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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sometimes my husband thinks that I can read minds and that I'm a bit psychic. The kids thought that I had eyes behind my head as they could never get away with much.  I'm really not a witch though...

It starts with a strong feeling and it happens. I used to be more in tuned when I was a young mother but as time went on I seem to have lost my touch because I'm always in a rush and a bit tense.

Well this morning after work as I picked up the key for the mailbox, I had a strong feeling that April De Conick's wool palette giveaway was in my mailbox. Maybe it's because I was so tired and wasn't in a rush but I would have bet money on it. I had told her that there was no rush as I know that she had a lot to deal with with the flood damage and insurance etc... so I wasn't expecting anything for a while, that is until today.  Sure enough when I turned the key there was another set of keys for the package compartment. And there it was.  I smiled all the way home.

 Thanks April, your wool is so very nice and I'm so pleased with it. I love the color palette you sent me and the green little swatch carrier with my name on it, is so cute. My husband said, Oh look! Your name's on it" I proudly replied, "yes dear, it was made especially for me by April, the lady I was reading to you about".

Here is the lovely color palette #129 Tommy Thumb of 1/4 hand-dyed 100% wool by Red Jack Rugs
Last evening I got a call from my daughter who needed a baby-sitter for the morning because my little granddaughter was ill and had a temperature and my grandson had an appointment in the neighboring town and she couldn't be in two places at once. I was so tired and I worried that I would forget to get up extra early for my barn chores and have enough time to then drive to the city in heavy morning traffic to be there for 8:20 a.m.

I went to bed around 11ish and I woke up at 1:30 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up at 3:00 a.m. and got dress, made my bed and came down to hook. My husband woke up at 4:00 so I cooked some bacon and eggs, toast and coffee for a change. I went back to hooking and here's the progress.
I did my chores and had plenty of time to be on time. That's what grandmothers are for...

 I added a ribbon free hand and wasn't sure if it would work because the design was close to the edge but so far it frames the little designs OK. I used a large pleated wool skirt that I found at Value village last week.   I knew that I needed enough fabric to finish the whole ribbon.  I was going to add a bow but haven't done so yet, just a continuous twisted ribbon so far.
By the way my granddaughter is feeling much better and her fever is gone. Thanks for visiting my blog.   JB


  1. Julia isn't it amazing how tired we can be BUT when a grand child is in need of us we are suddenly full of energy! One of God's gifts to women. Love the way your memory piece is coming.

  2. Oh, Julia! The ribbon looks wonderful. I love the skater! You are doing a great job!!!
    What a nice surprise in the mailbox. That's a nice useful color. Will you be using it in the memory rug?

    I didn't have time to comment on your post about the collapse of the barn yesterday. How fortunate that no one, humans or cows were injured!

  3. Your rug makes me feel happy! So do your postings.
    Hugs back to you from both me and Renee'.

  4. Thanks Doris, Pat and Deb for your comments. I'll be using some of the colors in my Childhood memories rug but I don't know where yet.

    Pat, we lost three cows but no human was hurt in the collapse.
    Deb thanks for the hugs from you and Renee. JB

  5. I like your ribbon, at least you got some hooking in today. I didn't want to ask if you lost in cows from roof caving in. The picture of the cow licking your son is so cute. That is a very nice picture. Very nice looking young man. I wanted to say, on the comment you left. Since I started hooking rugs, I find more enjoyment in doing that than I do reading. I would rather now be busy with my hands. My mind feels like it gets rested when I am hooking rugs.
    But, bar none, the Bible is the best book and I enjoy it the most.
    I hope you get to rest a bit, you sound a bit tired. But then on the farm, who can rest. :) Animals have to eat. I am glad your grand daughter's fever is gone.
    I enjoy reading about your life on the farm and seeing your rugs. You are a real farmer while I just play at it. :)
    Oh, I love the palate too, I wondered what one looked like.

  6. Your rug is coming along so nicely! Keep up the good work... Your prize in the mail is wonderful. Lucky you!

  7. Ooh, I hope that means that my wool from April might be in todays mail. The work you have done on the rug looks great. :)

  8. This memory piece is going to be fantastic. I just feel it in my bones. Can't wait to see it's progress.

    Enjoy your blog!

  9. Thanks Kathy (woolfind) and Kim for stopping by. Looking forward to see what color you got. I had ask for neutral colors as I only use bright colors sparingly. JB

  10. Hi QuiltingFitzy. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I just joined your list of followers and I hope that you'll join my as well. JB