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Sunday, November 21, 2021


Happy Sunday everyone. I hope that you are all having a relaxing and pleasant day.

I wanted to show the little progress I did on my rug. I didn't spend much time hooking but did some tweaking and I feel that I need to do some more.

This is what I showed you in my last post.  Mary had a swollen nose and a bad case of swollen lips. She looked so miserable. Her eyes looked very black even though there is an outline of dark brown above her eyes. They didn't look up as they were supposed to. Even though I followed the line for the brow, it looked too thick that I had only one line for the right brow. I've never had lessons on how to hook facial.

This is hooked in a # 3 cut otherwise I would have to have the design a lot bigger just to get the details in.  Here is the before photo.

Here is the after photo.

I need to do some more tweaking on the lips and under the left eye. It will never be perfect, but at least, she is healing. 

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  1. Wow! Your changes are truly impressive Julia! I can look at something and see it is not "right," but can't figure out the "why" so it is impossible to even think about what needs to be changed to fix it. 3 cut you say?? That'd would seem like hooking with dental floss to me LOL. Happy Sunday to you...Snowing and WINDY here. ~Robin~

  2. Oh yes, that is a great improvement! I stand in awe of your hooking!!!x

  3. I think she should be so happy with the changes. I must of missed a post I am headed to look back at your other post

  4. A great improvement! I dont think it needs to be re-tweaked, but you would know best. Love this! Janice

  5. WOW.. fantastic improvement.

    Please pray our state tonight. A person drove 40 MPH into a Christmas Parade. Several people are injured.

    Thank you.

    Sadly, I am not getting any news on how your British Columbia is doing. Please give an update. I did see how the farmers have tried so hard to save their livestock.

    Praying with you my friend. Love, Carla

  6. You need to give yourself at atta girl. Mary looks so much better. I would not even attempt a face like that and I cannot imagine hooking with a 3 cut. Keep up the good work.

  7. She got a good nose job. I liked the rest of her both in the original and the tweeked form. You are such a talented woman.

  8. Wow, Julia! That is so precise! She's lovely!