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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today both my husband and I had a dental appointment. His was at 10:30am for a cleaning and mine was at 12:00pm for my last fitting and to pick up my partial denture.

I dropped him off at the dentist and took a trip to Value Village to look for wool or anything that peeked my interest. I didn't find any wool this time but I found some baskets, a nativity , a Halloween hanging decoration and a Christmas hanging decoration. The snowman and the bunny was last week's find.

Then I went back to the dentist for about 10 minutes and had the fitting and paid $1150.00 for my partial all the while thinking how much of April's wool I could have bought for that amount, yeah... I had a partial put in place in 1998 and when I was in hospital in another city for radiation treatments, the partial was accidently thrown into the garbage by mistake by the cleaning staff while I was in treatment.  In 1998 I had only paid $525.00 for it. Somehow it doesn't feel that it has been 12 years since my first partial.

Today we moved 13 calves into the bigger pens and tomorrow I have to clean pens for a good part of the day. My husband will help with the heavy bedding cleaning and I'll be scrubbing the small cubicles where we keep the small calves.

Today also we got another big heifer calf. I haven't fed it as it was sucking from the mother and wouldn't drink as she was full. JB


  1. It is terrible how expensive dental and eye care is these days. My last pair of glasses were $600 and I could put a down payment on a house for the cost of my braces!

  2. Cute baskets. Gosh, that is unreal how much a partial plate costs. It sounds like you are going to be really busy on Friday. I will have all of my grand babies here tomorrow. So it will be a really busy day. I think coming here is like sitting and visiting with you too. I hope you get to get a bit of hooking done on that lovely rug.
    But, babies or new calves, even calves period nothing is nicer.

  3. I forgot to mention this (duh) I'm sure our paths will cross in the hooking world before long. There must be some kind of hooking event that will cause us to have a meeting. Have you ever thought of attending any of the Fiber Arts Festival events in October?

  4. Hi Kim and Farm Girl, I always enjoy your visits and your comments. These days I take nothing for granted. I think that we need to supplement our hooking to pay for all this dental and eye stuff.

    I got the little patch of sky done and the skater's pants on my Childhood Memories rug today. I'm tired and could use a good sleep without waking up several time a night. JB

  5. Kim, I know if it's meant to be, it will happen. We will meet some day. The world is so small. I haven't even took a good look at the Fiber Art Festival in October. I'll give it a look. Take care. Hugs, Julia

  6. Love the itens you found when shopping. Hope you keep us posted on your memories rug - I love the idea of it.