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Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Raspy being curious. Poking his head where his milk pail
 is supposed to be,
 but he's not ready for the pail yet. 
Notice the bare patch of hair on his leg.
 Now that he getting better his hair will grow again. 


One hand on the camera and the other holding the bottle. 
and Raspy sucking 

Raspy chewing at the gate showing me he's ready to eat♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Raspy looking so much better.
Finally some improvement in Raspy. He was still up waiting for me to feed him this afternoon. I was half an hour late to feed him because of the funeral and reception I had to attend this afternoon. He drank almost all his bottle again. He held his head up as if to say, Thank you Renee for your long distance healing hug. It really works like magic. ♥ ♥ Taking photos of a little calf is never easy especially in cramped quarters but I did my best. It would take a camera that can take a series of photos in quick succession and to choose the best one. My camera is too slow and the calf never cooperate or pose for the camera and keeps moving his head...

His pen looks smaller than it is  because the photo was taken at close range.

I'll be going to bed earlier tonight as I'm a bit sleep deprived.  Take care everyone,  JB


  1. Wonderful pictures! Renee' was amazed, "ah, baby, how old is he?" I said a few weeks. She laughed when she saw him drinking out of a bottle - she feeds her dolls (my grandchildren, Heather, Jessie, Debbie). She's never seen an animal do that. I explained that he is Rassy (her name), and then I showed her your picture so she could see Rassy's momma. "Cool" she said. I told her Rassy is a little better, and she said "I know". You just never know what special angels know that we don't.

    I worked hard again today, and I'm tired. I only worked about 30 minutes on my rug. My computer is messed up and I am typing on my little netbook. I had to download Norton antivirus because I never use this for the web, not until now. I just couldn't miss the pics of Raspy. I guess I need a new laptop, which is a hassle to transfer everything, etc.
    I'll worry about that later.

    Raspy is beautiful - thanks for the pictures!
    /deb and Renee'

  2. Awwww, he is so cute. This is great news. I just knew he was a scrappy fighter. Thanks for the pics. I hope he is even more fiesty tomorrow.

  3. Raspy is so cute! Reminds me of two little Holstein calves that my brother and I had....we ended up losing them to "the scours" was sad.
    So glad to see Raspy is doing well....I'm a sucker for great-grandparents raised Guernsey....those big eyes get me every time.

  4. Oh thank you, thank you for sharing these photos of Raspy! What a sweetheart.... so happy to see him getting better...