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Wednesday, August 4, 2021


 Never in my whole life have seen time zoom by so fast. It is like that for everyone or just for seniors?

Today I got my second Covid vaccine shot. It was supposed to be tomorrow but there was a change of date. My first shot was painful as it felt that the needle hit the bone but this time the pharmacist who gave me the shot was as gentle as a lamb and I didn't even felt it. ( I don't have much fat on my bones).

I've been plagued by painful shoulders for over a year and I've been taking Ibuprofen when I couldn't bear the pain. I had difficulty lifting plates in the cupboard and doing chores that required lifting my arms.  A lot of things were left undone because of it.

My husband suggested that I see an orthopedic surgeon, who happens to be the husband of a friend. He only takes referrals so I would have to ask my doctor to refer me to him. There's a long waiting list. The idea of having surgery on my shoulders didn't appeal to me at all. 

I have had X-rays of my shoulders years ago and I know that I have calcium deposits and also loose sockets but when the pain was traveling into my biceps, I thought it might be arthritis. I always have frozen ginger in my freezer that I use in cooking so I decided to shred some and ate it raw and drank a little water to wash it down. I took about a tablespoon full 3 times a day with meals.

In a few days, I noticed a big improvement,  and in no time I could move my arms up and lift the plates in the cupboard with ease.  Ginger is very good for inflammation caused by arthritis so now I would rather take ginger than Ibupropehen. Disclaimer, I'm not a doctor so I'm not advising you to take ginger for your pain. So no surgeon for me for at least now.

Today I baked a rhubarb custard pie to use up the frozen rhubarbs I had in the freezer and some frozen pie crust that I made last week. Very yummy.  George likes it with ice cream.

Update on the hydrangea that the deers ate part of.  The other one has fewer blossoms on it as it was chewed more.  The color has already started to change.

Something has killed one of my petunias by stepping on it. I'll blame it on the deers.

I have English cucumbers growing in a bed of Daylilies. They are ready to eat.


All my petunias are started from seeds. I don't spend much money on plants. Notice my barrier for the groundhog is still up. I've seen a small groundhog this afternoon. 

That little hydrangea was started from a broken branch a few springs ago.  The deers never touched this one but the blossoms are small. 

More daylilies growing in the Sundrop flowerbed.  The yellow flowers are finished blooming.

One of my clematis, Jackmanii growing on my dilapidated shed. 

My sweet corn growing in the electric fence enclosure. I just hope the birds will leave it alone. 

This is my first attempt at growing corn. 

And my first attempt at growing sweet potatoes in our short growing season. They need heat to grow well and this summer has been cool. 

Thanks for the visit and I hope that your summer is going well. I appreciate your comments.



  1. Loving your beautiful garden - and am very glad that ginger made such a huge difference for your pain.

  2. Well I have tried to post a couple of times so I hope this isn't triple. Your gardens are just amazing! I would love to come and walk your gardens. And it blows me away you started it all from seed. Ginger is interesting I love ginger but my husband does not and he needs it. How did you take it with water? or in your food? Time is goes fast but at times not fast enough for me I want to retire and have another year. So glad to see you post.

  3. Beautiful gardens which require a lot of work. Think I need to buy a new ginger root as the one has been in my freezer for a couple years and is probably all dried out. So you take 3 tablespoons of ginger per day?

  4. Thank you for the tip on ginger and pain, I may need to give it a try. Though I would suggest keeping that doctor appointment - better to know what's really going on sooner than later? I guess I should keep my own advice and get my hip looked at :-O

    Did you know you can start more petunias from cuttings? I didn't until I saw it on a garden blog and gave it a try. They seem to root very easily - it might work to fill in that spot where one got stomped on. Your gardens are gorgeous, even with the damage from deer and other hungry critters.

  5. Wow, Julia! Your garden is amazing! I must do a garden post. Mine is crazy and wild this year!
    I have sore shoulders, too. I'll try ginger!
    God bless you, sweet J.

  6. Wow I am impressed at your incredible green thumb!! Your gardens are so pretty. I really like that you used ginger and had such good results.
    I am always more for Homeopathy than the regular kind of medical treatments. I hope you get lots of sweet potatoes. Have a great week.

  7. Your tip for Ginger sounds very interesting , sure worth trying !!!
    Your gardens are Beautiful !!!

  8. I enjoy ginger, I did not know it had all that goodness. I will start eating and drinking more of it. I enjoy a good ginger tea! And cookie. LOL And cake..

    Your gardens look wonderful. I love the clematis on the outbuilding.

  9. I love your flowers! Groundhogs are a nuisance! I love homegrown corn! It’s hard to beat the raccoons to it sometimes. We haven’t had a vegetable garden in a number of years. We had good luck with sweet potatoes one season. Your shoulder pain sounds awful! Glad the ginger did the trick for now! Sending hugs!

  10. So happy you found a natural relief for your shoulder issues. I hope it continues. We were talking with one of DSO's neighbor's who had rotator cuff surgery 3 months. He was told at least a year recovery time. Argh!
    Your flower gardens are simply drop dead gorgeous and I know the work it takes. Give yourself an atta girl (or twenty).
    Always a treat to see a post from you.

  11. Wow ginger. Will have to remember that if I ever have pain that bad. Your gardens are so beautiful...even if the deer did get some of the flowers. Janice

  12. Wow!! I love natural healing, good for you and glad it's working. As for that pie of yours, um yeah that looks delish!! Ice Cream is a must. Your flowers are so lovely and beautiful. You are a natural gardener. Both my COVID shots gave me a sore arm for about a day and a half and that was it. I never had any other side effects, just felt like I was punched in the arm, not by the person who gave it to me, I never felt the shot but just after a few hours my arm was super sore.

  13. For a time, ginger helped me, before the arthritis got too bad. I hope it will help you for a long, long time! Your garden is just beautiful. I am very impressed by your ability to grow such flowers and veggies from seeds!

  14. I'll take a slice of pie with ice cream too, please! Gorgeous flowers... it's what we all winter for! Happy to hear the ginger helps with your arthritis! A lot of people forget about natural remedies...and most of them work far better than modern medicine!

  15. I'm back...... ­čśÄ And what a welcome sight to come back to....your beautiful post!!! Wow!! I knew you were an avid and great gardener, but dang're actually an AHHHMAZING gardener!!! I don't think I've ever seen that many day lilies anywhere! Gorgeous! And seriously, out of all those blooming plants you actually noticed one petunia had been trampled??! That made me laugh. Mine are growing in tumbled messes all over the place and I keep having to weed the patio....Many are stepped on regularly..... I tried the ginger too....I have similar issues with my shoulder/arms...very difficult lifting things....I really like ginger, but have a difficult time taking it raw/ least as regularly as I need to I guess. Have to have a blasted nerve conduction stud done next week....I dread it. I had one several years back and they are NOT pleasant. So good to be back...thanks for your encouragement. ~Robin~

  16. Your yard is just lovely. You have such a green thumb.
    Glad your shoulder is feeling better. I hope that continues.

    Hugs and love to you!

    And yes!!!!!’ The year has flown by.