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Friday, September 24, 2010


John Davis  hardy rose bush planted in memory of my father 
I woke up to the sound of the rain on the roof this morning. A really damp day to start the weekend. I tried to be upbeat but I had difficulty dragging myself out of bed. I had breakfast with my husband and was half an hour late for my barn chores. It's not like I'll get fired or anything but I like to be on time for everything. It's just a matter of principle.

I threw on my old raincoat on and my big rubber boots and I made a stop to check on my sick calf before going to the milk house to prepare their milk. My sick calf was standing waiting for me looking anxious to eat. Her grain was all gone and she had eaten her hay. Her temperature was gone and her tail was swishing back and forth.

My husband carried the heavy load of warm milk bottles for me down to the calf area.  She drank from the pail and the milk vanished before I could turn around. Yesterday she only drank a bottle and a half and I had to pull the bottle away so she could breath. She was panting and short of breath. We think that she had pneumonia. She's still on antibiotic.

When I got close to the house I noticed that there were some new roses on my two little rose bushes that were planted late this summer. I planted them in memory of my mom and dad who passed away 9 months apart. My dad in Oct. 2008 and my mom in July 2009.   I  couldn't find any John Davis rose bush around here and had to go to Cornhill Nursery  in Peticodiac near Sussex, New Brunswick to buy them. They grow them from cuttings and these rosebushes bloom all summer and until the frost and are very hardy.  I went in to get my camera and took these photos in the rain.

John davis planted in memory of my mother
I thought that it was worth another shot for good measure.

The house was cold and damp this morning and my husband successfully lit the stove before I got back home and a nice heat greeted me when I walked in with wet and cold knees. It sure felt good. To supplement the heat I baked a double batch of Brownies for him and froze one batch for later when he brings me some unannounced visiting friends.

The photo was taken before the parchment paper was removed. The other one is in the freezer for later. 
I checked my emails, etc and got caught up on my correspondence. I was overwhelmed by the pouring of kindness and prayers from a lot of my followers and friends and got lots of the same from personal comments and emails, all offering their prayers, words of encouragement and testimonials of children growing into adulthood living a productive and happy life with only one hand. Thanks you so very much. It made this sad new so much more bearable for all of us.

I must add that my husband met with his healing ministry group of the Order Of St Luke today and Linda, a member of the group broke out the silence in a beautiful intercessory healing prayer from the heart for Christine and the baby. She herself has received healing from a crooked spine with this ministry and her faith is strong.

My daughter is feeling more her normal self today and will be fine. There may be waves of sadness but it is normal and her love for their unborn baby is so strong and with so many people praying for all of them, she will be given special graces to bear this in a positive way.  That baby will be so loved by all.

Thanks again everyone.  JB


  1. The roses are gorgeous! And I'm so glad the little calf is feeling better too!
    Cathy G

  2. Happy to hear you woke up with a bit of new perspective. I think maybe there is a message in the calf feeling better too.

  3. Hi Cathy and Kim have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

    I Hope that your vacation is going well and that you are already enjoying yourselves Cathy.

    Kim I'm hoping that your day away from work did you some good. Maybe it's time for a little vacation.
    I sometimes wish that I could take off for a whole day...

  4. Julia,
    It WAS the owner! If you email me I'll tell you who it was. Its a good thing I was sick yesterday because I was mad enough to blog her name. I toned it down today!

  5. So glad you are feeling better. As my daughter is expecting too, it has really been on my heart and my mind and how I would feel as a grandmother and I think you are doing pretty good. I don't think I would be doing so well. It is amazing to me how much it hurts my heart being a grandmother. Your pictures of your roses in the rain is beautiful. I love roses with rain drops all over them.
    I am also glad your calf is doing better too.
    I will continue to pray for your family. I am glad that you have intercessory prayers around you.
    When my grandsons were born at 27 weeks, at a little bit over 1 pound. It was such a hard trial, but I think due to prayer now that they are three (twins)they are a miracle to the power of prayer every day.
    Blessings to you today Julia,
    thank you for your kind comments

  6. Thanks Kim ( farm girl) for you comment. We seem to be kindred spirits. I pray that your daughter will have a healthy full term baby. Blessings to you and your family Kim.