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Friday, February 25, 2022


February is almost gone and I'm so behind in my posting.  Even though it's been a rough month for many, many people, it sure went by fast for me. The whole world is in an uproar and world peace is threatened by Russia invading Ukraine, but still, I feel peace in my heart and I trust in God.  Communism is trying to take hold of the free world. It's time for people to wake up and start praying.

Please pray for the poor people of Ukraine. 

  Praying with my Zoom friends every day makes everything bearable.

Very bad photo of me waiting to join the Zoom meeting.

I haven't been up to much this month except for praying, but I spend a lot of time watching live stream news from Ottawa and checking many different News Media, from left and the right and everyone sees things and interprets them with biased opinions which are normal and is expected so I won't get on my soapbox here and leave it at that. I'm just glad that no one died in the whole demonstration and that the Emergency Act here in Canada has been repealed for (now) at least, but some measures taken will stay permanent. Our freedom is shrinking more and more every day. 

I've been making my own bread lately and freezing it.  It fills the house with an aroma and I love sinking my teeth in hot bread with butter and molasses. Yummm. I wish you could smell this.

I splurged and bought a Cyclamen for Valentine and now I have to learn how to care for it. 

This is my very first Cyclamen plant. I hope I don't kill it by neglect.  I don't know how fussy it is.

I made some valentine cookies for hubby. In no time they were all gone. I made a few without icing sugar or sprinkles as I prefer them plain. I ate two and the rest just dissapeared.

Meanwhile, my poinsettia is still doing well and bringing me joy.

I had one Coleus seedling that survived on my deck last spring while the rest just baked in the sun. I had started them from seeds. I was very disappointed but at least, one survived.

This week, I took several slips from it and they are just starting to root. So hopefully, I'll have some coleus plants to put in my garden this spring.

I'm almost done working on my baby blanket. My rug is left untouched as my heart just wasn't into fixing my directional hooking while the country was in turmoil but it looks like the unrest is still going on elsewhere so I will pick up my hook very shortly since my blanket only needs a few more rows.

In the big wind, one of our tarp hay barns got ripped from one side to the other. Luckily, it is half empty and I presume it will be costly to get fixed.  We are still waiting for a response from the tarp barn company. 

That's all for now.  It's rather picture-heavy but since I don't blog often and a picture is worth a thousand words,  I think I better stop while I'm ahead.

 It's snowing today and I have some daffodils poking out of the ground in the back of the house but I didn't take any picture. It's only 23 days to spring. Yay!

Stay safe and well. Thank you for the visit and comments. I appreciate them so much.




  1. It is always good to see you post. The Russian invasion is scaring me beyond tears. I think the trucker situation is also very alarming. Truckers move the country.
    take care

  2. So nice to see a post from you.
    I agree about praying. It's the only thing that seems to help assuage the fear and helplessness. God help and bless Ukraine!
    Your Cyclamen is beautiful and that Poinsetta remains a testimony to your care!
    The cookies look delicious but I also prefer them without icing!
    I hope your tarp is fixable.x

  3. Hello Julia,
    You have such a green thumb and your bread is a work of art. I am so glad you posted. I have been praying so much for your country and the brave patriots. I am glad that terrible action by your government was repealed.
    I am glad you are okay and doing the little things that make life seem normal. Have a wonderful day.

  4. I feel the same about the world situation. I stand with the Truckers and cannot believe what the government is doing to them by shutting down their bank accounts, harming the animals and threatening to take away their children? You don't have a Prime Minister you have a communist dictator.
    Am sick about the people of Ukraine and they have an honorable and brave President Zelensky for staying with his people even tho he is the #1 target. God Bless him and the Ukrainian people.
    F%3k Joe Biden for providing the money for Putin to orchestrate this war on them.

  5. I love seeing a post come up from you...and have been wondering how you are doing . It's funny, I turn to my hooking and stitching when I need to be distracted from the things going on around me. This world is in a sorry state...and yes, everyone has their own opinion...but it is tragic that not everyone is allowed to express theirs. I also think there is so much more to what is going on that we know...and may ever know. Some of it truly frightens me, but some gives me hope. And yes, I pray a lot. That bread looks amazing...and actually, I can somewhat smell it...not 4 loaves worth, but I did make one.... I think you definitely win...especially given that my loaf came out a wee bit mis-shapen. I've never done THAT about being distracted LOL. Good luck with the Cyclamen... I had one once and found them to be fussy. I have a tendency to overwater and that is one thing they don't like. Sad about the barn...I hope it isn't too costly to repair. ~Robin~

  6. So sad that your so-called leader would not meet with the PEACEFUL protesters. I heard him long ago referred to as a dictator and he is living up to that.
    Ukraine. My heart breaks for the people. None of this would have happened under the leadership of President Trump. He was a strong president unlike our current weak leaders. Sad. Scary. FRIGHTENING!!!

  7. I have been praying for the people of Ukraine. So sad and upsetting. I do hope for a peaceful resolve. It reminds me of what our parents went through before WWII. I've been making bread also! In fact I have dough rising as I type. I love the smell too and I've been giving it away but will also be freezing loaves for later. My Mom used to make the best bread and I have many fond memories of childhood that involve warm bread and butter! Yum! Jack isn't a big bread guy but he does love my homemade bread for toast. Your plants are beautiful. I'm good with outdoor ones but I tend to kill indoors ones! You're an inspiration. I love all the pics and as you know I do lots of those in my posts too. Have a good Sunday and I'll be praying along with you!

  8. Hopefully the tarp wont be too expensive. Yes we must all pray for the Ukrainians. Hoe heart breaking. I also agree with Lauren on both accounts. There are those in our government that want to make our country a socialist one which in so many words comes down to Communism. Oh how our forefathers must be turning in their graves now. Warm homemade bread is the cats meow, and your cookies looked yummy too! Janice

  9. Hello Julia,
    I love the photo of the bread, now if I can just smell and taste it.
    I have had no luck with the cyclamen. Good luck and share your tips.

  10. I know your home must smell lovely very often as I'm sure you are baking often. What an interesting barn, I'm sorry it got damaged.

  11. Hi Julia! So many interesting photos! I love your baby blanket! Yes, we pray.

  12. Hello, yes, our thoughts and prayers are also with Ukraine. Your homemade bread looks wonderful and how wise to make it and freeze it! Your flowers look lovely and very happy! So terrible about the rip in your barn cover. I hope you can get it repaired without it being too costly are hard to do. You do such lovely work and the blanket is so pretty!

  13. What's going on in your life now, Julia? Are you busy in your garden, has spring arrived yet?