can not believe your plant! I have never had one rebloom

  11. George looks great! You are so talented, Julia! I'm glad you had a chance to do something other than work in the barn! :) It's clearly a gift!

  12. Mr. George is a very handsome fella. Beautiful finish. Thanks for sharing your how-to.
    Love the little serger. Maybe some day...
    The poinsettia is amazing.
    Happy Sunday.
    Hugs ��

  13. Mr. George is very handsome, and fits on the chair perfect.
    Your poinsettia is beautiful. I loved seeing it too.
    Have a great week,

  14. I have not tired of Mr. George and think he is a beautiful work of art. He looks super on the chair. That looks like a very useful and nice new toy you have purchased sweet Julia. That is great that you got the machine at a good price. I am sure you will be using it many times. Have a great week sweet friend. Hugs

  15. Oh Mr George looks marvellous on his Bistro chair! I found it fascinating to read and see how you finished him! Your overlocker is wonderful! I used my friend Norma's one and loved it! It is so clever! Enjoy using it. Can't wait till you begin Julia chair!

  16. Don't you just love new toys! What a beautiful job..George looks very handsome on that bistro chair..good job Julia! So talented! We finally had warm weather here over the weekend...and even some sun! Have a good week!

  17. That is one thing I would love to own is a serger. You think its easy? That would be so wonderful to have. Think of the edges. Your rooster is perfect and so is the finishing. Thanks for showing us how. That is why I never do round rugs because I don't know how. I think I could now though. I hope your days stay warm.

  18. Mr. Rooster is indeed beautiful. Another one of your masterpieces!
    I requested a serger for Christmas many years ago. Even attended classes to learn the wonders it can perform. The one I have used the most is serging fleece to make instant blankets. Also, I have two Husqvarna Viking embroidery machines. This last month I took one in to repair a bobbin winder. To my dismay, I learned that the nearby repair shop can no longer get parts. It seems Hisqvarna, Singer, and some other big machine maker were all bought by one firm. Had to drive 50 miles to get machine fixed. Then was told that the computer screens that control embroidery machines are no longer being made. So when the screens die, all of those machines will be useless. More waste to destroy the environment! The lesson is that people should hang on to the older, all metal machines that do not become unusable!
    You always do such an amazing job of explaining how to do things. Thank you for your blog!

  19. Thanks for your comment and information RunNRose. I'm thanking you here on my blog as I have no way of contacting you.
    I'm very annoyed about all the major sewing machine companies having been bought out by one firm. It's the same with all the major household appliances companies. They are all built to last have a lifespan of 7 years only. It should not be allowed.
    Hugs, Julia

  20. I'm using my other machine too as the 2 1/2 hour each way trip to get the machine fixed is just not in the cards right now. You are going to love your serger, I've got the same one, much older but it is still get & I use it often. Your Mr George chair pad turned out beautifully, can't wait to see the 'Julia' chair pad!
    I've been thinking of you often with all this flooding. I hope you are safe from it. So much rain in the forcast this week too, it helps with the melting & I hope it opens up the bay soon. Your garden must be coming to life soon, maybe we could have a peak at it? You were my garden inspiration for here & I'm seeing the bulbs starting to poke through. Stay safe.